Quickly Master Essential Chinese Vocabulary for Beginners to Intermediate Learners

Quickly Master Essential Chinese Vocabulary for Beginners to Intermediate Learners

by Ping Makarsky


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This is a good reference book for learning Chinese Vocabulary. The purpose of this book is to help students quickly master essential Chinese words. There are three chapters in this book, they are Chinese Vocabulary Beginner Basic Level (Chapter 1), Chinese Vocabulary Beginner to Intermediate Level (Chapter2) and Chinese Vocabulary Intermediate Level(Chapter 3). Chapter 1 has 21 lessons which include the most basic and commonly used 1034 Chinese words. Chapter 2 has 21 lessons which include the most commonly used 1032 Chinese words. Chapter 3 has 26 lessons which include 1232 commonly used Chinese words. There are about 50 words in each lesson which is designed for learners to master in 1 day to 1 week depending on the learner's level.

This book uses the classification of the most commonly used Chinese words listed in The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary. This book is suitable for Chinese learners at the beginning or intermediate level. The left column of each lesson lists the words and the word expansion. The word expansion part focuses on Chinese phrases or short sample sentences. Students should memorize fixed formats and patterns. The majority of the words have pinyin and the part of speech listed. The right column of each lesson lists the translations of words and word expansions for better understanding. This book is organized systematically with clear chapters and detailed lessons. It is very easy for learners to arrange study progress.

To put the best effort in studying this book, the student should master about 3300 basic and most often used Chinese words. In this way the student can lay a solid foundation for further Chinese study.

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About the Author

Ping Makarsky is a mandarin Chinese teacher in Virginia. She was a professional book editor in Beijing, China for the past seven years and she is now enjoying her life as a Chinese language book author, mandarin Chinese teacher and website developer in the U.S.

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