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Quantum Particles: Emanations from the Void

Quantum Particles: Emanations from the Void

by Angel H. Lopez

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Rather light a candle than curse the darkness.
-Chinese proverb


Rather light a candle than curse the darkness.
-Chinese proverb

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Balboa Press
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

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Emanations from the Void
By Angel H. Lopez

Balboa Press

Copyright © 1999-2012 Angel H. Lopez
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5174-6

Chapter One


Air is The Energy giving Voice to Wisdom Plain
Not Heard by Many Lost
Believing They are but Insane

Air is The Holy Breath of Many a Sacred Voice
Scattering away Small Puffs
To make us Fly with The Heavenly Choice

Air can Scatter Heavens from The Earth
Whether we Fall or Fly
Depends on our own Degree of Birth

Air is a Manifest Form of a Higher Vibration
A Teaching School
Where we Calm Winds of our Own Creation

Air is the Everywhere Concealing Place of The Godhead Cloud

Listening to The One and Many Puffs
Coming forth from Shroud

Air becomes Foul when His Streams cannot Fully Circulate
But No Blockage can Prevent Forever
Him from being The Holy Aerate

Air is What Remains when The Goddess/Godhead goes out to Flow
And Those who Follow After
Understand The Heaven Know

Whisper to Me
Oh, Streams of Air
Whisper to Me
Oh, My Dreamer Fair
Forever Now
We Are
The Moving Force


The Army of Goddess/God
Kills with Weapons of Hate
And judges Itself The Sword
Of Avenging Fate

The Army of Goddess/God
Will Strangle any Dove
That Dares to Sing
Unconditional Love

The Army of Goddess/God
Will Turn off The Light
Believing Itself the Only True
Torch in The Night

The Army of Goddess/God
Slays any Other Truth
Conflicting and Hostile
To Its Trumpet and Tooth

The Army of Goddess/God Will ever Piously Brag
Its Service of Mad
That Goddess/God Bows To
And Worships Its Flag

Foolish Camp Followers: Please Listen
And do Answer My Call ...
To Walk and March Only
With The Charmed Forces of One
Who Only Surrender
The Commander of All-


Plant a Tree
Of Creativity
In The Earth
Of Quantum Field
Water It with Loving Force
Nurture It
With Spirit Beauty
And Fertilize It
With Your Power
In The Garden/Samadhi
Spontaneity be The Sun
To Photosynthesize Your Light
Let It Bloom
With Free Expression
Harvest It from
Within Your Heart
And Glean The Seeds Of Infinity
Display It with
Apology Not
In The Art Exhibit Of Life
Reap with Smiles
Abundance Glee
And Thank The Goddesses/Gods
For Making Us
A Gift
Of You


The Grave Digger waits with Shovel of Patience
For the Ending of Ritual of Woe and Respect
To Bury the Remains of Temporary Sensation
That have Elected to Go and Reflect

The Grave Digger does The Job with Care and Slow Fill
With The Ritual of Detachment and Duty
Keeping The Cemetery Gloriously Still
Ensuring that Visitors only see Quiet Beauty

The Grave Digger when Ended will Leave for The Night
Locking The Gates against Petty Thieves and Pests
Going Home will be a most Heavenly Right
For The Job was Well Done
Of Seeding The Nests


Sing a Song
Of Wondering
Who or What God/Goddess Is
And when You can Answer Me
We'll Celebrate
And Share a Kiss

Sing a Song
Of Seeking
The Reason for It All
And when You've Found
The Key Unwound
We'll Celebrate
And Go Tell All

Sing 'a Song
Of Solving
Wisdom Quite Encoded
And when You've Revealed
What was Concealed
We'll Celebrate And Go Get Loaded

Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!
Celebrate The Song We Sing
We'll have a Toast
And Greatly Boast
And Give Each Other
Golden Ring


Walk The City Of Streets Of Gold
-But If You Mar the Beauty
And Crack the Pavement.........
You may be Arrested and Be Out in The Cold

There is Low Income Housing
For The Worshipping Poor
-But If You Shun Your Wealth
And Pity Your Pennies.........
You may be Denied The Golden Door

There is Middle Income Housing
For The Upcoming Means
-But If You Shun Your Balance
And Go to Extremes
You may be Eating Meat made out of Beans

There is Elegant Housing
For The Glorifying Rich
-But If You Shun Your Sharing
And Go to Bank Greed.........
You may be Living in a Luxurious Ditch

Emergency Services are There
For One and All
-But If You Dial into Pride
And Hang Up on The Center........
You may be Heading for Disaster and Fall

Power and Home Services are There
For Everyone Use
-But If You Tap into Source
Without Paying Your Dues.........
You may be Supplying Yourself with Foolish Abuse

Employment and Entertainment Opportunities are There
For The Had
-But If You are Lazy
And Believe Fun is Dumb
You may Find Your Life Not Paying and Sad

Architect and Workers both have as Their Planning
To Create a City of Harmony Goal
Stable and Going with Constant Expanding
-Yet Always Remaining
The Great Metropolitan Whole


The Alpha and Omega
Is said To Be
The Beginning and Ending Precise
But The Goddess/Godhead is Not
An Equation Contained
In a Limiting Sentence Concise
The Beginning
Never Is, Never Was
With a Hiatus or Pause
The Ending
Never Was, Will Be Never
For Infinity does Not
Terminate with a Dot

Alpha is The Genesis
We Invented out of Fear
And Yet We Found
We've Always Been Around
Omega is The Homeward Bound
And Point of No Return
When from The Love and Light
Of Goddess/God we wish to Turn
The Only Real Start
One Should Ignite
Is Accepting of Our own Eternal Light
The Only Real End
One Should Extol
Is The Final Point of Awakening to The Gold


Is Water Flowing Upward
Burning to Fly Away
From the Earth Plane

Is Fire Swimming Downward
Seeking the Cooling Earth
Raging to Experience
A Quiet Love

Is Air Walking
Walking the Path of Quiet Air
Whistling Watery Fire

Is Earth in Transition
Rumbling through The Void
Contemplating Higher Vector

My Son, My Daughter
Permanency of the Elements
Is an Illusion
Change is their Only Reality

What you Think you See
Is Only
A Ballet of the Elohim
Entertaining you for Fun
Dancing in the Amphitheater
Of The Void


Were We to Walk
The Eternal Pavilion
And discover Awareness is Rot
Pity The Blank called Oblivion
And Lament Goddess/Gods' Existence Is Not

What a Horror to Conceive
Our Beings
Erasing when We Die
What's the Point of Creation(?)
And Rainbows Twinkling in The Sky
If Everything Ends in Negation

For If Energy Never Dies
-And Consciousness Is Its Mate
Say Goodbye to Melancholia
For Everlasting Is Our Fate
Of a Constantly Blossoming Magnolia


In a Moment of Madness -
I Struck Out in Blind Fury:
Slaying the Light Inner;
Of My own Knowing and Loving

To Add Insult to Injury-
Of My own Goddess/Godly Nature:
I then buried The Corpse;
In the Grave of My Guilt,
In the Cemetery of My Fears

I Fear the Discovery-
Of My Foolishness by The Law:
For then I Will Be Charged;
With Restoration and Awakening

I Dare Not Confess-
For The Truth of My Act of Illusion:
Keeps Me Jailed in The Dark

I will have to Sit and Await-
The Overcoming of Ego:
And Resurrection of Dead Child

Accept and Honor will I-
The Sentence of Awareness;
And Pardon Eternal for Life


Earth is The Mover behind The Gentle Heart
Not Felt by Many Lost
Who Quake at Creation Art

Earth is The Holy Balm of Many a Sacred Field
Covering the Dirt
To make us Grow with The Abundant Yield

Earth can Cover Fields from The Air
Whether we Rot or Grow
Depends on our own Degree of Dare

Earth is a Manifest Form of a Lower Vibration
A Teaching School
Where we Level Seeds of our Own Creation

Earth is the Everywhere Concealing Place of The Goddess Bed
Listening to The One and Many Motes
Resurrecting from The Dead

Earth becomes Dead when Her Land is Not Giving and Receiving
But No Land can Prevent Forever
Her from Fruitfully Conceiving

Earth is What Remains when The Goddess/Godhead goes out for a Walk
And Those who Follow After
Understand The Natural Talk

Hum to Me
Oh, Nurturing Earth
Hum to Me
Oh, My Welcoming Birth
Forever Now
We Are
The Mother One


The Equation of Creation
Knows The Unity of Field
Its being Unknown is Consternation:
-Caused by Mind of Logic Wield

Balanced is its Simple Math:
Yet Both Sides be Equal Not;
Evading Ones of Science Path,
Who Seek a Complicated Plot

Intellect Heal with Insight Doctor:
To Find Solution of The Everything Answer;
Yet you will still need Conversion Factor,
To Change The Steps
Of Rhythmic Dancer


When The Mountain Erupts:
With The Anger of Justice;
It buries The Corruption,
Of Heaven Disrupt

When The Mountain Explodes:
With The Rocks of Return;
It fractures The Back,
Of Goldmine Corrode

When The Mountain Belches Gas:
With The Aroma of Karma;
It smothers The Foul Air,
Preventing Prana to Mass

When: therefore; you hear The Rumble:
Of The Mountain That Is Quiet;
Flee away to The Silence,
Where The Goddess/God of Your Crater
Lies Dormant and Humble


Come into My Parlor
Said The Spider to The Fly
Understand My Meaning
Or Worship Mr. Die

Drink My Cup of Hemlock
Said Oblivion to The Prey
Sleep The Wine of Wisdom
Or Waken to The Grey

Bite My Golden Apple
Said The Silence to The Child
Hide The Book within The Cave
Or Wander in The Wild

Pull out My Excalibur
Said The Guardian to The Fool
Crush The Dragon of The Sea
Or Seek The Golden Wool

Find The Ancient Stone of Power
Yelled The Banshee to The Clown
Sing The Song of Indra Vast
Or Don a Rusty Mirror Crown

Overthrow Olympus
Wooed The Siren to My Heart
Seize The Temple of Baboon
Or Dream Forever in Cocoon

My Sons; My Daughters, And
All of My Creation Dear
Heed with Love
And Seal in Grace
My Exhortation
There Never Was a Deportation


When My Man Pharaoh Failed
To remove Pride Blocking His Ears
The Plagues made Egypt Wail
And His Crown raise
Manna of Tears

When Old Man Moses Struck The Rock
For speaking not: He became Fool
And Patience Lost became The Lock
Burying Him
In Outcast School

When playboy Samson let His Hair be Cut
The Tonsorial Art became God/Goddess Pard
Teaching The Strong to keep Mouth Shut
Or You Too will Fall
Like House of Card

When Rabbit Speedy thought It was All in The Bag
My brother turtle did win The Race
-So again Vanity and Pride became a Drag
Ana Belief though Slow
Is Honor Place

Object Lesson:
From perusal of These Scars
Steer clear of Ego Haughty
And Give it Farewell Kiss
Lest You Too Become
A Brilliant Falling Star
And Fall into Your Own Concocted
Grand Abyss


Excerpted from QUANTUM PARTICLES by Angel H. Lopez Copyright © 1999-2012 by Angel H. Lopez. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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