Quest For the Kingdom Part I The Legend of the Great Pearl

Quest For the Kingdom Part I The Legend of the Great Pearl

by L. M. Roth


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"All may seek, and all may buy, the Great Pearl of price so rare, But it costs all you possess, So let the buyer beware."Thus begins the riddle that leads young Marcus Maximus, the proud and snobbish son of the Commander of the Imperial Army of Valerium, on the quest of a lifetime. In a single day his world of wealth and privilege is destroyed when he is seized and sold into slavery, his father's estate confiscated by the government, and his parents thrown into prison. And he discovers that during his slavery his one true love has turned to another: his closest friend, who is now a rival for her hand.Now an Empress as ruthless as she is beautiful demands that Marcus find and bring to her a legendary and costly Pearl as the price for his life and the freedom of his beloved parents. The quest takes him to fantastic lands where he meets extraordinary people and is joined by unusual companions, but he finds more questions than answers along his journey. For he will learn of the mysterious and powerful Dominio, be haunted and hunted by the evil Astra, and receive the gift of a fabulous sword that must never be used in violence.Quest For the Kingdom by L. M. Roth is a 7 book series divided into 2 sections. Books 1 through 3 comprise the Empress Aurora trilogy and the tale of the young Marcus Maximus. Books 4 through 7 consist of the Chronicles of Logos and recount the fate of the fabulous Sword, and reveals how the decisions of the next generation impact the Kingdom for years to come.

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ISBN-13: 9781480119819
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/16/2012
Pages: 256
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About the Author

L. M. Roth is a "pilgrim on the path of life" and a seeker of truth. This quest first began when the author read Little Women and was struck by the sense of destiny shared by each of the March sisters as they "pilgrimed" their way through the trials and thrills that only life can offer. The quest deepened through the exposure to classic mythology and legends, which birthed a sense of hidden identity, that we are not who we have always thought we were, but are each of us heroes and heroines destined for something great and noble.

Who are we? Where are we going? What tasks are we meant to accomplish during our time on Earth? We are all on a journey together as we seek the answers. You may join L. M. Roth in that quest anytime you read one of the author's books.

L. M. Roth is the pen name of a Christian author from the American Midwest. You can keep up to date with L. M. Roth on Facebook and play the Quiz of the Day, a fun and informative game featuring the books of L. M. Roth.

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