Race, Class, and Gender in

Race, Class, and Gender in "Medieval" Cinema



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ISBN-13: 9781403974273
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan US
Publication date: 04/20/2007
Series: The New Middle Ages
Edition description: 2007
Pages: 228
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About the Author

Tison Pugh is Professor of English at the University of Central Florida.

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Introduction; L.Ramey & T.Pugh PART I: MULTICULTURAL IDENTITIES: A LOST IDEAL? Once, Present and Future Kings: Kingdom of Heaven and the Multi-temporality of Medieval Film; A.Lindley Chahine's Destiny: Prophetic Nostalgia and the Other Middle Ages; D.Hoffman Reversing the Crusades: Hegmony, Orientalism and Film Language in Youssef Chahine's Saladin ; J.Ganim Samurai on Shifting Ground: Negotiating the Medieval and the Modern in Seven Samurai and Yojimbo; R.P.Schiff PART II: BARBARISM AND THE MEDIEVAL OTHER Vikings Through the Eyes of an Arab Ethnographer: Constructions of the Other in The 13th Warrior ; L. Shutters Mission Historical, or "[t]here were a hell of a lot of knights": Ethnicity and Alterity in Jerry Bruckheimer's King Arthur ; C.Jewers Inner-City Chivalry in Gil Junger's Black Knight : A South Central Yankee in King Leo's Court; L.Finke & M.Shichtman Queering the Medieval Dead: History, Horror, and Masculinity in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead Trilogy ; T.Pugh PART III: ROMANTIC VALUES In Praise of Troubadourism: Creating Community in Occupied France, 1942-1943; L.Ramey Sexing Warrior Women in China's Martial Arts World: King Hu's A Touch of Zen ; P.Lorge The Hawk, the Wolf, and the Mouse: Gender and Other in Ladyhawke; A.J.Weisl Chaucer's Man Show: Anachronistic Authority in Brian Helgeland's A Knight's Tale ; H.Crocker The "Other" Women of Sherwood: The Construction of Difference and Gender in Cinematic Treatments of the Robin Hood Legend; L.Stock & C.Gregory

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