Radiant Light: Boundless Love

Radiant Light: Boundless Love

by Dennis Shipman



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ISBN-13: 9781890711078
Publisher: Empyrean Quest Publishers
Publication date: 10/28/1999
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.22(w) x 8.33(h) x 0.71(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Standing In the Light9
The Inner Discovery
The Mystical Experience of God - April 1969
Bless Us, Father, For Sin Does Not Exist!
Later That Day
Radiant Eye In The Mind
Confessions Of An Altar Boy
The Years Of Unnecessary Shame and Guilt
Dark Night Of The Soul
Twenty-Seven Years Later
Chapter 2Inner Light: The Supreme Freedom28
Sacred Ecstasy
The Great Awakening
A Direct Experience Proves Existence Of God
Know Yourself As Infinite Light, Boundless Love
Belief Is Not Required
The Universality Of Oneness and Inner Light
The Aftermath-Spring-Summer 1969
Find The Source Of Your Conditioning
Benevolent Power Can Come and Go As It Pleases
Chapter 3The Light Within Reveals The Inner Life52
Looking But Not Seeing
Inner Life Creates Our Outlook
Our Inner Life Belongs In Daily Life
Goal Of Inner Life Is Unity
The Guidance Under My Nose-Spring 1969
Chapter 4The Grand Opulent Design (God)70
The Identity Crisis
You Are Spirit With A Human Body
You Chose To Be Born On Earth
Your Destiny Is Wisdom-Love-Divine Power
Human Spiritual Evolution
Origen And The Ban Of Reincarnation
Earth-Practice Field for Self-Discovery
Evolution of Consciousness
Transformation-Summer 1969
Chapter 5The Great Heresy Of Christianity90
The Power Of Superstition
The Power Of Corruption
The Road To Blind Faith
Empowerment Of The Individual
The Bible
Belief and Knowledge
Jesus The Christ
Holy Trinity
Sin and Redemption
Heaven, Hell, The Afterlife
The Devil
Salvation and Oneness
The Survival of Christianity
Chapter 6Freedom Of The Soul128
The Goal Of Life
Scientific Proof of God's Existence
Seven Lifeforce Energy Centers--Illustration
Base of The Spine
Sacral Center
Solar Plexus
The Separated, Selfish Self
Heart Center
Throat Center
Mind's Eye
Chart-Seven Lifeforce Energy Centers
Science Of Meditation
Benefits Of Meditation
A Tool For Self-Discovery
Meditation and Prayer
Preparing To Meditate
Stillness Meditation Technique
Stream Of Consciousness
Key Points To Remember
Dangers Of Meditation
Why Christianity Doesn't Teach Meditation
Meditation Highlights
Quest For Freedom -- 1969-1996
The Eternal Quest: Who Is God?
Accepting Divinity As It Is
Christ Consciousness: Our Real Identity
Qualities Of The Soul
Chapter 7Laws Of The Inner Life179
Fear and Love
The Wave And The Ocean
Two Choices: Love or Fear
Important Reminders
Laws Of Fear
The War Within
Separation--The Original Sin
Illusion--But It's Got To Be Real!
Judgment-You Are Judge, Jury, Executioner!
Death--No More Me?
The World's Agenda
How To Release Fear
Chapter 8Laws Of Light (Divine Love and Freedom)220
Cause and Effect--Divine Justice
Interrelatedness Of All Things
Human Body
Mind--Stop Analyzing. Start Meditating!
Emotions-The Power of Love
Energy--Pure Consciousness Everywhere!
Detachment--Enjoy Everything, Possess Nothing
Freewill, Aspiration, Forgiveness
Lightheartedness-Joy of the Soul
Two Greatest Laws
Prosperity--The Creator's Abundance
Glossary Of Terms275

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Guest More than 1 year ago
A great deal of fear and superstition surrounds our relationship to God, sin, hell, Jesus, religion, and our purpose for being on Earth. But, what if the truth was different than what we have been taught? What if sin, hell, and the devil didn't exist? What if our whole essence of life is based on Light and Love, and not fear? Jesus said, ¿The kingdom of God is found within¿ (Luke 17:21), but what have we been taught? Our religious educators have taught us dogma and rules, and keep us in fear of the Creator. They have not taught us where ¿within¿ is, or how to access it. For nearly 2,000 years, the Roman Catholic Church and fear-based Christian religions have set themselves up as the ¿authority¿ on the word of God, when in fact they have brainwashed us into believing things that just don¿t exist. I was fully indoctrinated into the Catholic religion, attending Catholic grammar and high schools, yet within its spiritual environment my young curious mind began to search for the God of our dreams. As a young child, I wanted to know why God didn¿t speak to me when I spoke to God. Later, as a senior in high school, my quest would not let go of the question, ¿How do we fit into the Trinity, and what is the mystery of the Trinity?¿ I questioned religious authority because its answers did not satisfy me. I was determined to find the answer. My search ended in a great surprise, or should I say it began with an amazing discovery! One day at work I experienced a spontaneous awakening of exquisite radiant Light and boundless Love that changed my life forever. I was spellbound that a such a sublime Experience could ever happen to me, while at work! Then I discovered it could happen to anybody, anywhere, anytime - whenever the person is ready to awaken to their true self. Over the years, this Mystical Experience taught me many things. It slowly healed the brainwashing of a fear-based Christianity, and instilled in my heart a true knowledge of the Soul in correct relationship to God the Creator. Through its loving re-education, I have learned that sin is merely a fantasy created by power-hungry religious leaders who want to keep control over its followers so as not to lose power and money. I have learned that eternal hell does not exist because Love does not condemn its own. I have learned that we come to Earth voluntarily to experience the learning lessons of the Third Dimension, and that we choose what we want to learn. I have learned that our journey on Earth is part of a grand experience of human spiritual evolution. I have learned that we have the power of Christ Consciousness, and Jesus is our elder brother who came to awaken us to our essence - Love and Light. I have learned that we all can realize the supreme freedom of the Creator's presence within us if we truly want it. I cannot prove to you the truth of my Experience because it is not for me to do so. But, as I say many times in my book, you can prove it to yourself because your real essence is Light and Love. In fact, anybody can prove that God exists within their heart because the foundation of life is unequivocally Light and Love. This book is written for those brave hearts who wish to know the Truth, who wish to go beyond dogma, who want to know themselves as God intended. This book is a tribute to the loving Spirit that ensouls us, who has never left us, and who journeys with us on Earth.