RAINBOW MEDICINE: Therapy with the A-Team!

RAINBOW MEDICINE: Therapy with the A-Team!

by Dr. Leanne Levy ~ Akasha White Wolf


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Everyone loves a mystical experience believing it's a sign... Chances are, it is!

We all have an Angelic team (A-Team) of spirits who root for us, love us, want to help us manifest our desires and dreams, and see us succeed on our highest path. Ultimately, what they all want for us is to come into greater self-love, self-worth, and personal truth so that we may learn from our experiences, understand the lessons of the whys, forgive ourselves and others for any wrongdoing, clear our karmic debts, and discover and use our gifts to live a fulfilling life.
Just because they are in a higher dimension with greater understanding of the larger whole doesn't mean they don't feel our pain, cry with and for us, and have lessons to learn and karmic ties and debts to make good on. When we hurt they hurt, when we shine they shine. They are with us every step of the way. So please know that when you heal yourself, you also heal your entire ancestral bloodline, in every direction of time.
Together, Spirit and I developed a language to help you coheal and cocreate your best life with your A-Team, we call it Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team. This Instructional Guide about Spirit Communication and Holistic Healing will awaken you to your True Self and Best Life Path. Through sharing up close and personal experiences, professional cases, and healing and psychic mediumship development exercises, we teach you how-to recognize the signs, decode spirit communication, conduct holistic health readings for you and your pets, discover your purpose and path, and engage in therapy with your A-Team to face your fears, heal yourself and your relationships, and live your best life, now. All exercises focus on holistic healing; psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual. No prior experience with Spirit necessary, all levels welcome.

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Rainbow Medicine

Therapy with the A-Team!

By Leanne Levy, Akasha Whitewolf

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Leanne Levy, PhD.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9898-7



Bridging Worlds

They live in you, they live in me,
They're watching over everything we see,
In every creature, in every star,
In your reflection, they live in you.

— "They Live in You"
The Lion King (1994)

So how and when did all this Spirit communication begin with me?

Unlike some children who clearly remember seeing their imaginary friends, I knew I was surrounded by and spoke to my invisible loved ones telepathically but I couldn't see them. For this reason, from a young age, I trusted the invisible as more real than the visible.

From childhood into young adulthood, I felt like I was deeply missing someone. I often searched for the vortex to get back "home," but the closest I ever came to finding it was while dreaming during sleep. Although it wasn't a daily occurrence, I did have a few mystical initiations between the ages of eight and twelve. Closer to the eight-year-old mark, I experienced and witnessed levitation while my girlfriends and I were playing Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. At age twelve, while participating in a séance with two other girls, I saw a male spirit in the human form from the waist up, along with an uncle who had died before I was born. My uncle I had seen in my mind's eye, but the other male was as clear as day, hanging over my right shoulder while batting his eyelashes at me. On that day, the veil had completely opened for me, but because I was not comfortable seeing how comfortable unfamiliar spirits were with me, I shut it down.

Outside of these childhood communal experiences, which mostly happened in nature, I did not openly share my spirit communication with family or friends. It was just something that was part of me — like eating, sleeping, and dreaming — yet it was unrecognizable to others. It wasn't that my parents were against believing in such phenomena; rather, it was something that I chose not to share because there was no real space where such talk was encouraged. So not only did I grow up in the spiritual closet, but I also literally grew up in closets, as these were most often the spaces where I searched for the doorway — the vortex — back home.

Despite not being able to "see" Spirit in my waking state, throughout my adulthood, I continued to have constant contact with the other realms, mostly through recognizing signs, synchronicity, and omens, and through visitations, premonitions, and lessons during my dream state. Within my circle, I became known for my ability to interpret dreams.

Fast-forward to November 2012. The shift of consciousness, which the Mayans had predicted, was the moment when the channel fully opened to me. It wasn't something I was aware of or read about, but when it was happening to me, my romantic partner, Pete, was able to explain, as he was initially the well-read one on these matters.

I had been going through a crisis. Over the course of several months, there were signs, synchronistic events, and dreams that were all pointing toward endings of my old emotional identity, way of living, and perception of life. In one dream, I actually saw myself lying facedown in a lake of water, dead, only to reemerge from the lake moments later, alive and dawning a new and more natural appearance. Although I had already considered myself quite natural, living a healthy lifestyle and so on, over the next six months, my life began to change in drastic, healthier ways, from my eating choices and exercise routine, to the new clients I attracted and the issues they came in with.

Although aspects of this were exciting, it was a scary time nonetheless, as most times of change are; the hardest part was letting go of some of the closest people in my life. While crying and in the midst of a panic attack, I spoke to my Spirit Guides, and for the first time ever, I heard myself say, "I understand, and I surrender." After uttering these words, it was as though I knew everything was going to be fine, and by the following morning, I had already begun to feel an internal shift. One was "Good-bye, panic attacks." A few days later, while flying back home to Montreal from Florida where I live part-time, the journey involving my new identity began, and for the first time, Spirit reintroduced themselves to me through the symbol of the rainbow.

Until this point, my data bank of symbols that I associated with spirit communication was limited to pennies, dragonflies, and butterflies. Rainbows were not part of it. While waiting for my airplane to takeoff, I was sitting in a window seat and staring out the window because I had been crying and did not want anyone to see my tears. As the airplane lifted off the ground and headed for the clouds, I asked Spirit for a sign and felt prompted to take a photograph. I snapped several times but noticed nothing.

The following morning, while playing with my first deck of Oracle cards that I bought during that trip — thank you, Denise Linn — I shuffled and received a card that read, "Spirit communicates through rainbows, feathers, and pennies." Receiving that card reminded me to look at the photos I had taken the day before. To my dismay, in one of them, in the backdrop of a cloud, was a magnificent round rainbow encircling the shadow of my airplane. It was a sure sign that I was divinely protected.

From that moment on, the rainbows kept coming, and within a week, they began to also appear to me psychically, in session, next to my clients. At first, for a brief moment, I thought there was something wrong with my eyes, but as my gifts grew stronger, so did the rainbows.

A few months later, another type of rainbow experience occurred. Earlier that day, I had a discussion with Pete about Spirit communicating with us through what we refer to as intuition. We differed in opinion. I expressed that intuition is really our A-Team giving us information, whereas he felt intuition was more of a solo experience. This debate took place in front of my parents and his daughter, and it was the first time we actually showed our true colors and raised our voices for others to witness. I was not happy about this, to say the least.

Later on that day, after we returned home together and the sun was setting, as I stood before the mirrored door of my closet undressing, out of nowhere a rainbow in the shape of a feather and leaf appeared in the center of my forehead, over my Third Eye. I called for him to witness this mystical moment, and as he began to photograph this phenomenon, he noticed another rainbow pattern on the back of my neck. On my forehead, the colors were red, green, and yellow, and on my neck, they were white, purple, indigo, blue, and green. Clearly, in their own comical way, my A-Team was confirming my earlier statement about them. And his karma was that he had to witness this magic. Once I decoded the symbol and positioning of colors on these two body parts, I realized this was both a message about my A-Team and a premonition of our future work together, with me as their channel.

As time went on, and quite quickly it did, I began to understand what the rainbows I see in session next to my clients mean. For one, the rainbow is a sign to tell my client that he or she is accompanied by her/his A-Team (Ancestral and passed over family and friends). And second, it is a symbol for why our clients come to us: the same reason why I saw the rainbow for the first time while flying home. The rainbow is a symbol and message from our A-Team about their ever-presence unity, love, protection, guidance, and hope on our life's journey as they help us to move forward through change from a place of love instead of fear.

Rainbows have become a regular phenomenon in my life. They appear to me in the sky as orbs of color when I am seeking an answer to something important. These orbs also trail my plane next to my window, and they only appear when I ask Spirit to show me they are with me. They continue to encircle my airplane when I travel; they encircle candlelight and light fixtures when I give readings and teach; they encircle the moon, lampposts, and cars after I finish giving messages in a circle; and, the rainbow even physically appeared over my dog Savannah's eye the day that we began to write this book, hence why we also show you ways to read, understand, and heal your pet babies.

Today, I have developed a language with the spirit world, specifically to help me and others communicate with Spirit to coheal and cocreate our best life. We call it Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team. When I refer to Spirit, I am referring to our Spiritual Angelic team (A-Team) that accompanies us throughout our earth walk. We introduce who these players are in the next chapter, "Raised by Spirit." Spirit has taught me how to recognize the ways in which they reach out to us here in the third dimension, and this language is one that we teach to those who want and need this special contact.

I now understand why Spirit waited so long to show me what they look like: they knew I would be their representative to help others identify their communication in every little detail of life. Yes, on occasion, they do show us the Hollywood version of Spirit, but more importantly, they want us to know that they come to us all in the simplest of ways, such as a visit from a winged one, a song on the radio, a headline in a newspaper, a found penny or feather, a rainbow reflected within your vision, a whiff of a familiar fragrance, a license plate with the initials of a loved one you are thinking about, and a cloud formation in the shape of an angel, heart, or passed-over loved one, including our pets. In fact, much of my spirit communication is with my passed-over pet babies. Such signs become visible to us when we are seeking answers and guidance, and in my experience, our loved ones are simply a thought away.

Back in the day, Seers were relegated to a few who were known as "chosen," but times have changed. Today, the veil is open for all of us to consciously work with Spirit, for we come from those realms and we return to those realms. When we open ourselves up to consciously work with the other dimensions, we are privileged not only to witness their magic on a daily basis but also to experience "seeing" from a higher perspective and receiving guidance while living the earth walk. Let me just clarify that all relationships are healthy when they are interdependent and not codependent. This means that you do your part, and Spirit does theirs, and together, hand in hand, they support and guide us as we walk our individual path alongside theirs, for even spirits have jobs to do, paths to walk, and lessons to learn.

Now, in this third dimension, I am as home as I ever will be, and my life is dedicated as a Divine Channel, an instrument of Love and Light, for those who feel the calling to ascend and consciously cocreate a better life and world. But one last thing: we cannot create a better internal/external world without facing and making amends with our fears. To truly know others, we must meet our authentic self, for self-deception is the most powerful veil. Behind the personality mask is where this truth can be excavated and found, and when we face our fears, they, in turn, become our beacon of light.

We hope our stories inspire you to reach out to your A-Team to heal, manifest, and walk your Highest Path.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Leanne Levy and Akasha Whitewolf
The Gentle Trickster, Wounded Healer, and Rainbow Warrior


Raised By Spirit

The Other Side

Like anything else, developing psychic mediumship abilities and working with the spirit world as a Divine messenger and healing channel is a work in progress. But what makes it more difficult than other professions is that we are working with "invisible forces."

The practice of mediumship is a discipline, a language, an art form, and a sport, and thus far, the most effective means I know to clear the mind and conquer self-doubt. In order to receive a message, we have to be able to clear and stop the mind and body long enough from going elsewhere; that is, other than where Spirit wants it to go. We learn how to pick up subtle energies and cues, which we develop with our Guides to identify a secondary source feeding us the information, and by secondary, I mean other than our mind/ego. Although both take place in the mind, there is a difference between our "normal" thought forms and the energy sensed while channeling. The experience of being in trance feels very similar to daydreaming; in fact, it is a form of daydreaming, but unlike escapism, when channeling, you are tapped into another frequency and are receiving information. And, the art of psychic mediumship is almost identical to decoding nighttime dreams, something we will discuss in several of the chapters.

It has been quite common thinking in society that if we don't see Spirit, then they we do not have the "gift" of divination and prophecy. But this is not true. This is simply one way society has marketed these abilities and this "profession." Yes, some people are born with clearer seeing ability, while others have to train to develop the ability to see clairvoyantly, which is basically learning how to receive symbols transferred through the right brain and translated through the left. Nevertheless, with proper sense training and discipline, any person who feels the calling is capable of becoming a good psychic medium. Spirit communication is a teachable language.

Like with any gift we bring in with us, my understanding is that we decide on the gifts we will need and how we will use them, pre-incarnation, and when we enter, the hows and whens are worked out as we move along our path. If you are reading this book, then this is your wake-up alarm and confirmation that you too are being called and are not "crazy" for tapping into this invisible force and source.

Today, as a developed psychic medium — and the key word here is developed — I see psychically (clairvoyance), both in my mind's eye and the physical presence of Spirit; I hear them in my mind's ear (clairaudience), similar to hearing a song playing in my head; I feel Spirit's touch and emotions (clairsentience) throughout my body; I physically blend with Spirit (physical mediumship); and, I receive contact and premonitions in my dreams (Oneiromancy). But I had to develop my gifts and treat them each as a separate muscle working for the larger whole. Meaning that if you feel the calling and want this conscious connection, develop your gifts as though each sense, each ability, is a muscle, independent yet interconnected to the whole.

Although always getting stronger, like most, my ability to see Spirit in human form while awake and not in trance or sleep state is weakened, and this is largely explained by the amount of energy Spirit needs from us to anchor and manifest themselves physically. Our dimension is much slower than where they reside (in fact, you cannot even imagine the difference in speed unless you have experienced it firsthand, which I will explain later in this chapter by describing how and when one of my Guides taught me this). But for now, the easiest way to understand why they are invisible to us is to look at the wheel of a car, composed of an outer tire and inner spokes. When the wheel is in motion on a highway, the inner spokes spin like a vortex, so quickly that you can no longer see them until the wheel stops. Symbolically, the tire is the denser physical body, and the spokes are the light spiritual body. And when we train through meditation to raise our frequency, we are able to leave our physical body and travel through this vortex and back in a matter of seconds. It is an inner experience rather than an outward one, and this is why both outer physical and inner emotional, psychological, and spiritual training are needed. It is truly a holistic endeavor, unlike the process of sleeping and dreaming which comes to us naturally. When we go to bed at night and fall asleep, traveling through this vortex is no work at all; it is what we do naturally, and it is part of why we are here. Every night, whether we remember or not, we leave our body, and while asleep here, we are up and learning somewhere else. This nightly out-of-body adventure is also how our physical body receives the rest and healing it needs. The best way I can explain this is to provide you with a science fiction visual of the suit being plugged into the wall.

Nevertheless, dream recollection and decoding messages and premonitions is also a gift some are born with, while others must develop it. This is the one developed gift I came in with, my ability to see Spirit clearly while dreaming and to receive their messages and premonitions. But even with this ability, I still had to train hard in order to stabilize my recall and interpret the symbols accurately. I correlate dream interpretation with psychic mediumship because the same process applies to both.


Excerpted from Rainbow Medicine by Leanne Levy, Akasha Whitewolf. Copyright © 2016 Leanne Levy, PhD.. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Prologue: The White Lion, 1,
Introduction: Receiving Her Stripes, 5,
Part I. Pennies, Feathers & Rainbows: The Language of Spirit,
Chapter 1. Rainbows: Bridging Worlds, 19,
Chapter 2. Raised By Spirit: The Other Side, 25,
Chapter 3. Bee-Cause: Visitations & Lucid Dreaming, 44,
Chapter 4. Down the Rabbit Hole We Go: Dreams, An Earth Walk Education, 59,
Chapter 5. Rats, Rainbows & Fairytales: Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity, 74,
Chapter 6. Witches, Goblins & Ghosts, Oh No!: Past Life Recall, 82,
Chapter 7. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head: A Visitation From the Recently Departed, 91,
Chapter 8. Casper the Friendly Ghost: Waking Visitations A.K.A. Hauntings, 103,
Part II. Rainbows In Session,
Chapter 9. When Someone Wants A Reading, Not Therapy, For Us, It's Hard to Separate, 113,
Chapter 10. When A Non-Believer Becomes A Believer: The Healing Divorce Can Bring, 120,
Chapter 11. The Bat & The Firefly: Past Lives & Fated Relationships, 131,
Part III. Easy 1-2-3 Diagnosis & Healing With Your A-Team,
Chapter 12. The Body Whispers But When We Don't Listen It Screams: Self-Diagnosis,
Chapter 13. Our Rainbow Energy Field: The Chakra System, 165,
Chapter 14. Root Chakra, 175,
Chapter 15. Sacral Chakra, 192,
Chapter 16. Solar Plexus Chakra, 208,
Chapter 17. Heart Chakra, 223,
Chapter 18. Throat Chakra, 240,
Chapter 19. Third Eye Chakra, 256,
Chapter 20. Crown Chakra, 271,
Part IV. Coming Full Circle,
Chapter 21. Meet Your True Colors: Removing the Mask, 289,
Appendix 1. Self-Diagnosis Form, 291,
References, 303,
Acknowledgments, 307,
About The Author, 309,

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