Radical Redemption: The Real Story of Manny Mill

Radical Redemption: The Real Story of Manny Mill

Paperback(New Edition)

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"The life and ministry of Manny Mill is another evidence that a reformed vision of God’s sovereign grace ignites radical, risk-taking ministries of mercy, not passive fatalism. May his story set ten thousand captives free—including those who have never been in prison." — John Piper, founder, Desiring God Ministries


“I could have been dead so many times. I always spent more money than I had, I was always in over my head, and I was always involved in too many things at one time…Everything I did was with me in mind.” — Manny Mill

Descending into a life of debauchery, Manny Mill found himself teetering on the edge of personal and financial disaster.

In this candid and vividly personal book, Manny tells how His pursuit of pleasure led him to the depths of human despair. A declared fugitive of the law, he was running from the FBI when he ran into Christ and a life of radical redemption. Manny’s experiences will thrill you. His faith will inspire you. And his words will challenge you to think about your life, your relationship with the God of the universe, and your own need for a radical redemption.

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ISBN-13: 9780802408839
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 12/01/2012
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

MANNY MILL is chief executive officer of Koinonia House® National Ministries (KHNM)m whose mission is to bridge the gap between the Christian inmate and the local church. For almost 25 years, KHNM has been facilitating the integration of the former inmate into the church, workplace, and society through biblical discipleship. Manny graduated from Wheaton College (B.A., M.A.) and has been privileged to proclaim the Gospel in churches, schools, conferences, and especially behind prison walls in the United States and abroad. The father of five adult children and grandfather of six, Manny resides with his wife, Barbara, in Wheaton, IL.

Read an Excerpt

What do you think of when you hear the word "Cuba"? Do you think of Fidel Castro? Or, if you are old enough, the Bay of Pigs or the Cuban Missile Crisis? My children might remember the little boy, Elian Gonzalez, who lost his mother while fleeing Cuba and became a national icon as government leaders debated where he should live. I can relate to that little boy. I love my Cuban family and my homeland, but I cannot forget the suffering that still exists there today. In 1956, the year I was born, Cuba was a popular place for a weekend getaway. From Key West, Florida, to Havana was a ninety-mile trip across the Straits of Florida. Illiteracy was high, and about 25% of the country's adult males were unemployed. The need for change was obvious, so many were glad when Fidel Castro came down from his rebel headquarters in the mountains on January 1, 1959. A white dove on his shoulder, a Cuban cigar in his mouth, a long beard on his face, and the strength of his resolve gave the impression that he was a type of savior for the Cuban people. I was three years old.

Table of Contents

1. Life in Cuba

2. Narrow Escapes

3. The American Dream

4. Salvation and Fire

5. Radical Redemption

6. Complicated Consequences

7. Extraordinary Discipleship

8. Federal Parole

9. Barbara Linde Mill

10. Courtship and Marriage

11. Postprison Ministry

12. Family Restoration

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

I’ve been part of the Koinonia House Ministry family for over 16 years. Koinonia House Ministry met me at the gate upon being released from prison November 8, 1996.  Without Manny Mill  (my spiritual mentor) and the ministry of Koinonia House , I would not have become the man I am today.

-          Eddie Wells, Former resident of the Koinonia House Ministry

Manny’s enthusiasm for Jesus and his love for the unloved of our society are contagious. His life story demonstrates with dramatic miracles of redemption that in the words of Manny himself, Jesus is the Real Deal!

-          Hans Finzel, Author, best-selling Author

Manny Mill is the ‘real deal’……living proof of the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. Thousands in and out of prison have been challenged by Manny to trust in the radical redeeming power of the Savior. This book will encourage any reader to likewise live with that same purpose and passion.

-          Hutz H. Hertzberg, Senior Protestant Chaplain, Chicago O’Hare and Midway Airports

If there is a question about God’s power to radically change a person’s life, this is the book to read. It is wonderful to see how God has taken Manny’s drive and enthusiasm and focused it on kingdom work.

-          Jerry K. Rose, President, Total Living Network

A blatant reminder that we can’t do anything without God–but that with God and through His grace, all things are possible.

-          Kevin Palau, President, Luis Palau Association

Warning: This story is real. And Manny is contagious. Its lesson will more than touch you: it will challenge you to put “shoe leather” to your faith in service to our King.

-          Chuck Missler, Ph.D., Executive Director, Koinonia House Publishers

Anyone who encounters Manny Mill sees “Exhibit A” of God’s overpowering love for the lost.

-          Peter J. Roskam, U.S. Representative, 6th Congressional District, Illinois.

Many Mill is one of those rare people whose story and whose continued faith-filled exuberance lifts all who know him.

-          Joel Nederhood, Director Emeritus of Ministries, The Back to God Hour, Pastor, Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church, South Holland, Illinois

Manny Mill is a true trophy of God’s grace. His story will gladden your heart. 

-          Thomas C. Pratt, Advisory Life Director, Prison Fellowship

Enthusiastic is too weak a word to describe Manny Mill. Radical Redemption is the fascinating story of a human hurricane that was transformed into a powerful witness by and for Jesus Christ. 

-          J. Richard Chase, President Emeritus, Wheaton College

I am glad to commend the book, Radical Redemption, to all who need to be reminded of the incredible power of the gospel to change a life. God doesn’t tweak us a bit, He transforms us. Manny is a living example. 

-          Lonnie J. Allison, Executive Director, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College

In Radical Redemption we read about a man who is running headlong in one direction, meets Christ, reverses course, and runs with new speed for a new purpose. The passion, enthusiasm, and energy that serve hell one minute are serving heaven the next. The honest story of a passionate man gives us all hope that our past need not determine our future.  

-          Stephen B. Kellough, Chaplain, Wheaton College

Most of us have come to faith through what would be considered “normal” life circumstances, so it is interesting and exciting to learn how God also sometimes uses the most dramatic and unusual experiences through which to demonstrate His life-changing, transforming power. A compelling read!

-          Gunther H. (Bud) Knoedler, Retired Bank Executive, Chicago, Illinois

This is a great story of how much God can do with one redeemed sinner who is sold out for Jesus.

-          Gay Reynolds, Vice President, Quantum Professional Search

Radical Redemption is the story of a simple man with an unbelievable passion and love for Jesus. It is a story of one man’s journey of falling in love and being “real” for Jesus.  

-          Jorge L. Valdes, Ph.D., National Speaker and Author of Coming Clean

Manny Mill is truly a redeemed man! He has moved from a life of corruption and self-interest to one of service and sacrifice. This is a textbook example of how Jesus changes men! 

-          Mark Elfstrand, Morning Host WMBI, Chicago

Manny is one of the most persuasive persons I know, and this book sheds light on why I’m now involved in post-prison ministry. 

-          Bob Cook, Ministry Volunteer

Reading Manny’s colorful story is the next best thing to knowing Manny himself and the joyful work God is doing through him among ex-offenders. 

-          Timothy R. Botts, Calligraphic Artist, Senior Art Director, Tyndale House

Revolutionary! The beauty of Manny’s ministry reflects the gospel perfectly. Profoundly simple.

-          Bishop Edward Peecher, Pastor, Chicago Embassy Church, Chicago, Illinois.

This book will inspire as well as challenge those who pursue truth and believe God is still able to change lives. 

-          Samuel M. Huddleston, Assistant Superintendent of the Northern California & Nevada District, Assemblies of God.

Manny Mill is truly a diamond in God’s jewelry box. The world rarely sees what God can do with a life that is totally surrendered. In Manny Mill, we are blessed to see this transformation that we read about in God’s Word so beautifully displayed.

-          Robert Toney, Chaplain Supervisor, Louisiana State Penitentiary

Angola, Louisiana

I experience the radical redemption of my dear brother, Manny Mill every time I come into contact with him whether it be in personal fellowship, ministry business, or as we serve together in the prisons. Galatians 2:20 is truly a living reality in this man, as I see Jesus living in and through him. Manny Mill is "the real deal" and I count it a great honor and privilege to know him! 

-           Bob Wolfson – Cook County Jail Ministry, Koinonia House National Ministries Board Member, Attorney at Law/CPA

To every inmate he ministers to, Manny Mill becomes a beacon to freedom through Christ. This book will make it possible for EVERY inmate to know his story—the story of redemption and the love of God for every person behind bars.

-          Tom and Wendy Horton-Volunteer Chaplains for the IDOC (Illinois Dept. of Corrections),  Prison and Justice Leaders Willow Creek Church 

Manny Mill's infectious enthusiasm and deep sense of the sovereign grace of God propelled him into groundbreaking prison outreach within the state of Illinois. With characteristic, God-given passion and joy he visits his brothers in prison and inspires others to join him in this ministry. His visits to Angola Prison in Louisiana inspired him to encourage Christian men to found a theological seminary within an Illinois Correctional Center. The result is that men who Manny mentored founded Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary, a four-year theological seminary within the Danville Correctional Center. Manny continues his trailblazing work by hosting intensive three-day evangelistic and teaching retreats throughout correctional centers in Illinois. 

-          Nathan Brummel, Professor of Theology, Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary

Manny has become a dear friend and partner to our ministry as we have adopted him as our evangelist.  We work closely together as partners for the gospel of Christ.  He is an amazing, GENUINE man of God who is sound in doctrine and committed to the TRUTH.  Manny is the real deal.   

-          Chuck Babb (Pastor of CrossPointe Fellowship Church: Elizabethton, TN)

Wow!  That is the response that comes to mind when I think of Manny Mill.  Radical Redemption is not just the title of a book, but it accurately characterizes the life of Manny Mill.  Manny is a preacher, teacher, scholar, author, brother, friend, and mentor.  Manny's life is a tangible demonstration of the grace of Jesus Christ.  Manny's energy and passion to demonstrate and deliver the gospel to those who are often forgotten is untiring, unrelenting, and always challenging.  My father and I have had the privilege to serve alongside Manny throughout the country. The love and humility that he demonstrates to everyone he meets is unforgettable and inspiring. 

-          Jeff and Heith Reynolds, Father and Son ministry team, Pastors Lost Creek Ministries Wise, VA

Manny Mill's story is a powerful testimony of God's goodness and grace. If you have not yet had the experience of hearing Manny preach the gospel in person, this book will be a great first introduction. Manny's passion for Christ reflects the passion Christ had for Manny when he rescued him from a life headed 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction.

-          John Byrne, Regional Executive Director - Prison Fellowship MN, SD, ND

I am blessed to call Manny and Barbara Mill my friends and co-laborers behind prison walls for Christ. The message and messenger have brought hope and restoration to many broken lives. Our offender population has a term of endearment that they have given to Manny and the Koinonia House Ministry team, they are known as "the real deal". It is with great anticipation and a sense of deep urgency that we await the much needed release of Radical Redemption in Spanish and the prison version to our population.

-          Stephen C. Keim, Chief Chaplain, Illinois Department of Corrections

I first met Manny Mill at ‘The Institute of Holy Land Studies’ on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem in 1989. He is a man who has been transformed by the grace and power of Christ. In the fall of 2012 he came to my hurting hometown and delivered a series of messages that bridged both ethnic and denominational divides. With genuine enthusiasm, Manny pointed the hearts of lost and lonely people to Jesus Christ. 

-          Rev. Perry E. Messick, First Baptist Church Collingdale, Pa, Chaplain – Law Enforcement Chaplains of Delaware County(LECDC)

Manny Mill is the real deal. Manny is one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers I know. A bible based Christian that hit bottom in prison and with grace vows to never return. Hear one of the world's best story tellers explain what the Lord has planned for you.

-          Mark C. Curran, Jr., Sheriff Lake County, IL

To meet Manny Mill is to experience Radical Redemption. As a man he reflects holiness. As a husband and a dad he reveals self-sacrifice. In the prisons, he oozes with hope and restoration through Jesus as he teaches and spends time with those who are where he once was. As an ex-felon he is radically redeemed.  In this book, he chronicles a journey from selfishness and crime to servanthood and holiness. Manny tells his story and it is a story we all need to hear.

-          Jim Liske, CEO Prison Fellowship Ministries

Manny's story is a powerful testament as to how a life can be thoroughly and dramatically transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is 'trophy' in the Lord's conversion cabinet. Accompanying him on his first return to his homeland of Cuba in more than 40 years, and watching him preach there, was life-changing for me..

-           George L. Acosta, A/S Acosta & Skawski, P.C.

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