Quick Look Nursing: Pharmacology

Quick Look Nursing: Pharmacology



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ISBN-13: 9781556426438
Publisher: SLACK, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/04/2004
Series: Quick Look Nursing Series
Pages: 335
Product dimensions: 7.02(w) x 9.86(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authorsxi
Part IAnti-Infectives1
Chapter 1Introductory Concepts2
Chapter 2Penicillins4
Chapter 3Cephalosporins8
Chapter 4Aminoglycosides12
Chapter 5Tetracyclines14
Chapter 6Macrolides16
Chapter 7Fluoroquinolones18
Chapter 8Vancomycins20
Chapter 9Drugs for Resistant Bacterial Strains22
Chapter 10Drugs That Treat Urinary Tract Infections24
Chapter 11Antitubercular Drugs30
Chapter 12Antivirals34
Chapter 13Antifungals40
Chapter 14Antiprotozoals44
Chapter 15Antihelmintics48
Part I: Questions and Answers50
Part IICentral Nervous System Drugs55
Chapter 16Analgesics56
Chapter 17Antidepressants60
Chapter 18Antiseizure Drugs66
Chapter 19Central Nervous System Stimulants72
Chapter 20Anesthetics74
Chapter 21Anxiolytics and Sedative-Hypnotics78
Chapter 22Antipsychotics82
Chapter 23Anti-Parkinson's Disease Drugs86
Chapter 24Skeletal Muscle Relaxants90
Part II: Questions and Answers94
Part IIIAutonomic Nervous System Drugs97
Chapter 25Cholinergic Drugs98
Chapter 26Anticholinergic Drugs102
Chapter 27Adrenergic Drugs104
Chapter 28Adrenergic Blocking Agents108
Part III: Questions and Answers112
Part IVRespiratory System Drugs115
Chapter 29Antiasthmatic Drugs116
Chapter 30Bronchodilator Drugs120
Chapter 31Antihistamine Drugs124
Chapter 32Decongestant Drugs126
Chapter 33Antitussive Drugs128
Chapter 34Expectorant Drugs132
Part IV: Questions and Answers134
Part VAnti-Inflammatory and Antirheumatoid Drugs137
Chapter 35Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)138
Chapter 36Antirheumatoid Drugs142
Chapter 37Antigout Drugs146
Part V: Questions and Answers150
Part VICardiovascular Drugs153
Chapter 38Cardiotonic-Inotropic Drugs154
Chapter 39Antidysrhythmic Drugs158
Chapter 40Antianginal Drugs164
Chapter 41Antihypertensive Drugs168
Chapter 42Diuretic Drugs176
Chapter 43Antilipemic Drugs180
Chapter 44Anticoagulant Drugs184
Chapter 45Antiplatelet Drugs188
Chapter 46Thrombolytic Drugs192
Part VI: Questions and Answers194
Part VIIEndocrine System Drugs199
Chapter 47Pituitary and Parathyroid Hormones200
Chapter 48Thyroid Drugs206
Chapter 49Antithyroid Drugs208
Chapter 50Corticosteroids212
Chapter 51Antidiabetics216
Chapter 52Hyperglycemic Drugs222
Part VII: Questions and Answers224
Part VIIIFemale Reproductive System Drugs229
Chapter 53Estrogens230
Chapter 54Progestins234
Chapter 55Oral Contraceptives238
Chapter 56Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators and Bisphosphonates240
Chapter 57Uterine Stimulants244
Chapter 58Uterine Relaxants (Tocolytics)248
Chapter 59Fertility Agents250
Part VIII: Questions and Answers254
Part IXMale Reproductive System Drugs259
Chapter 60Androgens, Androgen Inhibitors, and Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors260
Part IX: Questions and Answers264
Part XGastrointestinal System Drugs267
Chapter 61Antiulcer Drugs268
Chapter 62Laxatives272
Chapter 63Antidiarrheals276
Chapter 64Antiemetics278
Part X: Questions and Answers282
Part XIDrugs Acting on the Immune System and Antineoplastic Agents285
Chapter 65Immunizing Agents286
Chapter 66Immunosuppressant Agents290
Chapter 67Biologic Response Modifiers294
Chapter 68Antineoplastic Agents298
Part XI: Questions and Answers306
Unit XIIHerbal Remedies309
Chapter 69Common Herbal Remedies310
Part XII: Questions and Answers316
Appendix IVitamins320
Appendix IIMinerals322
Appendix IIIPregnancy Categories323

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