Radiant Lyre: Essays on Lyric Poetry

Radiant Lyre: Essays on Lyric Poetry



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ISBN-13: 9781555974602
Publisher: Graywolf Press
Publication date: 01/23/2007
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.17(w) x 8.86(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

David Baker is the author of Midwest Eclogue and Heresy and the Ideal: On

Contemporary Poetry. He is the poetry editor of The Kenyon Review.

Ann Townsend is the author of two collections of poems, The Coronary Garden and Dime Store Erotics.

Table of Contents

Introduction by David Baker and Ann Townsend

I. Lyric Modes

1. The Elegy

David Baker, "Elegy and Eros: Configuring Grief"

Richard Jackson, "'One's Own Sad Stead': American Elegy as Self-Elegy"

2. The Love Poem

Linda Gregerson, "Rhetorical Contract in t he Erotic Poem"

Ann Townsend, "Meretricious Kisses"

Richard Jackson, "Eros and the Erotics of Writing"

3. The Ode

Carl Phillips, "The Ode"

Stanley Plumly, "Between Things: On the Ode"

Linda Gregerson, "Ode and Empire"

II. Lyric Means

1. On the Pastoral: The Problem of Nature

David Baker, "The Pastoral: First and Last Things"

Eric Pankey, "Meditative Spaces"

Stanley Plumly, "Pastoral Matters"

Ann Townsend, "Arcadia Redux"

2. On the Sublime: The Problem of Beauty

David Baker, "The Sublime: Origins and Definitions"

Linda Gregerson, "The Gay Sublime"

Stanley Plumly, "The Intimate Sublime"

Ann Townsend, "The Technological Sublime"

3. On Meditation and Mediation: The Problem of People

David Baker, "'I'm Nobody': Lyric Poetry and the Problem of People"

Linda Gregerson, "Life among Others"

Stanley Plumly, "A Place for People in Lyric Poetry"

Ann Townsend, "A Mind for Metaphors"

4. On Subject, Story, and Style: The Problem of Time

David Baker, "To Think of Time"

Linda Gregerson, "Mortal Time"

Stanley Plumly, "Lyric Time"

Ann Townsend, "All the Instruments Agree: Taking Time's Measure"

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