Radical Spiritual Adventures - Everyday: For Inner Peace-Inspired Creativity-Deep Happiness

Radical Spiritual Adventures - Everyday: For Inner Peace-Inspired Creativity-Deep Happiness

by Richard Lui, Jim Regan


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Life as Adventure

The sixteen incredibly satisfying, action oriented activities offered in this unique book are truly %u201Creal adventures%u201D. They are based on the belief that life is, itself, a bold, uncertain and sometimes risky under-taking. We are all adventurers in this venture of life.

Each stand-alone chapter offers one of two types of adventures:

(1) Adventures for uplifting our minds and spirits and (2) Adventures with living creatively in our external world. Mastering the art of both types is a lifetime process.

Adventure Examples

Solo Adventures- Chapter 2

This adventure is the practice of being WITH our self instead of being BY our self. Making time for frequent simple solo adventures (even if they are only an hour or two) will give you something no one else can give you. Adventures WITH yourself will give you your SELF! This is self-love in action!

The Ten-Minute Miracle- Chapter 12

This is the shortest adventure ever. This is, also, the biggest eye-opener ever. This adventure tells us clearly what is going on emotionally within us right now but also tells us what we can do about it in a helpful, constructive way. In addition, this adventure also helps build our speed of thought process. Do it as often as necessary or do it everyday as a means of staying current with our inner self. Furthermore, it can be combined with some of the other adventures, as well.

Fortune, Misfortune- Chapter 13

This is an adventure of a different sort. This is an adventure of perception. It is an adventure that really gives us %u201Cnew eyes%u201D. It shows us how to move through suffering, loss, fear and grief. It is a very powerful solution for the most difficult times. This has proven to be one of the most successful adventures of all. Do it only when necessary or do it routinely with minor everyday occurrences.

Start Wherever You Want

Each chapter stands alone. Start with any chapter you like. You will be given specific, clearly written ideas or individual steps to follow. The treasures you will discover in each chapter will be amazing.

You will find more practical tools for real peace, creativity and deep happiness than many of the other %u201Chappy books%u201D on the shelf of your library or bookstore.

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