Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality: The Big Questions / Edition 1

Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality: The Big Questions / Edition 1

by Naomi Zack
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Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality: The Big Questions / Edition 1

This ambitious philosophical anthology combines analyses and surveys of contemporary theorising on social identity.

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ISBN-13: 9780631208747
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/28/1998
Series: Philosophy: The Big Questions Series
Pages: 424
Product dimensions: 7.87(w) x 9.84(h) x 0.59(d)

Table of Contents

About the Editors.


Introduction: Naomi Zack.

Part I: Race: Edited by Naomi Zack:.

Race: Introduction to the Readings.

1. The Real Status of Blacks Today: Derrick Bell.

2. The Uncompleted Argument: Du Bois and the Illusion of Race: Kwame Anthony Appiah.

3. Racism in the Head, Racism in the World: Judith Lichtenburg.

4. The Status of Blacks in Academic Philosophy: Leonard Harris.

5. Reverse Discrimination as Unjustified: Lisa H. Newton.

6. The Morality of Reparation: Bernard R. Boxhill.

7. The Fact of Blackness: Frantz Fanon.

8. Prison of Color: Virginia R. Harris.

9. Mixed Black and White Race and Public Policy: Naomi Zack.

Questions about Race.

Recommended Reading for Part One.

Part II: Class: Edited by Crispin Sartwell:.

Class: Introduction to the Readings.

10. Civil Government is for Defence of Rich Against Poor: Adam Smith.

11. Manifesto of the Communist Party: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

12. Economy and Society: Max Weber.

13. Men and Jobs: Elliot Liebow.

14. Seeing Ourselves Through the Eyes of the "Other": an Intellectual and Spiritual Journey: Dasiea Cavers-Huff and Janice Kollitz.

15. Gilded Lilies and Liberal Guilt: Patricia J. Williams.

16. Working-class Culture: Joanna Kadi.

Questions about Class.

Recommended Reading for Part Two.

Part III: Gender: Edited by Laurie Shrage:.

Gender: Introduction to the Readings.

17. Gender Treachery: Homophobia, Masculinity, and Threatened Identities: Patrick D. Hopkins.

18. Interpreting 'Gender': Linda J. Nicholson.

19. A Matter of Discipline: Reading for Gender in Jewish Philosophy: Susan E. Shapiro.

20. Stages on Kant's Way: Aesthetics, Morality and the Gendered Sublime: Christine Battersby.

Questions about Gender.

Recommended Reading for Part Three.

Part IV: Sexuality: Edited by Laurie Shrage:.

Sexuality: Introduction to the Readings.

21. Saint Foucault: David M. Halperin.

22. Refiguring Lesbian Desire: Elizabeth Grosz.

23. Markets in Women's Sexual Labour: Debra Satz.

24. Talking Sex: Bell Hooks.

25. Deconstructive Strategies and the Movement against Sexual Violence: Renée Heberle.

Questions about Sexuality.

Recommended Reading for Part Four.

Part V: Intersections: Edited by Crispin Sartwell:.

Intersections: Introduction to the Readings.

26. Mother Tongue: Amy Tan.

27. Confessions of a Nice Negro, or Why I Shaved my Head: Robin D. G. Kelley.

28. The Green Frog Skin: John (Fire) Lame Deer and Richard Erdoes.

29. Aren't You in the Wrong Neighbourhood?: William Upski Wimsatt.

30. Sunset Trailer Park: Allan Bérubé with Florence Bérubé.

31. The Culture of Complaint: Robert Hughes.

32. Have We Got a Theory for You!: María C. Lugones and Elizabeth V. Spelman.

33. A Long Line of Vendidas: Cherríe Morga.

Questions about Intersections.

Recommended Reading for Part Five.


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