Quilt of America

Quilt of America

by Carole J. J. Gariepy, Adolph Caso (Editor)
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Quilt of America by Carole J. J. Gariepy

Quilt of America represents what is best about America, from its teachers to its policemen, from its artists to its scientists. Practically every aspect of life is described in words and in colorful quilts of remarkable beauty.

This book gave me such an appreciation for the art of quilting. I will never look at a quilt in the same way again. Unti now I have never made a quilt before. But, after reading this book I want to and will. This book explores how woman used quilting as a means of expressing their emotions and as a way of preserving their faminly history and memories.

A wonderful reference book for history buffs.

Every page is filled with interesting facts about great americans who have given so much to our country and our way of life. I highly recomend this book. Not just for quilters, but for anyone who loves history and trivia.

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ISBN-13: 9780828320672
Publisher: Branden Books
Publication date: 05/28/2002
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 8.52(w) x 11.96(h) x 0.68(d)

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Quilt of America 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have just had the privilege to read a unique, fascinating book--Quilt of America by Carole J. Gariepy! Although I would normally read a book straight through, I could not do it this time! Branden Books has created a true ¿coffee-table masterpiece¿ that should be prominently displayed. It is beautifully created with bright colors, fine detail and presentation, but more importantly, you will want to take your time and read each segment with careful study. Quilt of America is about quilts, yes. But it is so much more! Carole Gariepy and her husband selected ¿Turtle¿ and went on a tour of America! After each visit to a national monument, the home place of a famous individual in history, a visit with not-so-famous quilters, or with individuals representing a certain profession, such as firemen or teachers, Carole forces us to stop and consider each and every situation in a unique, intimate way. You see, Carole was on a Mission! She was making a quilt for her son! No matter where Carole and her husband Gerry traveled, she immediately became your tour guide to the place, to the person. In a left-hand block at the beginning of each story, Carole shared her quilt patch selection for that particular story. Some you could immediately enjoy and appreciate e.g., the white longhaired cat of course called to this ¿lover¿ of all things feline! More often, though, you next began to learn about their latest tour stop, and Carole personally shares what she learned! (She wrote later in the book that she started writing immediately after each visit and they were once again on the road.) Along with the historical lesson, Carole then presents a quilt, sometimes directly related to the site visited. More often, she has selected the quilt based upon her blending of the unique personalities involved in the events, and she merges the two into a perspective that is hers but is so easily viewed that it also becomes yours. At the end of each segment, she then writes a few personal lines to her son, explaining exactly why she chose the two quilt patches to represent their experience. I admit it,I had to go back to the beginning of each segment so that I could see and respond to her choice for the remembrance. It truly was an insightful experience to have an artist explain how each and every choice was made in the creation of her latest work. With so many options to choose from I chose my favorites to share! · A Signature Snowflake quilt of 1848 from Weymouth and Braintree Massachusetts provided the only documentation of the women in that locale since only men were recorded in the census. · Graveyard Quilt made from clothes belonging to the family documented the birth and death records for the family of Elizabeth Mitchell. · Miami Centennial Quilt documented Southern Florida and featured Henry Morrison Flagler¿s railroad into the area. · Jesse Owens, one of the country¿s top athletes in the 20th century, won gold medals in four strenuous track events proving to Hitler that his theories about race were wrong. Of course Hitler left the games there in Germany so he would not have to shake the winner¿s hand. Jesse¿s Memorial Park is in Oakville, Alabama. · About 50 cats reside at Hemingway¿s Key West Florida home--both then and now! · ¿The Totally Techno Babes,¿ a quilting group volunteered to help--and wound up making 30 bright and funny quilts for the children of a Ukraine Orphanage. · A woman sees a quilt being used to cover furniture in a truck bed as she waits for the green light. She followed that truck, and wound up with a Grandmother¿s Flower Garden! · Louis Tiffany, known for his beautiful artistic masterpieces, never knew that Sandra Dockstader mimicked his designs first in her quilt, Glass Roses. · Mount Desert Rock¿s story highlighted the history of those who maintained our lighthouses for hundreds of years. When the lighthouse keeper went for supplies, the wife took over his duties. He always bro
Guest More than 1 year ago
however, the spamming emails sent to quilters and to the booksellers offering quilt books is awful. I have received 5 unsolicited emails asking me to go to the publisher's site to purchase this book.