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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Quantum Probability and Applications II: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Heidelberg, West Germany, October 1-5, 1984 / Edition 1

Quantum Probability and Applications II: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Heidelberg, West Germany, October 1-5, 1984 / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9783540156611
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 09/04/1985
Series: Lecture Notes in Mathematics , #1136
Edition description: 1985
Pages: 534
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

On the polaron asymptotics at finite coupling constant.- Stochastic calculus on local algebras.- Trapping in stochastic mechanics and applications to covers of clouds and radiation belts.- A remark on dynamical semigroups in terms of diffusion processes.- Quasi-free stochastic evolutions.- Dilations of operation valued stochastic processes.- The Doob-Meyer decomposition for the square of Itô-Clifford L2-martingales.- Poisson processes and quantum field theory: A model.- The entropy of quantum Markov states.- Entropic uncertainty relations in quantum mechanics.- Estimates of quantum deviations from classical mechanics using large deviation results.- Adiabatic elimination technique for quantum dissipative systems.- Limitations for chaotic motion in quantum mechanics.- Non commutative Lp spaces and K.M.S. functions.- Normal product states and nuclearity: New aspects of algebraic quantum field theory.- The low density limit for N-level systems.- The C?-Algebras of the two-dimensional ising model.- Infinite divisibility and central limit theorems for completely positive mappings.- Temperature-dependent lamb shift of a quantum oscillator.- Construction of stationary quantum markov processes through quantum stochastic calculus.- A model for a unified quantum description of macroscopic and microscopic systems.- Conditional expectations in Lp-spaces over von neumann algebras.- Quantum gibbs states and the zeroth law of thermodynamics.- Dissipative quantum tunneling.- Carlen processes: A new class of diffusions with singular drifts.- Adiabatic drag and initial slips for random processes with slow and fast variables.- Uses of non-Fock quantum Brownian motion and a quantum martingale representation theorem.- Supersymmetry and a two-dimensional reduction in random phenomena.- On the structure of markov dilations on W?-algebras.- A new construction of unitary dilations : Singular coupling to white noise.- A new approach to quantum ergodicity and chaos.- Quantum Markov processes on Fock space described by integral kernels.- Quantization of brownian motion processes in potential fields.- Gleason measures and quantum comparative probability.- State change and entropies in quantum dynamical systems.- Some remarks on the integration of Schrödinger equation using the quantum stochastic calculus.- Convergence almost everywhere in W*- algebras.- Properties of quantum entropy.- Semiclassical description of n-level systems interacting with radiation fields.- The charge class of the vacuum state in a free massless dirac field theory.- Derivation of classical hydrodynamics of a quantum coulomb system.- Positive and conditionally positive linear functionals on coalgebras.- The Ito-Clifford integral part II.- Detailed balance and equilibrium.- Spontaneous light emission described by a quantum stochastic differential equation.

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