Rain Dance

Rain Dance

by Catherine Gayle
4.7 23

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Rain Dance by Catherine Gayle

***Trigger warning: contains graphic scenes depicting domestic and sexual violence.***

USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle presents another novel in the sexy Tulsa Thunderbirds hockey romance series, a spin-off from the Portland Storm series.

He's in a drought. No rain. No goals. No women.
She has what it takes to quench his thirst.

Ethan Higgins, a defenseman for the Tulsa Thunderbirds, is in a rut. He hasn't scored a goal in ages, and he hasn't had a woman in his bed for even longer. The only thing in his favor is that he gets to spend time with his son when the T-Birds play at home on the weekends. Determined to be nothing like his abusive father, Ethan sets out to show his son how a real man behaves, and Natalie Turner gives him the perfect opportunity to do so.

Natalie has nowhere to turn when her boyfriend gets physical with her, this time in public--at least not until Ethan steps in to offer her a safe place to stay. Wary of trusting anyone, especially another hockey player, and even more so one as rough and tough as Ethan, Natalie attempts to resist the lure she feels toward the protective man. When Ethan's son does a Rain Dance, the skies open up. But will soaking their hardened and cracked hearts be enough to end the drought?

The Tulsa Thunderbirds series
1) Bury the Hatchet
2) Smoke Signals
3) Ghost Dance
4) Rites of Passage
5) Rain Dance - coming soon

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BN ID: 2940157449162
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
Publication date: 09/28/2017
Series: Tulsa Thunderbirds , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 10,026
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About the Author

Catherine Gayle is a USA Today bestselling author of Regency-set historical romance and contemporary hockey romance with a New Adult feel. She's a transplanted Texan living in North Carolina with two extremely spoiled felines. In her spare time, she watches way too much hockey and reality TV, plans fun things to do for the Nephew Monster's next visit, and performs experiments in the kitchen which are rarely toxic.

The Tulsa Thunderbirds series is a spin-off series from USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle's Portland Storm series. Storm fans can expect some familiar characters, lots of hockey action, and the same emotional backdrop in a sexier, edgier package.

You do not need to have read the Storm series to follow the Thunderbirds series, and vice versa. Each novel in the Thunderbirds series can stand alone, although your enjoyment will be enhanced by reading them in order.

The TULSA THUNDERBIRDS series reading order
RAIN DANCE (releasing September 28, 2017)

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Rain Dance 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
amatate 11 days ago
First things first, the trigger warnings in the blurb should definitely be heeded. If you’ve read this author before, you know Miss Gayle doesn’t’ shy away from intense moments or uncomfortable but important topics in her books, and that trend continues here in her vivid portrayal of the abuse the heroine endures at the hands of her ex who is also the hero’s teammate. Rain Dance is the fifth book in the Tulsa Thunderbirds series. Since the heroes all play on the same professional hockey team, there are appearances by previous couples, but it isn’t in such a way that impedes a reader who’s jumping in midway through the series and each book reads fine as a standalone. Although I enjoy both of Miss Gayle’s hockey series, I have to admit I gravitate more toward The Thunderbirds because they tend to boast grittier romances and storylines. Rain Dance delivered that with the domestic abuse survivor plot, but the romance was understandably toned down. Readers of the Tulsa Thunderbirds series met Ethan, known to his teammates as Huggy Bear, as well as his son Carter in previous books. However, I doubt anyone anticipated his backstory. I certainly didn’t. Between his past and Natalie’s current crisis, Rain Dance is more of a hurt/comfort romance, but it delivered a good message and ended with a positive, sweet note. There is a little bit of insta-love playing out in Rain Dance. Although it made sense given the intense, emotionally-straining situation Natalie and Ethan were in, I missed the chemistry building between them. I liked the couple individually and together and thought their story was poignant, but I never grew particularly invested in them. Fans of this author can attest that she knows her hockey and is a very talented writer. I tend to hold her as the go-to standard for how to weave on-ice action and team dynamics into a romance. In Rain Dance those talents were even more apparent, particularly in the descriptive hospital and recovery scenes that highlighted Natalie’s strength as she healed and overcame her trauma. Although I wasn’t quite as drawn to this couple as I have been to others, this author certainly doesn’t rely on a formulaic approach to her series. She delivers something new with each book and couple, and that’s what keeps me coming back for more. *eARC provided by PA. The author and publisher had no influence over this review*
KOM 11 days ago
Rain Dance is an intense book, and readers should definitely heed the trigger warning the author has provided. That said, it's not a book with gratuitous drama or angst; it's a clear-headed, unsentimental look at relationship violence and its aftermath, wrapped up in a beautiful love story that doesn't cheapen or trivialize the tragic beginnings of the story. The very intense and difficult background story for Ethan and Natalie means that their ending is hard-earned and that much more intensely felt. It's not all heavy-- Catherine Gayle always does a great job writing children and pets into her stories, and the little boy and big dog in this book are charming and sweet. There are also lots of appearances by characters from previous Tulsa Thunderbird books, and they often provide comic relief in addition to satisfying the loyal reader's desire to catch up with old favorites. Rain Dance is not always an easy read, but it _is_ always a good read.
esevigny 13 days ago
I received an ARC for an honest review. I cannot believe Catherine has done it again! Every time I start reading any book by Catherine, I always wonder if each book will be as good as the last, and Rain Dance did not disappoint. Catherine always finds a way to get real issues into the book and makes you feel the issues alongside the characters in her book. Rain Dance made me feel every emotion known to man, but it was worth it! As the book starts, we meet another player in the Tulsa Thunderbirds team, Ethan Higgins. Natalie Turner and Higgins are instantly introduced when her boyfriend is physical with her in front of Ethan. To avoid spoilers, and a trigger warning, there is a lot of things that transpire after that instance, which lead to some of the most amazing writing that I have seen thus far from Catherine. The Thunderbirds series seems to have a little more of a raw edge to it, and I definitely saw that in this book. No matter what, I know when I pick up a Catherine Gayle book, I am in for a rollercoaster, but it is worth it! I want that as a reader, and am so thankful I found an author that can do that!
Jennifer_e911 16 days ago
There was a lot going on in this book.  Domestic abuse and sexual abuse are both involved in this book, and play a role in the slow build of the relationship between Ethan and Natalie.  Natalie is a very tragic figure, that has lived through something that no woman should have to contend with.  Ethan is very supportive, being a friend when she needs it.  I loved the sweetness and the slow build between them.     Hockey plays a role in the book, but is less prominent than in previous books.  However, there was lots of action to keep things moving.  Reading this book, my feelings ran the gamut: horror, anger, sadness, hope.  There were moments were I laughed, and moments where I cried.   Despite the heavy nature of the content of this book, and the possible triggers involved, this was a very enjoyable book, and a great addition to the Tulsa Thunderbirds Series!
KAL-167 16 days ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Catherine Gayle has done it again! I really enjoyed this story - it ran the gambit of emotions - crying and angry one moment and then laughing hysterically the next. Domestic Violence is a horrible thing. I loved the way Ethan stepped in to rescue Natalie from her boyfriend and the way they helped each other. Carter and Snoopy were the comic relief, but Carter is also a very caring young man whose father has set a great example for him. I would highly recommend this book.
BGnMS1 17 days ago
Dance in the Cleansing Rain This story had a dark tone due to the serious and horrific topic of abuse. Ms. Gayle did her writing wizardy and handled everything gracefully and humbly. She gave us a rainbow after the rain. ***given an ARC in exchange for honest review***
klipiec 17 days ago
Ms. Gayle scores again. While this is one of her "darker" subject matters, she handles it beautifully. Domestic violence is a cause that runs deep in my heart, I was nervous at first to read this book due to certain trigger warnings. Out of all the books written by Ms. Gayle, Natalie is the character I can most relate to. The story shows the mental anguish someone in an abusive relationship suffers. The story made me cry at many times while made me laugh at others. I keep going back and forth with who is my favorite player...Ethan has given all men a run for their money. To me he was the most realistic and relatable. Excited to hear more from Ms. Gayle and see what happens next to all the Thunderbirds. I received an ARC for my honest review.
Anonymous 19 days ago
Loved this story. Ethan is a damaged man who knows good and helps Natalie break free from a very violent relationship. Carter and Snoopy are adorable. Wish the book had a complete ending. Can't wait for the next chapter in this series
Anonymous 20 days ago
Huggy Bear and Carter grabbed my heart in Right of Passage and didn’t let go! I couldn’t wait to see where his story would take me, and Catherine didn’t disappoint! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect guy to show Natalie love and give her support!
lisakoala 20 days ago
Wow, Ms. Gayle has done it again. She often brings to light topic that need to be discussed and this time she tackles the issue of domestic abuse and violence. Ethan Higgins plays defense for the Tulsa Thunderbirds. His nickname is Huggy Bear, now shortened to bear. He is a huge man who loves is son immensely and tries to be a good role model to him. Just as he and his son are leaving the hockey arena he comes across his teammate beating a woman. He offers Natalie help but she refuses it and gets in the car with the wrong man. Natalie knows that she should go with her abusive boyfriend but that is the devil that she knows. Before parting ways with her Ethan gives her his card and that turns out to be the thing the brings she and Ethan together. Both have been victims of abuse and Ethan becomes her safe place. She is able to heal slowly and with therapy, move on with her life. Ms. Gayle tackles this subject without glamorizing abuse. The story was well written and she draws you in some much so that you care about these characters. Ethan and Natalie are two kindred sprits that we drawn together because they each have suffered domestic violence. They are perfect for each other and he is a wonderful father with a heart of gold. Natalie is a very strong character even though she doesn't recognize that in herself. She never completely lost hope and fought her way back from a horrific situation. This is a poignant story that brings to light the horrors of domestic abuse. Thankfully this story has a happy ending but so many other stories unfortunately don't end as well as this one did. This was a powerful story that I didn't put down until I finished it.
AmyJmn71 21 days ago
atherine Gayle Does it again. This heavy but powerfully written book is the latest in the Tulsa Thunderbirds series and was well worth the wait. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book, this series and of course this author to any fans of contemporary romance and well written books in general. This book contains heavy subject matter and comes with trigger warnings but once again Catherine Gayle finds a way to depict these types of story lines with dignity and grace and finds a way to make sense out of them as only she can. It's amazing to me that she writes two active series (this one is a spin off of The Portland Storm) at the same time and is able to keep their unique tone in place without them blending together. These are great series, each book leaving you more and more invested in these characters and hungry for the next release. Do yourself a favor and add this book and every other book this author has written to your collection, you will kick yourself that you didn't sooner. Happy Reading...enjoy!
Anonymous 21 days ago
I quit reading Catherine Gayle's story. They were starting to be about the sex and no story line. This book renewed my faith in her. Although, this story seems unrealistic in timeline about a domestic abuse victim overcoming her demons, the idea and characters are refreshing and truly lovable. Great story. I love the themes that there are people who care and will help. You are not alone.
KindleKat64 21 days ago
WOW!! This was a very emotional and difficult book to read because it deals with domestic violence and sexual assault. Having said that, it was masterfully written and the story was told very tastefully by Catherine Gayle as she always does with taboo subjects. I fell in love with Ethan from the get-go. The fact that he cared enough to get involved and do something about his teammate hurting Natalie was very heroic and a wonderful lesson to teach his son Carter. He is such a good man! Being an abuse survivor himself, from his monster of a father (if I ever wanted to run someone over with my car-it's this jerk) , caused Ethan to stop the abuse he saw from happening even though it was someone he didn't really know. Ethan falls so hard for Natalie but he will not push her. Everybody will happen at her pace. It's beautiful really, how much he cares for her and wants to help her to recover both physically and emotionally. He opens up his home, heart and life to her which includes his adorable son Carter and their dog Snoopy and all of his friends/teammates and their women. What an amazing environment for her to heal. Natalie is so strong to have endured the physical and emotional abuse from her ex for so long. (Someone else and his friends that I would like to run over with my car). She went through so much and it was just awful and heartbreaking. The emotional trauma is so difficult for her to get through but therapy helps her so much. She really wants to allow herself to love Ethan. She trusts him, cares about him deeply and is very attracted to him, but love? How does she do that again after everything? Can she love again? This is an emotional 5 star read and well worth the tissues. Amazing once again Ms.Gayle!
LynnB888 21 days ago
A gritty and emotional read! It's not unusual for Catherine Gayle to tug at our heart strings with her endearing hockey romance novels, but this book far and away reaches a deeper part of us and makes us feel more than ever ... incredible anger, deep sadness and heartfelt empathy. With powerful words, she takes us deep into a situation of domestic abuse and the courageous aftermath. The characters were well developed with many familiar faces showing up from past books in the series, and the plot was very moving. Great read! Tulsa Thunderbirds defenseman Ethan Higgins is living a fairly quiet life these days. He's in a rut in the game, he's not dating anyone or even casually hooking up much ... he's just enjoying his time as a Dad as often as possible when he has visitation with his son and trying to be nothing like his abusive old man. When a volatile situation arises in front of him and his son, he has to step up and help ... not only does he want to help her for his own peace of mind, but he also needs to show his son how a man should treat a lady. Natalie Turner needs help ... she just doesn't know if she can trust to take it. When her boyfriends decides it's okay to start punching her out in public this time, it draws attention and further humiliates her. Ethan offers her help, but at first she can't accept it. He's another huge hockey player and if the one she currently has treats her this way, why wouldn't he? When the situation worsens, she finally reaches out to him ... and finds herself having the greatest protector around on her side!
MJBrown67 21 days ago
I received an ARC copy for an honest review. I just LOVED this book. I am a huge fan of Catherine Gayle and Thunderbirds are some of my favorite books. This book is not a typical romance novel, Ethan and Natalie don’t have a romantic meeting but their story is so worth reading. This book has some very real, very raw emotions and the content isn’t always pretty, but that is one of the things about Ms. Gayle’s books, they show us real feelings. Ethen saves Natalie from an abusive relationship, he stays by her side and helps her to start forgiving herself and living again. Ethan has his own past with abuse and vows to stop this cycle with him, vowing his son Carter will never fear his father. There is so much emotion in this book. Parts brought me to tears and parts had me laughing out loud. The relationship between these hockey brothers and their wives is amazing and showed us how the Thunderbirds are starting to gel as a family. This is a true romance because it shows that no matter how broken we thing we are, there is so much worth living for. I would recommend this book.
Chelsy33 21 days ago
Catherine Gayle has done it again! Rain Dance is the fifth book in the Tulsa Thunderbirds hockey romance series. The Thunderbirds series is hot, raw, and edgy. The series features characters with rough and complicated past experiences and these novels really explore the raw nature of past trauma. Rain Dance features Ethan Higgins who saves Natalie Turner from her abusive relationship. Catherine did a great job in introducing us to Ethan in earlier books in the series and this novel was the perfect window into the complexities of his character. For me, what I loved most about this novel, is how it seemed that the Thunderbirds team started to truly feel like a hockey family, much like the Portland Storm (Catherine's other hockey romance series). How the whole team bonded together to assist Natalie was truly heart-warming. *I received a free Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my honest thoughts/opinions of the author's book.*
Christine_Miller 22 days ago
This was an extremely touching and emotional story. If domestic abuse and rape are triggers for you, you will not want to pick up this book. What Natalie goes through and survives is a nightmare. Ethan saves her from what I'm certain would have ended in her death. This story had me captivated as Natalie battled back to find normalcy in her life and fall in love with Ethan. The subject matter was raw and I thought the author did a great job with depicting the scenes and the emotions. The only part that I think I needed a little more time with was Natalie and Ethan becoming physical. The brutality and emotional scarring that Natalie endured I could see years of therapy before getting close to someone, but then again, Ethan was her white knight, so perhaps it could happen. The story was great though and I read it all in one sitting.
LCardozo1 22 days ago
First, a *trigger warning* - this book contains a pretty graphic sexual assault/domestic violence scene. That being said, it is tastefully handled. The entire book is tastefully handled. I love this book because even though it addresses a supremely difficult topic, it does so by highlighting the difficulties a person in that situation faces, the strength of the survivors, and the message that it IS possible to break free, no matter how impossible it may seem. On top of that, the emotions in this book are so incredibly real. When reading Natalie's point of view, I could feel her anxiety, her indecisiveness, and her longing to be what she considered normal. When she was with Ethan, I didn't just read about how safe she felt - I felt safe, too. And Ethan...well, Ethan is pretty much sexiness personified given that he's a phenomenal single dad and a hockey star, but we are given the opportunity to see past the surface to the person who wants to do the right thing for so many people and doesn't always get it right on the first try, yet never gives up. Even if you are in a domestic or sexual violence situation, or are a survivor, this book provides so much hope that there is life beyond the demons you face. Outside of the scenes in the beginning of the book, everything else is vague and doesn't refer to the incidents in detail - so if you think you can handle reading the book without those scenes, I think it's worth it. This world needs to prove to women that they do NOT deserve what happens to them, and that it is NOT their fault, and this book - Catherine Gayle - has done a tremendous job of addressing that here. I received an ARC for an honest review. :)
Momo_Staub 22 days ago
**************ARC received by the author in exchange for a honest review************** This book deserves a bit of a warning upfront. If you like to escape real life while reading then this is NOT the book for you. In fact I think it's nessecary to heed warnings regarding physical and sexual abuse, if those are triggers for you. Catherine Gayle is known to write stories that deal with real problems and this story is no different. It's already written in the blurb, so it should be no surprise that this book deals with domestic violence and all the consequences that comes with this sad topic. Even though what happened to the heroine Nathalie is not sugarcoated, I think it was written in a honest, realistic and tasteful (in lack of a better word) way. Yes, it was horrible and horrific and I cried and felt despair while reading that chapter. But still I felt like the overall feeling of the book is a hopeful one. I loved how the healing process wasn't glossed over, how Nat's feeling of being afraid and insecure weren't pushed under the rag. Ethan was such a great guy through out the story. Was he perfect? No. Did he mess up? Yes, he sure did a bit. But he was smart enough to realize it quite quickly and went out to make up for it. The way he tried so hard to be a better father for Carter than his own father was to him, was amazing to see. The understanding he had for Nat and how felt guilty for not doing more, felt so real and honest. Well and Carter and Snoopy just stole the show. That little guy is going to grow to an amazing guy some day. What I also liked very much was how the Thunderbird players started to come together as a family. By now I really felt like they started to become a great team and that they finally got the bond that is needed to become successful. There were little glimpses at Prince, who I think is going to be the hero of the next Thunderbird book.
autryreads 24 days ago
Rain Dance is such a graphic, raw, emotional roller coaster, which somehow turns into a love story. Ethan and Natalie’s story is not a fairy tale; it’s not something one would wish on someone. Natalie’s story is so hard to read; at times it made me want to get sick. She has been abuse mentally and physically for so long; she finds it hard to accept any help. The players’ wives and girlfriends circle the wagons and make Natalie feel safe and secure. Learning to trust herself before she can trust Ethan, the spark and chemistry is evident, but reaching past the fear to grip onto love is so hard. Ethan has been trying to reach out to Natalie ever since he saw her being abused outside on the street. He cannot get her out of his mind, he knows as soon as she calls, he will come running. Ethan wants her in his life everyday, helping him raise his son. Vowing to never push or take more than Natalie is willing to give will make the rewards so much sweeter. There are so many ways to describe this novel; the list could on for days. It was very hard to read in many ways and can contain a lot of triggers. Ms. Gayle took a huge leap and went way out of the normal for her hockey players, the story needs to be told and brought into light. Their love story is a beautiful story full of hope. Ms. Gayles’ characters are full of life, and the plot was so carefully planned. It allowed the pieces to fall right into place for a hard fought battle that turned into a life long love. Rain Dance was a hard novel to read, I am not sure if I will ever be brave enough to reread it, however I know it will stay with me for a very long time. ** I received and arc in exchange for an honest review.**
pugmommy362 25 days ago
A truly awesome read! This book really encompasses the writing talent of Catherine Gayle. She took a very emotional, tragic event and handled with kid gloves going through all the emotions as well as the aftermath with everyone associated. This book started out with Ethan and his Carter overhearing an argument between Natalie and her long time boyfriend and stepped in to protect her. Come to find out Natalie has been abused in all sorts of ways during the time she was with him and the consequences of Ethan trying to save her resulted in horrific consequences that left her fighting for her life. Ethan was who Natalie felt safe with...the one she trusted...the one that gave her a reason to live and go on. They build a relationship from the beginning along with Carter. There were many situations wherein they relied upon each other to get through the rough times, not just with Natalie but with Ethan when his abusive father came back into the picture. In the end, all 3 ended up saving Ethan's mom from a lifetime of abuse as well. During all of this, Carter's mom Kinsey was supportive of Ethan and his relationship with Carter while trusting him to be a good example for their son. I can't wait to see a story for Kinsey, hopefully Catherine will make one. This was truly an awesome read and I was an Ethan fan from the beginning because of his attitude and how he treated his son. I was a champion for Natalie because she went through so much and came out on the other side stronger. This book may have some triggers for some based upon domestic abuse and sexual abuse but if you can get through those parts you will have a truly awesome story to finish. I received an ARC copy of this book in order to provide an honest review which I believe I have done. I try not to put spoilers but give you enough so you will want to read this book...take a chance...you will not regret it!
Lashea677 26 days ago
She pushes hot buttons, tortures your heart and inspires devotion, Catherine Gayle is good at getting noticed. Just when it seems that your emotions cannot stand another blow, Rain Dance entrances your soul. Ethan is no hero, but he is a good man and an ever evolving parent. Natalie wants to be happy. She longs to be loved, yet her choices keep holding her back. Ethan and Natalie will leave you emotionally spent, but yearning for more. The baggage is heavy but the reward is worth the load. (4.5 stars)
Mandi0129 28 days ago
This book is hard. It’s emotional and gut-wrenching, but so unbelievably good. The author doesn’t ease you into the hard stuff, just kinda hits you in the face with it while you are struggling not to cry, and then moves on. If you get through the first couple emotionally draining chapters, it becomes a story about surviving, healing, and strength. Ethan is the big lovable man all women really want when we pick jerks instead. The world needs more Ethan’s! Natalie is bruised and broken but has an inner core of steel that has allowed her to survive abuse for years. I do think she recovers a little too easily, but as a reader, it helps you get through the story that is extremely emotional from the beginning. Really well-done book all the way around, but as a reader, you need to prepare yourself emotionally before you get started.