Quarks, Nuclei And Stars: Memorial Volume Dedicated For Gerald E Brown

Quarks, Nuclei And Stars: Memorial Volume Dedicated For Gerald E Brown


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ISBN-13: 9789813220645
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/23/2017
Pages: 536
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Foreword I A. Arima xi

Foreword II A. Covello xiii

Foreword III W. Weise xvii

Photos of Gerry Brown xxi

The shapes of nuclei G. F. Bertsch 1

The oxygen isotopes B. Alex Brown 15

Lessons on doing science from my father, Gerry Brown C. Titus Brown 27

Thermal effects in dense matter beyond mean field theory C. Constantinou S. Lalit M. Prakash 33

Core polarization and modern realistic shell-model Hamiltonians L. Coraggio A. Covello A. Gargano N. Itaco 53

Science and status of the Electron Ion Collider A. Deshpande 65

Can one measure the Cosmic Neutrino Background? A. Faessler R. Hodák S. Kovalenko F. Šimkovic 81

Application of the hidden local symmetry in hadron physics M. Harada 93

Partial restoration of chiral symmetry in hot and dense neutron matter J. W. Holt K. E. Rockcliffe 105

Compact star matter: EoS with new scaling law K. Kim H. K. Lee J. Lee 115

Spinodal instabilities in baryon-rich quark matter C. M. Ko F. Li 127

Nucleon-anti-nucleon intruder state of Dirac equation for nucleon in deep scalar potential well T. T. S. Kuo T. K. Kuo E. Osnes S. Shu 141

Neutron stars are gold mines J. M. Lattimer 159

Gravitational waves from neutron star binaries C.-H. Lee 193

Baryons and chiral symmetry K.-F. Liu 199

Heavy exotic molecules Y. Liu I. Zahed 215

The nuclear force: Meson theory versus chiral effective field theory R. Machleidt 225

Foundations of strangeness nuclear physics derived from chiral effective field theory U.-G. Meißner J. Haidenbauer 257

Nuclear matrix elements for neutrinoless double-beta decay in covariant density functional theory J. Meng L. S. Song J. M. Yao 275

Partial conservation law in a schematic single j shell model W. Pereira R. Garcia L. Zamick A. Escuderos K. Neergard 301

Chiral electroweak currents in nuclei D. O. Riska R. Schiavilla 315

In search of a pristine signal for (scale-)chiral symmetry in nuclei M. Rho 345

Confinement, chiral symmetry breaking and the effective quark mass E. Shuryak 367

Many-body Green functions in nuclear physics J. Speth N. Lyutorovich 379

Validity of SU(3) in the Opl f shell D. D. Strottman 399

Multi-regulator functional renormalization group for many-fermion systems Y. Tanizaki T. Hatsuda 407

Spectral functions and in-medium properties of hadrons R.-A. Tripoli. L. von Smekal J. Wambach 423

Skyrmions at high density V. Vento 441

Neutral current coherent cross-sections - Implications on detecting SN and earth neutrinos with gaseous spherical TPC's J. D. Vergados Y. Giomataris 455

Permanent electric dipole moments of single-, two-and three-nucleon systems A. Wirzba J. Bsaisou A. Nogga 471

Hidden local symmetry and beyond K. Yamawaki 489

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