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Rainbows and Rodents: Reinforcements

Rainbows and Rodents: Reinforcements

by Cindy Smale


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The United States of America has turned into utter chaos after a massive earthquake splits the country in two separate land masses. Life as we know it disappears in an instant and people must learn to live on rations and produce their own food.
The main character helps her neighborhood survive the catastrophe of biblical proportion and uses her faith to fight against evil and danger that moves in next door.
Seven colorful angels who were introduced in the first book in the series, Rainbows and Rodents: Revelations, are back to protect the woman along with reinforcements. Legions of angels assist in battling the evil forces that dispense relentless attacks on the woman and her neighborhood.

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ISBN-13: 9781546233350
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/29/2018
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

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Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

Revelation 8:5

Two Christmas seasons had passed since I was introduced to the Rainbow Force and my life was changed, dramatically. In fact, the whole world had changed drastically since the week I met seven angels! Who would have ever believed the United States of America could be ripped in half by a major earthquake! After living through the unprecedented disaster, I learned anything is possible.

One evening, as the chill in the air promised winter, Rick and I were putting up Christmas decorations. We realized this was the first Christmas in our lifetimes that we weren't purchasing gifts for anyone. The economic collapse had impacted all our relatives and friends, so Christmas took on a whole new meaning.

As we unpacked strands of tree lights, the ladder next to our Christmas tree started shaking. The floors of our home shuddered and vibrated. Dishes rattled, the walls shook, and our electricity went out. I had never experienced an earthquake before but we immediately recognized the tremors and took refuge in our hallway. There, we held each other and prayed for safety. I don't know how many minutes the tremors lasted. It seemed like an eternity at the time.

Later we discovered the earthquake registered 9.7 on the Richter scale. The New Madrid Seismic Fault System had erupted with fury and destruction. Nine states lost their original borders that day, and the state of Illinois disappeared entirely from the face of North America. The Mississippi river is no longer a river. The ocean flooded into the great divide and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico now stretch into Lake Michigan. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that the state of Indiana would have ocean front property. Thousands upon thousands of acres folded under and were devoured by the savage hunger of the earth, along with buildings, homes, bridges, and people. Over twenty-six million lives were lost.

My home, surprisingly, received only a minor three-foot long crack in the basement wall. We were able to repair it with minor construction. It was astonishing to me, that my house survived major damage while cities forty-five miles west of my location, entirely disappeared. I knew God was watching over us.

* * *

The intense summer heat directed me back to reality. Living with no air conditioning was difficult on one-hundred degree days. Electricity, once restored after the earthquake, is now rationed. To access any electricity, people are required to have a device attached to their heating and cooling systems. I was only allowed three hours of electricity usage a day during the summer. Our access is available in the afternoons, so that is when I cook, charge cell phones, check the latest news reports, use my sewing machine, and on occasion listen to music.

For the next two months, as if life couldn't get any worse, an avalanche of life-changing events followed. There were mass lay-offs throughout the country. Government-funded programs such as food assistance, social security and unemployment subsidies ceased to exist. Non-profit charities could not depend on government grants or donations to help those in most need. Survival became a way of life! Most rural neighborhoods such as ours became self-enclosed communities, bonding together for protection from those who scour the countryside desperately searching for food and resources. In these community groups, everyone must do their part and share the workload in order to survive.

Often, squatters infiltrated rural communities to live in deserted homes. Everyone has to be very careful when we meet new people. The squatters seek to join a community group by volunteering to help with the work: gardening, hunting, or using their skills to provide other needed resources. After gaining the confidence of the community, they attack and kill the members and then use up their resources. After consuming all the food available, they move on to find another community group and do the same.

Shopping malls and fuel centers are limited. Restaurants, theatres and other forms of recreation are nearly non-existent. Hospitals have closed in most small communities. Healthcare is now a luxury item because three-fourths of the United States population does not have a job or any kind. Many schools are closed across America given the lack of government funding for them to operate. Children are now homeschooled by their own parents or educated as small groups by someone knowledgeable to teach and willing to do so with very little or no compensation. A home or outbuilding is usually selected for such a school. Most of these are without air and have been equipped for wood heat during the winter.

Fuel, food and water are rationed along with electricity. Without adequate fuel for the trucks to deliver food to grocery stores, their shelves remain bare. The amount of rationed food a family receives is barely enough to feed two people. If you can't sustain a garden, harvest and preserve food, hunt or fish, you won't survive.

Children and adults under forty-years of age are faced with culture shock in the new America. They have been abruptly forced to give up a world where resources and technology were plentiful and catapulted into a world of survival on the "new frontier". People have no time or money for video games, sports activities or recreation. Most Americans must spend all their time in activities that contribute to their families or community, providing food, shelter and clothing.

I find myself missing many things I took for granted, like having ice cubes or diet coke. I long for an abundant supply of electricity to run a fan, to heat water, and to listen to music.

I grow weary of always watching for approaching danger. Squatters and other strangers, who travel in the concealment of darkness, manage to find their way into areas where neighborhood communities are surviving. Our community assigns and rotates guards to watch our area twenty-four hours a day, and I must carry a handgun with me at all times for protection.

Often though, I feel a wall of protection around me, and I think about the Rainbow Force pursuing any danger that threatens to harm me. Sometimes I see a flash of light or hear a rush of wind like the fluttering of wings, but I never see the angels. At those times, I close my eyes and try to remember each of their faces. In my minds eye, I can see them standing together with their weapons drawn, just like I saw them at the campfire nearly two years ago.

I think about the things they revealed to me, and I now understand about the new world they spoke of. I long for Christ's return and I pray that request every day. The world is a difficult place to live now, especially for my grandchildren. They don't understand why God allowed their world to be devastated. It's hard to explain how our country brought on our own demise by pushing God out of our government, our schools, our lives, and even some of our churches.


In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people...... and everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Acts 2:17, 21

Shekinah flipped through the pages of the Book of Worship and reviewed the list of churches written within it. He was well pleased with what He saw.

It was Sunday on earth. Christians were gathered all over the world to worship Yahweh. When intense and contagious worship occurs by those who invite the Holy Spirit into their midst, Shekinah's heart is stirred and he lifts the Book of Worship towards is face and blows a soft breath upon the name of the church. By His mere breath, He fills the space with power, surrounds the hearts of those present and distributes gifts of His Spirit to His people.

Named after the very breath of Yahweh, Shekinah is always present in the heavens and on earth. He who is the Holy Spirit never sleeps, never rests, never hides. He is always at work sorting out prayers, translating messages, leading the hearts of humans, providing truth from Yahweh's Holy word, and delivering power from upon high. Shekinah gathers up millions of prayers flowing from the earth minute by minute and examines every request. He prioritizes the petitions based upon the plan and purpose for each person's life. Each true and genuine prayer is absorbed into Shekinah's very being, and He constantly whispers the prayers to Yahweh.

Christians recognize Shekinah when they are quiet enough to hear His whispers, and brave enough to open their hearts to His possibilities. When these actions are combined, Shekinah dwells vibrantly in the heart of a Christian, causing great things to happen! Souls are saved from the clutches of the enemy and the consuming fires of hell.

When people on earth pray together in unison, Shekinah's whispers intensify. The citizens in heaven often hear His groans as He intercedes on behalf of their earthly loved ones. In heaven, those moments create a beautiful light show. All the citizens gather in the gardens, the fields and the streets to watch spectacular colors dance and reflect off the Holy Mountain's waterfall. As the colors glow and ripple against the flowing waters, angels are summoned from the hidden recesses of the galaxies to enter heaven and absorb more power. The angels touch the waters with their weapons and for a few moments, their wings turn to various shades of rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It is such a remarkable sight for the citizens of heaven!

On Sunday mornings, when many people gather on earth for prayer and worship, the scene is so majestic that even Yahweh leaves the temple to take in the display. Thousands of angel forces recharge their weapons from the light show and travel back to earth to protect and surround Christians and their worship services, worldwide. Angels recognize Shekinah as their life's blood. He is their strength, and He transmits Yahweh's powers to them, enhancing their strategic positions as they align for battle with demonic forces on earth. The angels recognize souls are at stake, and spiritual warfare is serious business.

If Yahweh lifted the curtain that hides the spiritual world from human eyes, humans would see the multitude of angels streaming to and from the earth, coming and going from all directions, fueling up with power, and dashing back to the battle lines to defeat the powers of the fallen angel who has challenged Yahweh from the beginning of time.

Mankind's prayers and praises create reserves of strength and power for the angels but their ultimate power source comes from the moment a Christian's heart grows still and peaceful in the midst of their own battles upon the earth, when true faith in the Savior is revealed. At these times, demonic forces have no power to prevail against Yahweh's angels.


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians 6:12

The Rainbow Force was in need of power for their next battle.

As God's premier angelic soldiers, they battled since the dawn of time for the souls of Yahweh's children. Right now, a legion of demons led by Abaddon, one of Satan's most decorated warriors, was gathering near one particular home and surrounding the property boundaries. Evil spirits nested in the treetops and hid in the rocky clefts of ravines, coyote dens and deserted homes bordering the land. The demons were larger and stronger than other evil spirits the Rainbow Force had battled in the past.

Abaddon had ordered a full-scale attack on a woman who wrote a book about The Rainbow Force. Written from a combination of documented divine visits with the seven angels as well as Creare's book.

Creare is the angel who represents the color of orange in the rainbow. He is creative and always documents the adventures of the Rainbow Force. At his last meeting with the woman, he had given her a book he had written and asked her to combine it with a journal she kept during the period of time she met the seven angels. The book revealed information about spiritual warfare and was to be a story of hope for people during the difficult last days on earth.

This simple publication was enough to warrant a persistent onslaught of demons. Many were disguised as rodents and reptiles. Some crawled in as large poisonous snakes while others came as rats with large jagged teeth. Vultures and crows nested in the trees. Their bulging, bloody eyes shone like red lasers as they peered down and followed any movement the woman made. Screeching in unison, they took turns diving at her as she worked in her garden or performed other chores outside. Day and night, week after week, his relentless hatred toward this woman wreaked absolute havoc, tormenting her life with challenging circumstances.

Abaddon was a notorious rival of the Rainbow Force. During the late third and early fourth centuries, the Rainbow Force battled him in Rome during the reign of Diocletian. Abaddon tempted and then possessed the emperor who ordered the execution of nearly 20,000 Christians. Prayer was strong at that time among the Christians, and their prayers had flooded the expanses of heaven. Shekinah had gathered the prayers, placed them in his bowls and then whispered them to Yahweh both night and day. In answer to the prayers, Roman citizens were being converted to Christianity and this angered Diocletian.

The Rainbow Force had led many Christians out of Rome to safety then, saving them from certain execution. The Rainbow Force's strength had grown strong and vigorous because the saints prayed earnestly for their people's safety. With such robust power, the seven colorful angels had severely injured Abaddon in battle. The victorious angels had flung him back to his fiery pit and locked the gates with Creare's key. It had taken him centuries to restore his form.

With his recovery complete, Abaddon was now bent to utterly destroy the protection the Rainbow Force showered upon this woman. He disintegrated every storm cloud approaching her property that promised a healthy rain for her garden. The fire he spewed from his mouth burned up the moisture contained in even the most expansive and strongest bands of rain before they could fall upon the ground. Her garden dried up, and she lost much of her food supply to the vultures and other creatures that invaded during the night. The woman's pond waters evaporated quickly and the fish (another vital food source) were eaten by the demons. With no rain, the woman had not seen a rainbow in months.

During one very tiresome day, Abaddon's demons, disguised as a fierce flock of crows, chased her into the house. In the minutes it took her to retrieve her gun and return, she was astonished to discover all of the crows laying dead in her yard, featherless. There was an unmistakable smell of putrid smoke and fire. She counted eighty-one dead birds. It was as if the birds had flown into an invisible wall of fire. She instinctively knew, at that moment, the Rainbow Force was near.

Without much fanfare, the Rainbow Force had managed to keep the demons at bay for months. Shamar, the woman's angel of protection, kept busy slicing the creeping, slithering snakes with his rainbow-colored sword. Chara, the angel of happiness, delighted in torching legions of vultures and crows with his fiery torch. The birds could not hide their laser red eyes, making them an easy target for Chara to destroy. Kaliergo, the angel of growth, decapitated rat heads with his pruners and flung them like stones at the vultures flying overhead. Irini, the angel of peace, then flew in and sliced the throats of the vultures and crows with his knives so they could no longer call out for back-up from other evil spirits. He also managed to cut the feet off the vultures so they could not land or rest.

Abaddon became so enraged at the success of the Rainbow Force's strategies that he summoned reinforcements from hell. He gave daily reports to Satan. Together they formulated plans of retaliation against the seven colorful angels. With the enemy force growing, the Rainbow Force realized they must have reinforcements. After defeating Abaddon's forces in the Battle of Rodents, the seven angels journeyed to heaven for a conference with Yahweh.


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