Quest For The Scepter: First In The Scepter and Tower Trilogy

Quest For The Scepter: First In The Scepter and Tower Trilogy

by Mark E Fisher


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When the arch druid Faolukan stole the Scepter of Elyon, he plunged the medieval Celtic world called Erde into a Dark Age. But the prince who was prophesied to steal it back has been killed, and now nothing can stop the coming darkness.


Orphaned Tristan slaves at his uncle’s forge and longs to erase the dishonor his wastrel father and harlot mother bequeathed him. When a squire discovers that Tristan is the prince’s exact double, the fate of Erde weighs heavily upon him. Reluctantly, Tristan agrees to masquerade as the savior prince, lead a chosen Company of nobles, and seek the Scepter across the sea.

Before riding from his forest village, Tristan tells his life-long friend Caitir she must stay behind. But this intrepid lass has other ideas. She stows aboard the departing ship.


Cryptic texts hint that the Scepter lies hidden beyond the Fell Bogs, haunt of mesmerizing marsh spirits. It’s even more distant than the oppressive dark forest of the Waldreich, reign of misshapen wolves and the treacherous, treetop-dwelling Naz. Into such dangers, Tristan’s Company must follow a trail of ancient clues.


In service to the Deamhan Lord, Faolukan pledges to stop the group with all the magic, sorcery, and monsters at his command, including Tristan’s worst fear—a dark, subterranean cavern where stalks the creature of shadows, the barghest whose name is Thrag.

But how can a mere blacksmith’s nephew and a cooper’s daughter ever hope to defeat the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever known? How can anyone stop the coming darkness?


The Scepter and Tower Trilogy strives to continue the epic high fantasy tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings, David Farland’s The Rune Lords, and Robert Jordan’s The Wheel Of Time series.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781950235001
Publisher: Mark E. Fisher
Publication date: 03/11/2019
Series: Scepter and Tower Trilogy , #1
Pages: 390
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.87(d)
Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

About the Author

Mark wrote his first twelve pages at the age of ten, complete with drawings of a prairie fire, Indians, and a stampede. More recently, he's been writing Christian historical fiction and fantasy in a medieval setting. When not working for the church he helped plant, he's walking his dog, traveling, or at his desk writing.

Table of Contents


Map of Western Erde. vi

Cast of Characters. vii

Part I 1

Chapter 1 A Mission. 1

Chapter 2 The Roamers. 8

Chapter 3 The Siog. 14

Chapter 4 Hidden Pines. 19

Chapter 5 Ewan Mac Ninian. 23

Chapter 6 A Stratagem.. 27

Part II 32

Chapter 7 Metamorphosis. 32

Chapter 8 The Darkness Of Caves. 37

Chapter 9 Ewhain Macha. 40

Chapter 10 The Palace. 47

Chapter 11 The Council 52

Chapter 12 The Inquisition Of Signs. 59

Chapter 13 The Toghai 64

Chapter 14 High Places. 70

Chapter 15 The Trail To Ath Cliath. 76

Chapter 16 The Inn. 81

Part III 88

Chapter 17 At Sea. 88

Chapter 18 Creature. 94

Chapter 19 An Ill Wind. 98

Chapter 20 King Joost 105

Chapter 21 Drijvendby. 110

Chapter 22 The Fell Bogs. 116

Chapter 23 The Aeshitha. 122

Part IV.. 128

Chapter 24 Aftermath. 128

Chapter 25 The Forest 132

Chapter 26 The Deamhan Idol 137

Chapter 27 Wolves. 140

Chapter 28 The Naz. 145

Chapter 30 King Veit 150

Part V.. 155

Chapter 31 A Parting. 155

Chapter 32 Uta. 161

Chapter 33 Queen Hedwig. 166

Chapter 34 In The Palace Dark. 170

Chapter 35 The Prison. 174

Chapter 36 Caitir. 179

Part VI 184

Chapter 37 The Stream Of False Steps. 184

Chapter 38 Dieter Jäger. 188

Chapter 39 Schwarzburg Castle. 194

Chapter 40 Thrag. 200

Chapter 41 An Overdue Discovery. 205

Chapter 42 Escape. 210

Part VII 214

Chapter 43 Flight 214

Chapter 44 An Unhappy Reunion. 218

Chapter 45 The Valley. 223

Other Books By Mark E. Fisher. 229

Acknowledgments. 230

Glossary. 231

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