Queen of the Dead (Ghost and the Goth Series #2)

Queen of the Dead (Ghost and the Goth Series #2)

by Stacey Kade


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ISBN-13: 9781423135265
Publisher: Disney Press
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Series: Ghost and the Goth Series , #2
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 8.06(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Stacey Kade (www.staceykade.com) is an award-winning corporate copywriter and successful adult sci-fi romance writer (as Stacey Klemstein). She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and three retired racing greyhounds. The Ghost and the Goth was her first YA novel. She is hard at work on Book Three of the Ghost and the Goth trilogy.

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Queen of the Dead (A Ghost and the Goth Series #2) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 81 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Alona and Will are back. Since Alona was sent back from the light, she has become a sort of spirit guide for Will. And she also has to *gasp* help other ghosts! Of course, Will is usually by her side, considering that whenever Alona's time of death comes up every morning, she is automatically pulled to wherever Will is. Recently, Alona has been noticing that she's caring for Will a little more than she'd like to, and she's not exactly sure where they stand with each other. Also, to make matters worse, she finds out that both her mother and father are already moving on! Her mom is throwing out everything in her room, and her father and "step mothra" are expecting a little girl. This is awful, and Alona is determined to make sure they do not forget her! One night, when Alona and Will are trying to help an old ghost, this girl shows up out of nowhere. Her name is Mina, and she is a seer. Right away, Alona does not like this girl, but Will is intrigued and wants to know more. While he's off figuring out what Mina does with the other seers, Alona is trying to figure out a way to get her parents to remember that she existed - because Will refused to help her do what she wanted to do. Of course, leaving Alona alone to do things herself is not a good idea. And in this case, Alona decides to use Lily (Will's friend who has been in a coma) to get her message across. But things go terribly wrong with Alona's plan, and now the only person who can save her is Will. If he would only realize that Alona is in trouble. This was a fantastic second book in the GHOST AND THE GOTH series! It was so good I finished it in about two days. I couldn't put it down. And the ending was yet another great cliffhanger. Stacey Kade has a great writing style, and she knows how to keep a story flowing. There was lots of drama with Will and with Alona. It was kind of like reading two different stories combined into one until close to the end, when Will has to try to save Alona. If you've read THE GHOST AND THE GOTH, you will for sure love QUEEN OF THE DEAD, and even if you haven't read the first book, you will enjoy this one as a stand-alone tale. I thought it was amazing, and I can't wait to read the next in the series!
Naj More than 1 year ago
I started this very excited but as I read further. I didn't feel that excitement anymore. It wasn't what I expected, though the book was still good but not as good as the first book. Will meets new people, who might have a link to his father and tries to find out more and in the process of this his link with Alona weakens. Alona, became desperate at some point in the book and she started doing impulsive and foolish things which annoyed me and can totally be avoided but no. She had to do something stupid. Will established new found enemies and this made the installment more intriguing than the first. I think I might have enjoyed the first book more because it was more on the romance while this one has more of plot. Haha. Ghost & the Goth series is definitely growing and this installment articulates and clarifies that this series has more of a plot and depth, while the first book was pretty weak in it. I'm sure those readers who said the first book was plotless will get a better taste with Ghost and The Goth #2 than me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book to me was better than the second one only by a little. This book had more heart break in it that made it better. I loved how shhe told the story and her detail in it is very good. This is a good ghost series. Not scary at all but all mystery that what happens next. Over all a 5 star book and i did enjoy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best book ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole Stovall More than 1 year ago
One of the best books i've EVER read! Stacy Kade is a great author!! I hope there is another!! I'll be the first one to buy it!!!!!!!!
dawniek More than 1 year ago
Since I couldn't put down the first one this on was just as good as the first one. I read this book in only a day. You need a box of Kleenex at the end of the book. It is a great book and I can't wait for the 3rd one to come out I will be getting it to read as well. Great book for girls teens and up.
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
This is a great book, and it did not disappoint me after being charmed by Ghost and the Goth. The characters are still all levels of awesome and it had moments that made me want to laugh and cry. Alona continues to grow in this one, in new and different ways through the plot twists, though there were times that I thought she was regressing and I wanted to scream. Things I never expected to happen did and a whole new set of people to understand and in some instances hate, came onto the scene. I just read there will be a third book in the series, and I am anxiously awaiting it, although I like the way this one ended.
Chloe Nickel More than 1 year ago
This book is a little more romantic than the firt but has more suprises too. To any one who read The Ghost and The Goth and loved it this book is gread and i would definitely reccomend it to you.
TipsyReader More than 1 year ago
Like the first book, Queen of the Dead will never be dubbed a classic or thought-provoking book and I personally still find the concept a little weird. I mean, Alona's dead and Will is alive... how would that work in the long run? Well, Kade graciously clues everyone in and ties up the loose ends developed in Ghost and the Goth. Now that high school is over, enter the mysterious girl who can also talk to ghosts and more clues to Will's father. Alona is still a prickly one, but has thankfully toned down her high-horse act. I sincerely recommend those who like the romance elements and fans of ghosts to read this series, but it's not for everyone. If you're not a fan of fluff or books without much conflict don't pick this series up.
Camille_Cassadine More than 1 year ago
I found the first of the series, The Ghost and the Goth, and bought it on a whim because it sounded interesting but I didn't expect much. But the first one was great and this one was even better. Alona gets herself into huge trouble and Will is faced with finally learning about who his father was and further information on his ability. I developed a big crush on Will's character. But it's well worth the read and continuation of the series. And the ending is a very interesting twist in the developing series. Other than the nookbook issue with not adding spaces in between a couple of words every other line, there were no disappointments of than finishing the book so soon and the long wait for the next installment to be released.
alaiel.kreuz on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Awesome book!!! That's it, that's my review.What, you don't like it? You want me to explain why I think it's awesome? Yeah, well, I guess you have a point.At the end of the first book Will and Alona were finally together after a lot of troubles with nasty spirits and a very crazy friend. But this books is was better than the first one. First of all, Alona is still Alona. The bitchy comments about other people looks are hilarious, that is part of her charming personality but she also has discovered that there is kindness in her heart. I enjoyed both her bitchy and caring side a lot. In this book Will and Alona try to have a "normal" life helping other spirits and being happy together. But Will meets a new girl and, like him, she can see and speak with the spirits. Her name is Mina and from the beginning you know there's something wrong with her; Alona knows that but Will doesn't want to listen to her, all he cares about is talking with Mina to discover new things about his ability and if Alona gets hurt during the process... well, that's a risk he is willing to take until he realizes this could mean loosing her for good...But what I liked the most about this book is that the book is not only about a love triangle but about discovering. We discover more about Lily (one of William's friend who is in a coma) and her role is way more important and intriguing now. And more about Will's dad... but I'm not going to spoiler anything.Short review, I know, but believe me, if you enjoyed the first book this one won't disappoint you a bit... I mean, the ending!!! ... I really need to know when is the third book coming out... sigh...
sithereandread on LibraryThing 8 months ago
QUEEN OF THE DEAD, by Stacey Kade, is the highly anticipated sequel to The Ghost and the Goth. We last left Will and Alona dealing with the start of their new relationship between ghost-talker and spirit-guide¿with the addition of some romantic feelings too.I loved TGATG and I absolutely loved this book too. I sat down with it and 2 hours later I was finished! I am highly invested in this series and I loved getting to explore the world that Kade created for her characters. For as much as I despised the blonde cheerleader-type in real life, I really enjoy Alona. She was all appearances in real life but she is very intelligent and has quite the sense of humor. Her fatal flaw with being obsessed with her image and rank in the human world comes to light in this book with disastrous consequences.Will's journey in this book was a bit different. He stumbles upon the mysterious Mina and wants to understand more about their similarities. I'll admit I never once liked this girl and I probably never will. She has a 'tude and cockiness problem that I just couldn't get over. But I did find interesting the revelations she brought to light for Will and his talents, I am curious to see where that goes in the next book.Overall, great read! I really enjoy reading this series and watching the crazy and budding relationship between Alona and Will and the exploration of ghost-talking. Definitely pick this one up!
storiesandsweeties on LibraryThing 8 months ago
I love this series. Truly, I am hoping for way more than three books to it because I absolutely love these characters and Stacey Kade's writing. So very rarely do I find a book that is so fun and humorous and energetic, but still has the surprising emotional depth to make me cry. No kidding, there was part in this that I literally cried! Another thing you will hardly every hear me say is this: I loved the second book even more than the first. And yet, that is absolutely true here!Will and Alona are just so entertaining together and their relationship is sweet with this wicked little bite to it. They are such opposites and are almost constantly bickering, but not in a hateful way. Will is this kind-hearted guy with a streak of dark intensity built up from seeing ghosts his whole life; Alona is just the same as she was in life---spoiled and always ready with the painful truth for anyone who is less than perfectly fashionable. In this book, we get to see them change a lot (especially Alona!!) as they are faced with some really personal dilemmas---Will with his father's past, Alona with her family and dealing with them moving on. Will's friend, Lily, (who those who read book one will remember is in a persistent coma from a car crash) plays a major part in this one---and it's the events that happen between Alona and Lily that have me absolutely dying to get my hands on book three!! I'm also dying to see what the cover to book three will look like---read this one and you'll know why!! There is bound to be some very significant changes. :) I can't wait! I will miss Will and Alona until then---I love the way Queen of the Dead ended. Just perfect. It claims to be a "killer cliffhanger" but I didn't find it that way...even though you know there is more, it was still came a satisfying close. There's just a lot of really good themes in this one---letting go, not letting go, self-sacrifice for someone you care about, hoping, family, love and it's unpredictablity...it's all there. Don't miss this one!
ABookwormsHaven on LibraryThing 8 months ago
I fell in love with Will and Alona in The Ghost and the Goth and reading Queen of the Dead just affirmed my love of this series. This book is a perfect case of opposites attracting, the Goth guy and the homecoming queen. When I first read the summary for this series I did not see how that was going to work, but Alona dying and Will being able to see ghosts shoves these two together. In The Ghost and the Goth they are forced to learn more about each other and now that they have, they like what they see.In Queen of the Dead we get to explore the relationship with Will and Alona, which was so sweet. They pretend to not really care, but these two are having a hard time keeping their hands off each other. Things quickly take a turn, however, when Will meets another person who can see ghosts like him. He is swept into a world he is not familiar with and is anxious to learn more information about others like him. Alona is not so happy about this new revelation and it quickly causes tension between her and Will.I have found that some young adult paranormal books have characters constantly bickering in book two and sulking without the other, which is extremely annoying, but this is not the case with Queen of the Dead. Does Alona have some issues to work through? Yes. Does Will need to find out more information about people who are like him? Yes. During the course of this book those are the topics they address and while they were doing it separately, I did not miss the two of them together. They need to be apart to work through their feelings and discover more about themselves. Alona and Will spending time away from each other felt like the naturally progression for this book and therefore I was not upset when those events occurred.One of my favorite things about this series is the dialogue between Alona and Will and how real it always feels. They talk to each other like the teenagers today actually would. They are not afraid to curse, speak their mind, or act awkward when they need to share their feelings. Their language and their actions make the story more believable and I have always appreciated the way Stacey has managed to do that.Overall, I love this series. Even though the ending of this book is killing me! I did not see the situation unfolding this way and I have no idea how Stacey is going to wrap this all up. All I know is I am on the edge of my seat dying to see what happens next. I am not sure when the next book comes out, but I know I am already itching to get my hands on it.
ethel55 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Kade's follow up to The Ghost and The Goth didn't disappoint, but seemed to move quickly to act as a bridge for the next story. Will is still stuggling with his powers of communication with ghosts. Alona, two months deceased, is perturbed by her family's ability to move on with their lives. Toss in another ghost talker, a secret society, and their friend Lily, still in a coma, and the story sails by quickly.
Bookswithbite on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Ms. Kade, you have done it again! I really enjoyed this book. Everything about this book rocked. It had an bombastic plot, great characters and some great twist that had me gasping!!What I like most about this book is plot and the plot twist. Alona, had to deal with a lot of hardships and some new things going on that she had no say or control over. I think this part was written well. I really felt her anger as well as feel for her. Although, I am a little miffed at Will. I would think that by now he would have know that Alona has changed some. Yet, he still thought of her of someone who will do bad things.Both character's went through a lot of growing up. I like how the reader got to see them grow not only in their ghost helping abilities but in themselves as well. Towards the end of the book you can see the change in both of them. A lot of things were revealed in this book as well as some major changes. I am anxious to see how it will all effect the future of Alona and Will in the next book.Overall, Queen of the Dead is a great sequel! Not only did I find it humorous, but it kept me entertain till the very end. I am rooting for both Alona and Will to have a great ending with the awesome twist Ms. Kade threw in there. Written fabulously, I can't wait to read the next installment!
pollywannabook on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyAfter THE GHOST AND THE GOTH, I¿m no longer shocked by how much I enjoy this series. The characters are anything but cardboard, Kade handles both the male and female POVs of her protagonists with equal aplomb, and in this sequel deepens and expands her world without breaking the rules she initially set for it.Will and Alona. I didn¿t realize how much I missed them until I read first chapters of QUEEN OF THE DEAD. I loved learning more about the source of Will¿s ghost-talker abilities and appreciated the new characters who represented the opposing side of the help the dead/help the living issue. I thought it was very thoughtful to explore a different opinion and forced me (along with Will and Alona) to look at the bigger picture in a way I would have never considered.On a more personal level, the relationship between Will and Alona is still fascinating and complicated, more so for Will than Alona. She deals very well with being dead, but Will doesn¿t have it so easy. They are attracted to each other, but Alona still has a lot of `mean girl¿ in her that she doesn¿t struggle with quite as much as Will would like. It culminates in an ending that was so shocking and yet was inevitable the more I thought about it. Honestly, I can¿t wait to see where they go from here.I flew through QUEEN OF THE DEAD not even realizing that hours had gone by until I did a double take at the clock. It¿s the kind of book that refuses to be put down. Despite the taunt from the description, the cliffhanger is survivable (barely), but it is a killer set up for the still untitled third book in The Ghost and the Goth series. However long it takes, it will be worth the wait.Sexual Content:Kissing. References to homosexuality
DamarisGCR on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Queen of the Dead is book two in Stacey Kade¿s The Ghost and The Goth series. Like in The Ghost and The Goth, it¿s full of humor, real life issues, and dead people lol. Will is learning to deal with everything that has happened and the fact that his ¿girlfriend¿ Alona, is a cheerleader ghost who can be a bit self-centered at times. He still doesn¿t quite understand why he can see and hear the dead, but he is dealing with it a lot better than before. Alona is also getting used to the fact that she is a ghost and the only time she can become solid is when she is around Will. They both decide to work together and figure everything out, but things change when Will meets Mina. Mina is exactly like Will, they both deal with ghost. Will is excited to finally meet someone else like him and he thinks that now he will finally have answers.Of course Alona hates Mina and feels there is something off about her. She tries to warn Will, but he shrugs it off as jealousy. Alona also turns to Will for help with her parents, but he is so lost in this new world he has just discovered that he barely pays attention to Alona, which then leads her to do something crazy and make things ten times worse for the both of them. Alona is such a funny and entertaining character. You can't help but love everything about her. She is the cheerleader in school you want to stay away from and getting on her bad side is a big NO! But down deep inside she is like any other teenage girl. And when Will and Alona are together, it's even more entertaining.She tries to be the strong ¿I don¿t care¿ type and Will see¿s right through her...literally. He has always cared for Alona, and that hasn't changed in book two. In Queen of The Dead both characters grow a little.I can easily see this series being a TV show. It¿s such an entertaining, funny and fast pace read. I think children of all ages can pick up the first book and Queen of The Dead, and enjoy it. It has the right amount of everything in it. I hope I don¿t have to wait long for the third book in the series. 4 out of 5 Stars
Krista23 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
In this second book in the Ghost and the Goth series it's The Ghost Whisperer vs Ghostbusters. In The Ghost and The Goth, we are introduced to Alona and Will who have decided they are going to help the ghosts instead of trying to ignore or fight with them. It's the best of both worlds, that is until in book 2 we are introduced to Mina. While Alona and Will are on a mission in an old haunted house to help Mrs Ruiz cross over, they have just walked into the middle of a robbery and Mrs Ruiz is pissed off. Mina appears with her metal box contraptions and light stick that saves them from the dangerous situation...for now. Mina works for a secret ghost containing group only known to Will as the "Book Group" they knew Will's father and they may hold the answers to why he committed suicide years ago. Alona is not happy with the introduction of Mina into Will's life, and her resulting decisions will change all of their lives forever.Stacey Kade has a fantastic way of bringing us into the characters lives. They are well written, solid characters and the voices match those of the current day teen exactly. The rotation of the chapters from Alona's perspective to Will's is ideal to help portray the different views on the dead vs the living. It also helps with the pace of the story keeping in all of the interesting details with very little down time between events.I am hoping in the next book to see some more conflicts between the two ideas of helping the ghosts cross over peacefully or not giving them a choice and containing them just for existing. I personally would like to see them work out a mixture of both ideas. And I'm still in a little bit of a shock over what Alona did in this book and am very interested to see what happens in the next chapter of her life. I am growing to love both of these characters very much and maybe they really do have a chance to be together forever. That is, if the "book group" doesn't interfere first.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It looks like ashten kutcher on the cover. I totally recomend this! She came out with the project paper doll book which is so good. I love kades books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago