Rage Company: A Marine's Baptism By Fire

Rage Company: A Marine's Baptism By Fire

by Thomas P. Daly

Hardcover(First Edition)

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One Marine's gripping story of the bloody battles, the Surge, and the Awakening of Sunni tribes that changed the tide in Iraq's Anbar province

Seven minutes into the first patrol a firefight erupts. Quickly, the Marines of Rage Company became acquainted with the nature of counterinsurgency. Every day, more IEDs were planted than the Marines could clear. They avoided taking the same route twice, they never walked out in the open, and they steered clear of roads that hadn't been "swept" in the last hour. They were in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province and one of the deadliest cities in Iraq.

In November 2006, then First Lieutenant Thomas Daly arrived as part of the "surge" in Ramadi, to take part in Operation Squeeze Play, a division-size effort to remove al Qaeda from Anbar province. In this powerful memoir, he describes the successful clearing of southern Ramadi's Second Officer's district, the Qatana, and the uprising of local citizens against al Qaeda on the eastern edge of the city (the result of an unlikely alliance between Daly's company and Thawar al Anbar). From the first patrol to the last in the spring of 2007, he takes you inside the daily successes and struggles of the operation and the stressful challenge of trying to discern who was a terrorist and who was a civilian. He tells the powerful and very human story of a people who want to free their country, yet have no basis on which to trust the American forces in helping them succeed.

  • "So vivid are Daly's descriptions that the reader can sense the tipping point and can anticipate that al Qaeda in Iraq will strike back savagely. What a tale Daly tells! You won't read this in textbook theories about counterinsurgency."
    —Bing West, author and retired Marine general, from his foreword to Rage Company
  • " Rage Company will stand apart from the many Iraq memoirs and histories already published."
    —Nathaniel Fick, author of the New York Times  bestseller, One Bullet Away
  • "Tom Daly captures the uncertainty, chaos, fog and friction inherent in all combat. . . . In particular, he provides an inside, street-level look at the emergence of the Anbar Awakening. . . . Definitely belongs on the bookshelves of professionals."
    —T. X. Hammes, Colonel, USMC (Ret) author of The Sling and the Stone
  • A Marine's personal story of fighting an insurgency and overcoming a siege mentality to work with Iraqis to rout a common enemy, Al Qaeda
  • Captain Daly's unique perception of the battlefield has been shaped while operating with units of the United States Army, Navy SEALs, ANGLICO (Air, Naval Gunfire Liaison Company), Iraqi Army and Police Units, and anti-Al Qaeda guerrillas

Filled with on-the-ground details and insights on military operations and strategy, Rage Company cements the accurate history of the unlikely alliance that redirected the Iraq War and set the course for operations in the future.

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ISBN-13: 9780470444306
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/19/2010
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

CAPT. THOMAS P. DALY III joined the Marines after graduating from the University of Rochester in 2004. During his career as anartillery officer, he has held a multitude of billets ranging from forward observer to intelligence cell leader. His unique perception of the battlefield has been shaped while operating with units of the United States Army, Navy SEALs, ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company), Iraqi Army and Police Units, and anti-Al Qaeda guerrillas. He is now a project manager for ITT Corporation and lives with his wife and daughter in New York.

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Table of Contents

Foreword Bing West ix

Acknowledgments xv

List of Maps xvii

Part 1 1st Battalion, 37th Armor 1

1 Becoming a Bandit: The Baptism 3

2 Detainee Watch 20

3 Fortress Ramadi 46

4 Master of Puppets 63

Part 2 1st Battalion, 6th Marines 81

5 Entering Qatana 83

6 Demons of Hurricane Point 106

7 The Battle of Christmas Day 133

8 A Dysfunctional Family 160

Part 3 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry 185

9 Silence the Dogs 187

10 The Scouts 213

11 Running Out of Luck 238

12 Deadly Games 278

13 By Way of Deception 301

14 A Dog's Dying Bite 325

15 Operation Squeeze Play: A Summary 346

Index 355

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