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ISBN-13: 9780670587339
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Publication date: 03/10/1955
Product dimensions: 20.00(w) x 20.00(h) x 20.00(d)

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TO THE READERS My kindly Readers, who this Book begin, All Prejudice, I pray you, lay aside, And reading it, find no Offence therein; In it nor Hurt nor Poison doth abide. 'Tis true that small Perfection here doth hide; Nought will you learn save only Mirth's Delight; No other Subject can my Heart indite, Seeing the Dole that wastes and makes you wan ; Tis better far of Mirth than Tears to write, For Laughter is the speciall Gift to Man. LIVE MERRILY rdv fuxaf AvOpuwos (Arist. de part. an. iii. IO). FIRST BOOK PROLOGUE OF THE AUTHOR Drinkers very illustrious and you, very precious pockified Patients,— for to you and none other are dedicated my Writings—Alcibiades in the Dialogue of Plato entitled The Banquet, praising his Preceptor Socrates, without controversy Prince of Philosophers, among other Remarks, said that he was like the Sileni. Sileni of old were little Boxes, such as we see at present in the Shops of the Apothecaries, painted outside with wanton toyish Figures, such as Harpies, Satyrs, bridled Geese, horned Hares, saddled Ducks, flying Goats, Stags in Harness, and other such Paintings counterfeited at pleasure, to stir people to laugh, just such as was Silenus, Master of the good Bacchus; but within were stored fine Drugs, such as Balsam, Ambergris,1 Amomum,2 Musk, Civet, Minerals,8 and other precious Things. Such he declared b Socrates to be, because, seeing him from outside and rating him by his exterior Appearance, you would not have given a Shred of an Onion for him, so ugly was he in Figure and ridiculous in Bearing, with a pointed Nose,4 his Look that of a Bull, and the Synipos. 215 A 1 Ambergris (cf. ii. 24), a kind of scented fat, formerly much used incookery. In pastry built, or from the spit or boiled, Gris am...

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