Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made


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Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
zanzaboonda More than 1 year ago
Endearing and Enchanting I should start out by saying that I have never read this type of book before, so the concept and writing style of biographical fiction was new for me and took a little getting used to. The story actually started a little slow for my taste, beginning with Eric Zala just before, during, and immediately after Hurricane Katrina, detailing the devastation left in its wake of Eric’s family home. While these scenes felt a little lengthy and extraneous at first, their importance was felt later on. The slow buildup was, in fact, an establishment of styles. Eric’s story is methodical, organized – just like Eric himself. Eisenstock switches his style of prose when introducing Chris; although not overt, there is a frenetic energy that moves it along quickly, giving you the sense that he is on “Hollywood time” – totally appropriate for Chris’s story and personality. The two styles seem to mesh when the kids come together, and the result is nothing short of charming. So while it did take a bit for Raiders! to get rolling (no pun intended), it leapt into the story enough to really hold my interest somewhere in the 50-page range. Around page 67, my cheeks suddenly felt sore, and I realized it was because I had been smiling ever since. In describing the early years of the boys’ project, I honestly felt 12-years old again, that unique time when the imagination left over from youth coupled with the feeling that you can accomplish anything transforms into an alchemy of inspired creativity, and that spirit was really captured in these chapters. While I was a wannabe fan of Raiders: The Adaptation before, I never really appreciated what Eric, Chris, and their friends went through to make this film. My recollections of the original Raiders was a bit fuzzy, and as more details of the scope and magnitude of the remake production were revealed, I couldn’t help but alternately giggle (as a former pre-teen) and cringe (as a current mom). The ingenuity and creativity Eric and Chris displayed is unbelievably impressive, second only to the awe-inspiring level of dedication required to finish this labor of love over the course of SEVEN YEARS. The last section of the book covers a contemplative, post-Raiders period in the lives of the boys-turned-men, replete with fluctuating highs and lows. Parts of it are sobering, melancholy, and brought up feelings about my own life that I hadn’t expected. I know it’s a tired cliché to say, “It made me laugh! It made me cry!” But it really did – not howls of laughter or body-shaking sobs, but the book genuinely moved me, and it’s one that will be passed around to my friends and family before ultimately finding its place on my bookshelf of treasured tomes. The only photos in the book are on the dust jacket, and you won’t really lose anything if you get the digital version. Devotees, however, will likely want to spring for the hardcover. All in all, Raiders! really does capture the magic of “the greatest fan film ever made” and gives you insights into its wild popularity; after reading, you will understand why, for a film that rarely sees the light of day, it has developed a large cult following. While I still lament not being able to arrange or attend a screening, reading this book feels like the next best thing to seeing the film itself. A Zwoodle Books Review
iluvvideo More than 1 year ago
Imagine this. A few kids in Louisiana decided to re-shoot the movie 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'! Not a remake, but a faithful shot by shot homage to their favorite action film. Scouting locations, finding (and in some cases building) props, designing realistic special effects, casting and story boarding each shot in painstaking detail. A summer project that started in their early teens and lasted seven years! Doggedly pursuing their goal thru relationships beginning and ending, breakups, drug use, boarding school, ever changing parental support (sometimes interference), local laws, weather and more could not stop them. Best friends who became enemies and some relationships that deepened, turning into life long friendships. Of course as they began this incredible task, sometimes the production is saved by a sudden flash of brilliance (the rolling boulder scene) or sabotaged from the most unlikely places (trying to get permission to film a scene on a submarine). Even parents Trying to keep the insanity under some control refusing permission to shoot the burning bar scene in the basement of one of the guys home (what do you mean we can't set him on fire? C'mon!) These kids, local neighborhood friends (some just acquaintances) struggled on til the labor of love is complete. And then what? Just stick it in a closet and forget it? I won't go into any of the delicious detail that keeps you entrapped in this story. I think it's just as good as watching the film itself. Let your inner kid out to enjoy themselves. It's worth it!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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reesspace More than 1 year ago
The 411 by Maria: This book was tremendous. I loved reading every page. RAIDERS! THE STORY OF THE GREATEST FAN FILM EVER MADE is a story from start to finish of the making of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation by at the time teenagers Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala. The boys meet, have a love of an amazing movie and decide to try to reenact every moment of the Steven Spielberg and George Lucas masterpiece. From writing the complete dialog, creating storyboards, making boulders, and obtaining a "Indy" jacket and hat, these boys were focused. With school, life and girls getting in the way, it took them some time to complete it but it was worth it especially after they receive a letter from SS himself! The enthusiasm of the boys starting out to the awkward, hormonal teenage years was told in such candid detail. It is a fast read great for fans of Indiana Jones! After reading the book and not allowing myself to watch the video until I was ready for the review. I have to tell you that I am in awe of how much work they put into this movie. Simply amazing.