Radiation Nation: Your Complete Guide to EMF Radiation Safety

Radiation Nation: Your Complete Guide to EMF Radiation Safety


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ISBN-13: 9780998199603
Publisher: Icaro Publishing
Publication date: 06/08/2017
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 509,734
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Daniel is an internationally recognized and influential expert in in EMF radiation, related health issues, and shielding, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from personal mobile devices. Daniel’s concern regarding the health impact of EMF emissions grew from over thirty years of engineering experience in the telecommunication industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at SAIC, Telcordia, AT&T, and Bell Labs.

Through the course of his career, Daniel has created requirements for large telecommunication systems, led technical divisions responsible for establishing industry standards, and formed analysis adherence testing for next-generation digital transmission systems. Daniel also oversaw laboratories that analyzed electromagnetic radiation interference, electrical signals, and digital formats.

Daniel is the inventor of DefenderShield®, a form of protection technology for modern electronic devices. In addition to his work with DefenderShield®, Daniel is a highly regarded industry consultant, writer, and speaker, as well as a frequent guest on national radio and television programs discussing the impacts of EMF radiation and protection options.

As co-author of Radiation Nation and co-founder of DefenderShield®, Ryan is considered a leading expert in EMF radiation safety issues.

Throughout his extensive career, Ryan has worked across all aspects of media with companies including HBO, CNBC, CBS, ABC and has been instrumental in taking complex subject matter and making it accessible for the general public.

His media and communications background, as well as his in-depth understanding of health and wellness, allows him to help educate worldwide communities about the potential concerns of EMF radiation exposure and ways to minimize the risks.

Table of Contents

Preface 15

Foreword 21

Why This Matters 25

It's Everywhere 26

Reasons to Care 27

The Need for Better Safety Standards 28

The Public's Need to Know 29

A Hot Debate - Controversy and Confusion 30

The Bottom Line 32

Our Wireless World 35

How Did We Get Here? 36

Health Concerns Emerge 38

A Sea of Electronics 40

A Global Wake-up Call? 42

An Ongoing Discussion 46

Our Children 47

What Is EMF Radiation? 51

EMF Radiation Defined 52

Ionizing Radiation vs. Non-Ionizing Radiation 54

Ionizing Radiation 54

Non-Ionizing Radiation 54

Types of EMF Radiation Emitted from Electronic Devices 55

ELF Radiation 55

RF Radiation 56

Health Implications of Non-Ionizing Radiation Exposure 56

Non-Ionizing Radiation Mechanism of Action 57

How EMF Exposure Affects the Body 59

Cell Communication 61

Self-Defense Mechanisms of the Cell 62

Overwhelming Our Defenses 64

Effects of EMF on Brain Function 65

Why Isn't Everyone Sick? 68

National Toxicology Program (NTP) Study 72

EMF Health Risks 77

What it Means to be "Safe" 77

Areas of Concern 79

Asthma 79

Autism 80

Cell Changes and Genetic Damage 80

Cancer 81

Brain Cancer 81

Breast Cancer 82

Leukemia (Childhood Cancer) 84

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) 84

Fertility/Reproductive Health 85

Erectile Dysfunction 85

Pregnancy 85

Sperm Defects 87

Testes Deformation 88

Insomnia/Sleep Issues 89

Liver Damage 90

Tinnitus 90

Toasted Skin Syndrome (Erythema ab igne) 90

Toxic Exposure 90

Research for Yourself 91

Special Cases: Children and the Electromagnetic Hypersensitive 93

Children 94

Recent Research Related to Children 95

How are Kids Affected by Cell Phone Radiation? 97

Should Wi-Fi be Allowed in Schools? 99

Are Tablets in Schools a Good Idea? 102

Precautions for Parents 103

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) 105

EHS Symptoms 108

The Evolution of EHS 108

The Link to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) 110

What You Can Do if you are Electrically Hypersensitive 111

EMF Safety Standards 113

Analog vs. Digital Signals 114

Analog Signal 114

Digital Signal 115

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)? 117

Why SAR Isn't Adequate 119

Thermal Impact 120

Biological Impact 121

Other SAR Inadequacies 122

A Call for New Standards-The BioInitiative Report 124

High-Speed 5G Wireless Rollout 125

Public Warnings 129

Creating Doubt 132

Parallels to Cigarettes? 133

Product Warning Labels 135

How to Protect Yourself 137

The Top Three Ways to Minimize EMF Health Risks 138

Create Distance 138

Reduce Time 140

Shield Yourself 141

What to Look for in EMF Shielding 141

What You Should Question 142

Summary 143

EMF Sources of Greatest Concern 145

The "Big Five" Sources 147

Cell Phones 147

Health Concerns 150

Actions 150

Laptops 151

Health Concerns 153

Actions 154

Tablet Computers 155

Health Concerns 157

Actions 158

Smart Meters 159

Health concerns 161

Actions 163

Wi-Fi Networks 163

Health Concerns 165

Actions 166

Final Thoughts: Staying Safe in the Modern World 167

Next Steps 171

Our Thanks to You 173

About the Authors 175

EMF Protection Tip Sheet 179

Helpful Resources 181

Works Cited 183

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