QuarkXPress 5 Bible / Edition 1

QuarkXPress 5 Bible / Edition 1

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QuarkXPress 5 Bible / Edition 1

A comprehensive guide to the latest release of QuarkXPress, this book explains through many visual examples how to use the layout program in the context of real work — whether designing for print or for the Web. Not a regurgitation of the product manuals, this book comes from the perspective of the designer to help the designer use QuarkXPress most effectively. The book covers all significant aspects Xpress, including hundreds of new features included with the long anticipated version 5, from color printing to online publishing with HTML, from workgroup publishing to cross-platform exchange, from source file preparation to printed output, and from new XML tools, to XML-based documents for multiple media.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764534164
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/01/2002
Series: Bible Series
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 1000
Product dimensions: 7.44(w) x 9.14(h) x 2.08(d)

Table of Contents



Part I: Welcome to QuarkXPress.

Chapter 1: Introducing QuarkXPress.

Chapter 2: Taking a Tour of QuarkXPress.

Chapter 3: Setting Preferences and Defaults.

Chapter 4: Managing Files.

Chapter 5: The Publishing Environment.

Part II: Layout for Print.

Chapter 6: Layout Theory.

Chapter 7: Creating a New Document.

Chapter 8: Working with Items.

Chapter 9: Working with Pages.

Chapter 10: Working with Layers.

Part III: Text.

Chapter 11: Working with Text Files.

Chapter 12: Flowing Text.

Chapter 13: Editing Text.

Part IV: Typography.

Chapter 14: Typography Theory.

Chapter 15: Setting Character Attributes.

Chapter 16: Setting Paragraph Attributes.

Chapter 17: Fine-Tuning Spacing.

Chapter 18: Special Typographic Techniques.

Chapter 19: Tabs and Tables.

Part V: Graphics.

Chapter 20: Working with Graphic Files.

Chapter 21: Modifying Graphics.

Chapter 22: Working with Clipping Paths.

Chapter 23: Combining Text and Graphics.

Part VI: Illustrations.

Chapter 24: Drawing Tools and Terms.

Chapter 25:Creating Illustrations.

Chapter 26:Creating Composite Illustrations.

Part VII: Color.

Chapter 27: Color Fundamentals.

Chapter 28: Creating and Applying Colors.

Chapter 29: Color Management.

Chapter 30: Trapping.

Part VIII: Managing Projects.

Chapter 31: Communicating in a Workgroup.

Chapter 32:Using Style Sheets Effectively.

Chapter 33: Using Libraries and Templates Effectively Chapter 34:Using Long-Document Features.

Part IX: Output.

Chapter 35: Printing Documents.

Chapter 36:Working with a Service Bureau.

Part X: Interactive and Web Publishing.

Chapter 37: Web Publishing Basics.

Chapter 38: Creating Basic Web Documents.

Chapter 39: Creating Interactive Documents.

Chapter 40: Exporting Documents as PDF Files.

Part XI: Going Beyond the Program.

Chapter 41: Using Xtensions.

Chapter 42: Scripting QuarkXPress.

Part XII: Appendixes.

Appendix A:Installing or Upgrading QuarkXPress.

Appendix B: Using XPress Tags.

Appendix C:Most-Useful Shortcuts.

Appendix D: Cross-Platform Issues and Solutions.

Appendix E: CD Contents.


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