QUICKBOOKS TOUR GUIDE®: Navigating Your Small Business With A QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

QUICKBOOKS TOUR GUIDE®: Navigating Your Small Business With A QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

by Cheryl J Graham

Paperback(Print ed.)

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A light and personal view of US small business management and entrepreneurship through the eyes of a New Zealander. With 20 years of American business experience enjoy her funny stories as she acclimatized (or acclimated) to life in the USA and small business. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor® she shares her tips and tricks for bookkeeping, office organization, marketing and networking. A must for the new or seasoned business owner.

Using her business savvy and worldly expertise from the 5 countries in which she’s lived, QuickBooks ProAdvisor® and business consultant Cheryl Graham, will transform the way you look at bookkeeping.

Focus on what you do best – selling your product or service. This easy to use guide takes the guesswork out of setting up and running a small business. Reports, troubleshooting, tax preparation, reconciliation and everyday bookkeeping issues will be a breeze.

Cheryl has empowered business owners just like you to become confident in using the QuickBooks® software. Her simple to use processes will help your company run like a well-oiled machine.

The language of business is spoken all over the world – let Cheryl translate it into success for you.

Let Cheryl be your silent business partner, help you save money and give you peace of mind.

Allow the QuickBooks® Tour Guide to help you navigate your small business.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781946533265
Publisher: Victoria Grant Enterprises, Inc
Publication date: 03/08/2019
Edition description: Print ed.
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Cheryl Graham is a New Zealand born QuickBooks ProAdvisor®, small business consultant, entrepreneur and international voice talent.
Her current practice is in Indianapolis, Indiana where she has national and international clients. Prior to her move to the USA she lived in Australia, South Africa and England.
She enjoys empowering and encouraging small business owners to gain the confidence to run their business with ease.
She has had the opportunity to share her voice globally on websites, Radio and TV commercials, industry videos and "on hold" messages.
She loves training Intuit QuickBooks® accounting software as a QuickBooks
ProAdvisor®, managing small businesses and sharing her voice around the world.
Cheryl also manages the family condo in the Florida Panhandle. She enjoys communicating with vacationers worldwide and helping them plan their next holiday.
She is married to Michael Graham, an amazing recording engineer from
Indiana. Michael is also a small business owner. He shares her love of music,
travel is excited to have shared this book journey. Cheryl's two daughters are grown; Kim is now living in Sydney. Stefanie was in London for 3 years, Sydney for a year and is now in Auckland, New Zealand.

Table of Contents

Dedication vii

Thank you ix

My Journey To American Small Business xi

Chapter 1: The Small Business Entrepreneur - Journey The Trip or Adventure 1

Chapter 2: Work Space and Workflow - Dream Destination and Maps 5

Chapter 3: Accounting Method and Procedures - Tickets and Boarding Pass 9

Chapter 4: Type of Entity - Immigration, Customs and Culture 21

Chapter 5: Employees or Contractors - Green Card, Visa or Passport 25

Chapter 6: Business Bank Account - Travel Money or Foreign Currency 29

Chapter 7: Tax Agencies and Compliance - Travel Security - TSA 39

Chapter 8: Marketing and Advertising - Maps and Directions 51

Chapter 9: Customers and Vendors - Star Attractions 57

Chapter 10: Reports and Account Set Up - Travel Log or Blog 67

Chapter 11: Your Network - Travelling Companions 71

Chapter 12: Inventory or Cost of Goods - Getting Around - Rental Car, Taxi or Bus 77

Chapter 13: Filing System - Making Memories 83

Chapter 14: Profit - The Bottom Line - Home At Last 91

The Lingo 95

My Clients’ Thoughts - Thank you! 103

My Journey To America 113

After The Tour 121

End Notes 123

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