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Quest for the Scorpion's Jewel

Quest for the Scorpion's Jewel

4.5 4
by Amy Lynn Green

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The Amarias Adventures™ begin when 15-year-old Jesse befriends a band of young warriors and risks his life to find a cure for the poisoned Parvel. Though Jesse has a crippled leg, he is asked to join the remaining warriors—part of an elite fighting force known as the Youth Guard—on their mission for the king. Facing danger at every turn, Jesse, Rae


The Amarias Adventures™ begin when 15-year-old Jesse befriends a band of young warriors and risks his life to find a cure for the poisoned Parvel. Though Jesse has a crippled leg, he is asked to join the remaining warriors—part of an elite fighting force known as the Youth Guard—on their mission for the king. Facing danger at every turn, Jesse, Rae and Silas journey over treacherous mountains and across a scorching desert. To make matters worse, an unknown enemy seeks to end their quest before it has even begun. Where is Parvel’s God when they need Him most? And with so little information to guide them, how will they ever complete their mission and find the Scorpion’s Jewel? Will they even escape with their lives?

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Warner Press
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Amarias Adventure Series , #1
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Amy Green is a native of Indiana and has recently written for Evangel, "The Secret Place," "Devo’zine," and WBCL radio. Her sci-fi version of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego appeared in "Clubhouse" magazine, and she will soon see one of her plays published in "Plays" magazine. A professional writing major at Taylor University, Green exhibits a sincere passion for serving others, defending truth and teaching the Bible through her writing.

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Quest for the Scorpion's Jewel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Quest for the Scorpion's Jewel (Amarias Adventures Book 1) Author: Amy Green Publisher: Warner Press Inc Published:7-1-2011 Pages: 172 ASIN: B005GFSZLK Captain Demetri former youth guard now a patrol guard captain lives with the nightmares of his past in the hopes of keeping his brother safe. But a contract agreed to 5 years before to ensure his brother's safety has come to term and now he must pay the piper. Aleric sent by King Selen of Amerarias to demand Demetri fulfill his part of the contract. His orders are to tract and kill a group of four youth guard sent on a mission by the king. A mission he had no intention of allowing them to complete, just as he has kept nearly all the youth guard from doing. Hundreds go out, but very few survive even less of those who survive, return. Demetri is given a medallion to wear that enables Aleric to see and hear all Demetri does. Jesse, a 15 year old orphan by who lives with and serves his aunt and uncle as a servant for the privilege of a place on the floor to sleep on and whatever scraps they care to allow him to have, is cleaning up after the festival while guest and his guardians sleep in their beds. Suddenly there is a heavy knock on the inn door. It is well after curfew and Jesse knows no one should be out traveling after curfew under penalty of death. He edges over to the door and opens it to find two well dressed youths standing there looking for a place for the night. It comes out they are members of the Kings guard and a third in their party has been injured. Jesse takes them to Kayne a local healer. Kayne tells the guards that Pavel has been poisoned when he was shot with an arrow and the only cure can not be gone after until dawn, if their friend can last that long. Jesse knows where the bark required can be found and steals out into the night to go after it. Jesse retrieves to bark and confronts a superstitious patrol. With the help of Pavel's friends Silas and Rae he survives and they give the bark to Kayne who prepares the cure for the poison infecting Pavel. In the morning Kayne informs the three guards that Pavel will be unable to travel for at least a month. Pavel tells them to take Jesse if they have any hope to accomplish their mission. After arguing they all agree and turn to ask Jesse who had stood outside the curtain listening if he will go. Once he agrees to go Pavel makes Jesse promise to make sure he does not leave Silas and Rae behind and bring them back to him. At first light the three, Jesse, Silas and Rae, take off with only two knowing where they are headed and what they must do. Three souls who do not trust one another and do not want to work together. Each with their own agenda and way of accomplishing the task at hand. If any are to survive they must learn to trust and to lean on the strengths of the others. Rae must learn her burning desire to fight her way out of everything must be curbed with caution. Silas' resentment and desire for vengeance must be tempered with belief in himself and that there is more than just black and white when it comes to the truth. Jesse needs to forget that he is lame and trust in what he knows from the travelers that have come through the inn and those he meets on his quest with Silas and Rae. This is a story that although it is listed for young adult, this book can appeal to those young at heart as well. I found it to be a lively story that flows very smoothly and quickly scene to scene. The characters have enough flaws to keep them real without your loosing interest or their believability. The author has subtly put in the questions many have asked themselves when it comes to God. If he is a kind and loving God how can he allow bad things to happen to good people. She does not preach and each character must find his or her own answers just as we must find our own answers in our lives. If I had to choose a favorite passage it comes later in the book. The three heroes in the book have not yet learned to be a cohesive unit and Rae and Silas are bickering when a unexpected friend tells them an old saying "Scars not worn with honor are worn for pity." Unfortunately only Jesse understands. Showing his scarred leg he tells them, "We all have scars. Everyone suffers and no one can say they have suffered more than another." I found this struck me as a maxim we should all remember as we go through life. The story is very action packed and and leads seamlessly into the second book in the series Escape From Riddler's Pass. I have to tell you as tired as I was I did pick up book two and begin reading it because I did not want to have the story end yet. Amy Green has developed a very intriguing world. Hints of a future here on earth or it could be a world far away from earth. Either way it is a great book. If you are thinking of trying a Young Adult I think this one could appeal to you. The Amarias series has the possibility of gathering a following in the way the Harry Potter series did if given a chance. Survival is not always a matter of the strongest or fittest, but often those wisest to listen to the guidance of others and that of their own hearts. If asked to rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it at least an nine.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Jesse has had a difficult life, crippled long ago in an accident, orphaned and living with his aunt and uncle, he longs to be like other boys his age, he has great dreams, a huge heart and a strong sense of right & wrong. When three young travelers come to his uncle's inn late one night, obviously on the run from someone, Jesse risks his own life to help them. These young people are part of the legendary, elite fighting force known as the Youth Guard—on their mission for the king. Jesse joins them and bravely helps them on their treacherous mission, often being the one to see reason and a way out of the troubles they encounter. Will these young warriors complete their mission or will they die trying as a sinister plot against them is revealed. Will the old smuggler in the desert save them or turn against them? Quest for the Scorpion's Jewel by Amy Green is a fast-paced adventure with younger readers in mind! Jesse is a wonderful role model who can cleverly keep his head under pressure with an admirable sense of loyalty. Each character plays their part well, with scenes that are vividly expressed and easily pictured in the reader's mind. A perfect summer series read for anyone who likes the feel of a "long ago tale!" I received this book from NetGalley and Warner Press in exchange for my honest review. Author: Amy Green Series: #1 in Amerias Adventures Published: July 1, 2011 Publisher: Warner Pr # Pages: 172 ISBN: 1593174322 ISBN-13: 9781593174323 My Rating: 4.5 Stars
book4children More than 1 year ago
This is a much more serious adventure than I had been expecting. I was prepared for something more along the lines of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Amy Green doesn't fill her story with much fluff, however. She weaves an interesting plot that incorporates Christian and faith based values. The story moves along at a nice pace. The characters are nicely developed and you get to know and love Jesse throughout the book. You also learn that sometimes being different is not such a bad thing after all. Each of the characters have individual strengths that come in handy during their adventure. Jesse has a particular knack for reading people and knowing what they are thinking. A really nice, Christian adventure story. I just couldn't decide if this was supposed to be dystopian fantasy, completely otherworldly, or historical fantasy. It had the feel of being historical, but some of the things that cropped up made me think that it was more dystopian. Love the cover. It's perfect for a middle grade fantasy novel.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed it. Its a quick read with lots of action. how even your faults can be assets in return. They also learned when you work together your far stronger. We learn that Captain Demetri used to be a youth guard and how he was the only one to survive 5 years ago. Demetri has a younger brother who he loves and now he has to kill the new youth guards when they pass through his town or his brother will be killed. Jesse lives with his aunt and uncle after his parents disappeared and works at thier inn. Rae, Silas and thier hurt friend come to the inn for a place to rest they are afraid that Paval will die if they dont find shelter. Jesse takes them to a healer to save Paval. Jesse than risks his life to get the herbs that will save him. Paval asks Jesse to go with Rae & Silas and help them complete thier mission for the king. they have many trials and meet friends and enemys. They pull together to finsh their quest and survive. Its a fun adventure story geared for youth but I enjoyed it. Was given the ebook in exchange for honest review.