Radical Relationship Resource: A Guide for Repairing, Letting Go, or Moving On

Radical Relationship Resource: A Guide for Repairing, Letting Go, or Moving On

by Dr. Carol Morgan, Dick Sutphen


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ISBN-13: 9780615901466
Publisher: Infinity One Publishing
Publication date: 10/03/2013
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Dr. Carol Morgan brings the general and academic perspective to this book. She is a professor at Wright State University and also a key-note speaker and seminar leader. Carol has presented her research all across the country, and co-hosts "Dick Sutphen's Metaphysical World" radio show every month. She is also a regular motivational expert on the TV show "Living Dayton" and will soon be hosting her own web talk show on Vidergize.com called "Success From the Inside - Out!" She also has other books, e-courses, and an online self-improvement community on her website, www.DrCarolMorgan.com.

Dick Sutphen brings the radical perspective to this book because of his background in past-life regression, and all things psychic and spiritual. He has authored 21 New Age books and has been called 'America's Foremost Psychic Researcher' by Simon & Schuster. He has conducted his spiritual seminars all across the world. His radio show, "Dick Sutphen's Metaphysical World," is heard by nearly a half a million people each week. Find him at: www.RichardSutphen.com

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Radical Relationship Resource: A Guide for Repairing, Letting Go, or Moving On 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
CynthiaSueLarson More than 1 year ago
An Essential Resource for Everyone Don’t let the title of this book confuse you; this isn’t just a great reference for figuring out what’s going wrong for people in desperate relationship situations (though it is excellent for that)—this book’s ambitious objective is to assist you in whatever stage of relationship you may encounter. Wonder what to do if someone’s stalking you? Or how to handle a jealous lover? All of this and much, much more is answered. One of the best features of Radical Relationship Resource are the “radical viewpoints” given in response to the top 25 relationship complaints of relationship demise. These complaints cover a wide territory, and are credited as being the main reasons people end relationships. For each complaint, common causes are explored, the general popular viewpoint is described, and then the radical viewpoint is explained.  So how are these different viewpoints helpful? It’s easiest to get a sense for the genius of this system by looking at the relatively common problem of jealousy and possessiveness. This happens to be complaint number 20, and for some couples, this one’s a doozy. The common causes of a fearful person becoming defensive and attempting to control their partner because they were raised with high expectations, don’t know how to cope with limitations, and compare themselves to others, finding themselves lacking. The general viewpoint sees how anyone attempting to control or hang onto someone is futile, since jealousy and possessiveness destroy respect and trust in relationships. The radical viewpoint explains that jealous people are themselves possessed, and are slaves to their own illusions about life, pushing their partner away. As much as I love this handbook-in-a-book for troubleshooting relationship issues, this book really takes off in the next section, devoted to relationship maintenance and repair. Written in a down-to-Earth manner, with one concept per page, this book is easy to flip through, to find such brilliant relationship suggestions as “Don’t argue with feelings,” “Totally Commit,” and “Strive for Unconditional Love.”  And because this really is a comprehensive relationship resource, there is another wonderful section entirely devoted to letting go and moving on, so you really do move onward and upward, rather than continue feeling like you’re still making the same mistakes.  There is a touch of a new age feel to this book, with mention of past lives, feng shui, and karma, which I personally find quite enjoyable. Some of the most radical of these are placed in the very back section of the book, where you can explore automatic writing, handling psychic attacks, your future lives and soul switching if you’re feeling especially adventurous! Highly recommended!