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Rage To Redemption

Rage To Redemption

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by Joseph W. Hahne

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Of the 17 years Joe spent living an out of control life on the edge, five of those years resulted in time behind bars in various county jails and prisons in three different states. It was during these times when he found himself locked up that Joe wrote hundreds of poems as a release from the many emotions he experienced while incarcerated.

The poems shared in Rage


Of the 17 years Joe spent living an out of control life on the edge, five of those years resulted in time behind bars in various county jails and prisons in three different states. It was during these times when he found himself locked up that Joe wrote hundreds of poems as a release from the many emotions he experienced while incarcerated.

The poems shared in Rage to Redemption were compiled and published in the order in which they were originally written. If you choose to read the poems in order from front to back, you will actually see a life transforming through the words on these pages. The book as a whole tells a beautiful story that starts with much despair and unfolds into a life of love, faith, hope and joy.

While Rage and Redemption has a spiritual base, it also contains some graphic imagery that portrays where the author's frame of mind was during his darkest hours. This book is full of pain, loneliness, inspiration and redemption.

There is something for everyone in this poetry, even if you are not a traditional poetry fan. They are real poems that were written by a real man who deals with real issues. Take a minute to read some of this work. We're sure you too will find something that touches you.

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Rage to Redemption

One Man's Journey From a Jail Cell to Real Freedom
By Joseph W. Hahne


Copyright © 2011 Joseph W. Hahne
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-4686-5

Chapter One


Damn I'm in this stinking place again.
When am I going to get away from this life of sin?

This lifestyle is getting so old and mundane.
If I'm not careful I'm going to drive my family and myself completely insane.

I truly know that life doesn't have to stay this way.
But if things are going to change there is going to be a bigger price to pay.

Times will be tough, things will be hard, this I don't doubt.
At times it will feel like a 13 round heavy weight bout.

If I stay honest and truthful to myself and keep faith in the good Lord above,
It is inevitable that this life of mine will be filled with so much more love.


I am so lonely
Without my one and only.

When push comes to shove
Shining through is true love.

Mind races each and every night
The heart pounds the chest so tight.

Living in this place of sin
Each night I ask God when?

When I feel blue
I just think of you.

It must truly be fate
Coming together to be mates.

When times are so hard
I know I hold a trump card.

Holding things together like glue
What would I do without you?

I say this to you beautiful lady
Thank you so much for being my baby.


To a very special Dad
Please don't be sad.

I know it would be better
If I wasn't writing this letter.

My love is so strong
Even though I've done wrong.

You have no reason to take any blame
But I apologize for bringing you shame.

Dad, you did a great job raising me
Someday soon you are gonna see.

I'm gonna tackle this life of sin
For you're gonna have your little boy again.

So on this special day don't be sad
Because you are the world's greatest Dad

Fresh Start

I've made things such a mess,
Now there is all this unwanted stress.

Things were going so well,
Now I'm stuck in a cell.

It was such a beautiful day,
Should have known I wouldn't get away.

Time has passed by,
Trying not to ask why.

But no matter what you do,
Inevitably you're gonna feel blue.

There is no reason to pout or mope,
With each new day there is always hope.

This is to the one that holds my heart,
I'm so excited about a fresh new start.

I've dreamt of you all my life,
A woman like you to be my wife.

You make me happy in so many ways,
I give thanks for your each and every day.

We will live our life together,
Saying our vows, committing forever.

When I look into your eyes I know it's true,
For the rest of my life I will spend with you.


This is to the one I met years ago,
Now in a relationship that will grow.

When I laid my eyes on you that first day,
I didn't know or understand the beat my heart played.

Now looking back on time,
There is no doubt us together is divine.

Together forever I hope and pray,
To the fullest, together we will spend each and every day.

Judgment Day

For all things good, great and grand,
These things were created by Your hand.

Having the power to giveth and taketh away,
Turning their lives over, some people still delay.

You are the Almighty, the most powerful One,
To earth you sent your one and only Son.

He was crucified on the cross,
Most would say this was a great loss.

You allowed this to happen back then,
So persons today could be forgiven for their sins.

You are the most Holy of all,
Many people have and will come to be just like Paul.

Persons that are lost should truly look to You,
In the Bible we can find guidance from the saints such as Jude.

But to you Father we should worship and pray,
This is the only way to have no fear come Judgment Day

Your Letter

If you truly knew
How much I wanted you.

I really want you in my life
Hell I even thought about calling you my wife.

That day I got your letter
I thought things were gonna be better.

But then I read you didn't want me
Now I sit back and I see.

That maybe you are not the one
After you wrote that you are done.

I can handle anything that comes my way
But at least I know when to run or when to stay.

I know things aren't looking good
But I want to stand up like a man should.

You've got reason to be mad
But I'm your baby's dad.

So if there is any way you see past this stuff
I know in my mind I can stand tough.

The decision is yours to make
I pray it's the right one for both our sakes.

Alone, apart or maybe together
Your decision could change things forever.


Baby we are so far apart,
I am so sorry for breaking your heart.

You truly mean so much to me,
In my heart I wish you could see.

You really mean so much,
I wish I had one more touch.

You make me laugh and smile,
Hopefully, I'll be here only a little while.

I am here working on my sins,
Will we ever have a chance again?

I can't think of another lady,
That I would rather have my babies.

So I hope you reconsider and you might stay,
For this I get on my knees each night and pray.

Hard Time, Long Face

Hard time
In a hard place,
The fault is all mine
So why such a long face?

Hard time
In a hard place,
I did the crime
So why such a long face?

Hard time
In a hard place,
Ignored the signs
Got into a chase.

I'm not blind
So why such a long face?
Hard time
In a hard place.

I chose to walk the line
I caught a new case.
The fault is all mine
So why such a long face?

The Fool

You can rely on Lady Luck
But mistakes are made by all.
Some pick themselves up
Others just choose to fall,

Get away with it you just may
But chances are
If you pay to play
You won't get very far.

So careful choosing your game
You may not like the rules.
There is bound to be some shame
Because you will be the fool.

Three Amigo's

Waking up at night with cold sweats and chills,
Hands of clock move so slow, seem to stand still.

Lights never go out, it's so hot, and Lord the smells,
Wondering every day if this possibly could be hell.

Maybe I'm stuck in purgatory, or somewhere in between,
Damn these four walls, I wish I could change the scene.

Three guys living together only in 28 square feet,
Like a dog on the ground some days I just feel beat.

We lie down and try to catch a wing here and there,
So dang frustrating always there's noise I'm gonna pull out my hair.

Somehow we manage to make it through each day,
We get to clean a little from time to time with little pay.

All three have totally different pasts,
But somehow we still find time to laugh.

The game of life has thrown us all some nasty wicked curves,
One thing is for sure in this place we have time to serve.

A week, a month who knows, maybe even seven,
Church on Sunday's we go trying to obtain our place in heaven.

Each night we lye together in our small room,
We all in our own mind pray for something to happen soon.

The bond we have developed of the past couple of weeks,
It is very special even though to use a bathroom we put up a sheet.

So another day we will spend together,
But we always say they can't keep us forever.

So as feelings of doubt and disappointment come and go,
There is one thing for sure we will always be the Three Amigo's.

In The Stars

Only crystal clear beautiful mountain skies
Could ever compare to your gorgeous blue eyes.

It is absolute that when you look at me
I am the only one and I feel so wild and free.

You being in my life I feel truly blessed
When that day came God smiled upon me I guess.

But now the guessing games are over for sure
Because the feeling I have in my heart is so very pure.

Giving my word and my heart to you
Promises are made and I will never make you blue.

For now we will grow and live life together
It is in the stars, being with you will be forever.

Beautiful One

This is to the most beautiful one,
You light up my day like rays of the morning sun.

Each morning thinking of you helps me to wake,
Then kissing your lips is like tasting the sweetest of cakes.

Throughout the day you inspire me to get things done,
For this the race of life I feel have already won.

Everyday things get better and are so very great,
Because I know you are the one, my one and only mate.

This I know to be true for the rest of my life,
It will be so very soon that I will be able to call you my wife.

Mother of a Different Kind

This is to a mother of a different kind,
But a mother no doubt, no one could be blind.

You care for each and every one,
There is no doubt all three are like sons.

You watch after them day in and day out,
It makes no difference that they all have snouts.

Our three sons of course are all canines,
But no matter they still make your face shine.

I know from time to time they can be a little trouble,
In the next breath they can be so damn lovable.

So if they could talk, from Dallas, Max and Decker Doo,
On this Mother's Day they would say I love you!

Gotta Change

I'm sitting here trying to think of rhymes
While I'm sittin here doing time.

Things pop in my head, such as past endeavors
Lord I'm getting old, I can't do this forever.

Things are gonna have to change
My heart hurts, I hate feeling this pain.

I think back, I thought it was so much fun
But I wouldn't wish this life on anyone.

Good friends and family help me to stay strong
I know in my heart the wait won't be long.

To be with you I will walk out those gates
For you are in my life now I know it is truly fate.

Us together will surely be forever
Now we can start some new endeavors.

Wonderful Mother

To a beautiful and wonderful mother
This is from your very loving brother.

I love you so very, very much
This poem I hope your heart will touch.

You are a wonderful and loving mom
Some may say you are even the bomb.

So to you I wish you a Happy Mother's Day
I hope to see you soon for this I wish and pray.

From Your Loving Son

To mom you are the most special one
I will always be your loving son.

Mom you are so good and perfect in every way
I give thanks to the Lord for you every single day.

So this is to the one that gave me birth
Allowed me to be here on Mother Earth.

Mom you know we are never very far apart
For if you look I am right there, I am in your heart.

So on this day dedicated to you
I ask please don't be blue.

Because soon we will rejoice in song
For I know you are the world's most wonderful Mom.


Scared, frightened and unsure
Knowing we must endure.

It seems things are unfair
Time together we must share.

Even though the time is near
In the heart there are feelings of fear.

Family we all love them so
We never want to see them go.

So hold your head high
No need to ask the question why.

Such wonderful things to remember
While holding their hand so soft and tender.

Love them with all your heart
Keep them there, and never will you be apart.

Life short sometimes long, but never forever
But smile now and remember your life together.

Ugly Toad

Memories, pasts and things
Future thoughts are dreams.

Block, forget or hide
Not ashamed why.

Good things lie ahead
Wise men once said.

Righteousness the path for me
Prove them wrong you will see.

A perfect woman I know
Better she could do than Average Joe.

Together there is no fear
She can bring a tear.

Yes we've been through a load
Make me your prince by kissing this ugly toad.

To The Ladies Who Work Here
To all you wonderful ladies

Putting up with grown babies.
Some days bad, some good

Make them worse you sure could.
Long hours you do work here

Still you bring good cheer.
Sometimes we don't see eye to eye

I've learned not to ask why.
Coming from near and far

Soon we learn you are in charge.
Even though we still bitch and whine

It sucks doing time.
Missing my girl with no nookie

Can't even get an extra cookie.
In reality and in truth

I'm amazed you put up with Booth.
But for real in my mind

Thank you for being so kind.
This place could be much more painful

For this I am truly thankful.
So keep up the great work

Never mind these whining, crying jerks.

Only One

I feel so great and wonderful for I am so filled,
This is so real I feel the goose bumps, the chills.

There is no mistake this feeling is from above,
Only one way to describe, I describe it as love.

People are being transformed right before my eyes,
In amazement I stop and I look toward the sky.

I know you're the only one, the only one that can,
The only true power that in an instant transforms a man.

Eyes Wide Shut

What is wrong with people this day and age?
It appears that somewhere things have gone wrong.
In this book of life I'm afraid to turn another page,
There are so few that have a spirit that is strong.

Murder, rape, stealing and people continually abuse,
Death, destruction and war, Lord when will we learn?
It is inevitable, this battle I know we will lose,
I cry out loud, and my heart continually yearns.

Idolaters, mockers, thieves; what do they hope to gain?
So sad they walk around with their eyes wide shut,
Like lost vessels at sea, and they are so full of pain.
Have these lost sheep ever thought of looking up?

For when they first do, all they will see is merely the sky,
But all of a sudden it will happen, to their knees they will drop.
Truly then their eyes will open and then they ask the question why.
Then the thoughts of wonder, how do we make the evil stop?

Now you must work to stay on this new and righteous path,
Drop to your knees and pray, then confess all your sins.
For now you can cleanse yourself with a baptismal bath,
Filled with the Holy Spirit, you have been born again.

New Birth

Truly royalty now for you are an heir to God's throne,
This gift and this will it should truly mean the most.
Now none of us have to fear to reap what we have sewn,
Because we have all been blessed by The Father, The Son and The Holy

Steadfast my brothers and sisters for soon the Son will come,
So be happy, sing songs, and rejoice in your new birth.
For you are not alone, there is a manual we can all learn from,
Perfectly entitled, "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth."

Children of this World

They are so innocent and sweet,
For them we are making it so hard.
Not thinking, we continue to mistreat,
We are not leaving them any playing cards.

But we continue to treat them like dirt,
In us we should feel so much shame.
For I can see these things, and my heart hurts,
I don't know about you, but I don't think they deserve this pain.

So I call these together who care, we must unite.
Let's stand up strong for them, and make a stance.
Even if this means truly having to fight,
For the children of this world deserve a better chance.


Excerpted from Rage to Redemption by Joseph W. Hahne Copyright © 2011 by Joseph W. Hahne. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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