Quick Reference Creating Web Pages for Dummies

Quick Reference Creating Web Pages for Dummies



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ISBN-13: 9780764503634
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/01/1998
Series: For Dummies Series
Edition description: SPIRAL
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.51(h) x 0.67(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: How to Use This Book

About This Book
How to Use This Book
What Are All These Parts?
Other Stuff You Should Know
What All the Pretty Pictures Mean

Part I: Getting to Know Web Publishing

Different Kinds of Web Sites
Personal home pages
Company Web sites
Special interest Web sites
Creating a Web Site
Step 1: Planning your Web site
Step 2: Creating your Web pages
Step 3: Publishing your Web pages
Trouble Spots
Updating Your Web Site
Finding Space for Your Web Site
Internet Service Providers
Online services
Free Web servers

Part II: Creating a Successful Web Site

Creating a Successful Web Site
Organizing the Content
Sequential organization
Hierarchical organization
Combination sequential and hierarchical organization
Web organization
What to Include on Every Page
Navigation links
Author and copyright information
What to Include on Every Web Site
Home page
Cover page
Site map
Contact information
Help page
Related links

Part III: Elements of Web Page Design

Setting the background color
Using a background image
Finding online sources for background images
Fonts and Web Typography
Setting the font
Following guidelines for Web typography
Horizontal Rules
HTML Basics
Adding an icon to a Web page
Finding online sources for icon images
Line Breaks
Using text links
Using graphic links
Linking within the same page
Bulleted lists
Numbered lists
Navigation Bars
Deciding what to include in a navigation bar
Creating a text-based navigation bar
Using images in a navigation bar
Finding online sources for navigation bars
Page Layout
Page Length
Screen Size Considerations
Style Sheets
Using style attributes
Embedding a style sheet
Using style classes
Linking a style sheet
Using inline styles
Creating a basic table
Using a table for page layout

Part IV: Working with Graphics, Sounds, and Video

Background Sounds
File Formats for Image, Sound, and Video
Image file formats
Sound file formats
Video file formats
Image Maps
Inserting a Graphic Image
Inserting a link to a sound file
Embedding a sound file
Transparent GIF Images
Inserting a link to a video file
Embedding a video

Part V: Building Your Web Workshop

Graphics Programs
Image Composer
PaintShop Pro
Windows 98 Paint
HTML Editors
FrontPage Express
FrontPage 98
HotDog Professional
PageMill 2.0
Visual Page
Java Tools
Visual Café for Java
Visual J++
Visual JavaScript
Office Suites
Corel WordPerfect Suite 8
Lotus SmartSuite 97
Microsoft Office 97
Web Browsers
Internet Explorer 4

Part VI: Scripting with VBScript and JavaScript

Accessing HTML Elements in a Script
Alert Boxes and Confirmation Boxes
Document Object Model
Window object
Document object
Location object
Navigator object
Event Handling
Common events
Using an event function
Inserting a Script
Inserting Text into a Document
JavaScript Syntax Rules
Using a timeout timer
Using an interval timer
VBScript Syntax Rules

Part VII: Creating Pushy Web Pages

About Channels and Push Technology
CDF Channels
Creating a CDF channel
Creating a CDF file
Using FrontPage 98 to create a channel
NetCaster Channels

Part VIII: Publishing on the Web

Announcing Your Site
What you need to know to use FTP
The Windows 95 FTP Client
FTP command summary
Web Publishing Wizard
Personal Web Server
Starting Personal Web Server
Posting a Web page to Personal Web Server
Accessing Personal Web Server Web pages

Part IX: Creating Web Pages with Microsoft FrontPage 98

Adding a Page to a Web
Creating a blank page
Creating a page from a template
Banner Ads
Creating a New Web
Editing a Web Page
Formatting Text
Keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons for formatting
Changing font settings
Paragraph formatting
FrontPage Express
Hit Counter
Horizontal Rules
Hover Buttons
Creating a hyperlink
Checking hyperlink status
Image Maps
Inserting an image file
Inserting a clip art image
Importing Files
Creating a simple bulleted or numbered list
Creating a nested list
Changing the bullet symbol
Changing the number style
Using collapsible outlines
Navigation Bars
Adding a new page to the navigation structure
Changing navigation bar properties
Inserting a navigation bar
Page Transitions
Publishing a FrontPage Web
Shared Borders
Setting shared borders for a Web
Changing shared borders on a page
Editing shared border content
Tables `a la the Insert Table command
Tables via the Draw Table command
Setting the theme for a Web
Setting the theme for an individual page

Part X: Creating Web Pages with Netscape Composer

Creating a Web Page
Creating a blank page
Using a template
Editing a Web Page
Formatting Text
Keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons for formatting
Character formatting
Paragraph formatting
Horizontal Lines
Publishing a Web Page

Part XI: Creating Web Pages with Microsoft Office 97

Access 97
Converting an Access report to HTML
Using the Publish to the Web Wizard
Excel 97
Converting a worksheet to an HTML document
Inserting worksheet data into an existing document
PowerPoint 97
Word 97
Converting a document to HTML
Using the Web Page Wizard
Formatting Web documents

Glossary: Techie Talk


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