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Racehorse Breeding Theories



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Racehorse Breeding Theories by Frank J. Mitchell

Breeding the ultimate racehorse has challenged the minds of breeders and theorists for over 200 years. Now for the first time, students of bloodstock breeding will have an opportunity to examine the theories of genetics, biomechanics, nicking, dosage, inbreeding, outcrossing, statistical methods, female family lines and heart score. The works of Bruce Lowe, Federico Tesio, Harry Laughlin, Joe Estes and many more are examined and evaluated. Here, in one volume, is a wide and varied assessment of the major breeding systems and theories, as well as the history and background of each. The writers give readers all the necessary information they need to implement the theory and make it part of a breeding program. They also verify the relative scientific validity of the theories and various approaches to breeding. This, more than any other factor, sets this book apart from other attempts to offer breeding theory to owners and breeders. The authors ask, "Does this really work and, if so, how often has it been proven or disproven?" By studying the varied breeding approaches and theories, modern breeders can use the information that best fits their breeding program.

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ISBN-13: 9780929346755
Publisher: Meerdink, Russell Company, Ltd.
Publication date: 02/28/2004
Pages: 325
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Origins and Genetics of the Thoroughbred19
Chapter 2Genetics and Gene Mapping21
Chapter 3The BLUP Trotting Index35
Chapter 4How Joe Estes Transformed Breeding and Pedigrees41
Chapter 5The Humanist as a Thoroughbred Breeder: Federico Tesio's work as a breeder and trainer75
Chapter 6Biomechanics and Mating83
Chapter 7Inbreeding109
Chapter 8Nicking125
Chapter 9Pedigrees and Statistics173
Chapter 10Birth Rank and Success187
Chapter 11Dosage: A Pedigree Classification Technique191
Chapter 12Female Family Inbreeding237
Chapter 13The X Factor Theory251
Chapter 14Bruce Lowe and the Numerology of Pedigrees273
Chapter 15Quantification of Racing Performance in the Research of Harry Laughlin293
Chapter 16Evaluating Breeding Theories--Looking for the Real Patterns Underpinning Tesio's Greatness307

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