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American Chemical Society
Radiation Curing of Polymeric Materials

Radiation Curing of Polymeric Materials

by Charles E. Hoyle, James F. Kinstle


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ISBN-13: 9780841217300
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 05/05/1989
Series: ACS Symposium Series
Pages: 552
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

University of Southern Mississippi

James River Corporation

Table of Contents

Photocurable Coatings
Electron-Beam Curing of Polymeric Materials
Depth of Cure Profiling of UV-Cured Coatings
Modified Kubelka-Munk Optical Treatment of Photon Flux in a Coating and Its Relationship to UV Curing as Measured with a UV N101 Cure Tester
Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy of Synergistic Processes in Photoinitiators of Polymerization
Photochemistry and Photopolymerization Activity of Water-Soluble Benzophenone Initiators
Cationic Photoinitiators: Rearrangement Reactions from Direct Irradiation of Diarylhalonium Salts
Novel Photoinitiator for Modern Technology
Coreactive Photoinitiators from Surface Polymerization
Effect of Monomer Structure on Concurrent Grafting During Radiation Curing
Photoinitiated Cross-Linking of Polyethylenes and Diene Copolymers
Nonacrylate Curing Mechanisms: Photoiniated Cross-Linking Using Amine-Ene Reaction
Photoinitiated Cross-Linking of Norbornene Resins with Multifunctional Thiols
Acrylated Melamines in UV-Curable Coatings
Coatings Curable with Low-Emission Radiation
Polymeric Coatings Containing Chlorendic Anhydride: Decomposition Products of Chlorendic Anhydride
Photochemical Approaches to Ordered Polymers
Comparison of Thermal, Mechanical, and Spectroscopic Techniques for Characterization of Radiation-Cured Adhesives
Mechanical Properties of UV-Cured Coatings Containing Multifunctional Acrylates
Structure-Performance Relationships of Urethane Acrylates
Enthalpy Relaxation in UV-Cured Epoxy Coatings
Temperature Effect on the Phase Transformation of UV-Curable Systems
Microcolumn Imaging: Simulation of the Microcapsule Imaging System
Photolysis Studies of Bisphenol-A-Based Model Compounds: Effect of Decomposition Products on the UV Stability of Bisphenol-A-Based Epoxy Coatings
Photooxidative Stability and Photoyellowing of Electron-Beam-and UV-Cured Multifunctional Amine-Terminated Diacrylates
Radiation-Induced Cationic Curing of Vinyl-Ether-Functionalized Urethane Oligomers
UV Cure of Epoxysiloxanes and Epoxysilicones
UV Cure of Epoxy-Silicone Monomers
UV-Induced Polymerization of Highly Filled Epoxy Resins in Microelectronics
Laser-Initiated Polymerization of Multifunctional Acrylates: Repetition Rate Effects on Percent Conversion
UV-Radiation and Laser-Induced Polymerization of Acrylic Monomers
High-Energy-Radiation-Induced Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Ethers in the Presence of Onium Salt Initiators
Structure-Property Behavior of Caprolactone-Allyl Glycidyl Ether Copolymers Cross-Linked by Electron-Beam Irradiation
Electron-Beam Exposure of Organic Materials: Radiation Curing of Perfluorinated Acrylates
Molecular Weight Dependence of E-Beam Resist Sensitivity
Electron-Initiated Graft Modification of Polyolefins

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