Raise the Heat: A Forbidden Office Romance

Raise the Heat: A Forbidden Office Romance

by Cassia Leo


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Broken-hearted, unemployed, and blacklisted, I don't think my life could get any worse, until I find out my new boss is my ex-boyfriend's twin brother.

Ethan Thorne is just as insufferably handsome and mysterious as my ex. And when Ethan's strong hands are trussing a chicken, I can't help wishing I'm the one being tied up.

There's just one very big problem. Okay, two very big problems.

First, I promised my father I wouldn't get involved with my new boss. And now my jealous ex has started sniffing around for evidence to pass along to my dad.

If anyone finds out I've been taste-testing dessert sauces off Ethan's utensil, we're forked.

Second, I think I'm falling in love with my boss.


I'm supposed to hate Alice because of what happened between her and my brother.

And when he heard about my reputation, Alice's father made me promise I would stay away from his daughter. But keeping my hands off her gorgeous curves gets harder every day.

And now that my wanker twin brother is poking his nose in my business, I may be on the verge of losing everything.

But I don't give a toss about the business. It's Alice I don't want to lose.

It's Alice I'll have to fight for.


Each book in the Beastly Bosses series can be read as a stand-alone, but you'll love reading them as a series.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781666250312
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 02/16/2021
Series: Beastly Bosses , #2
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time baking and watching Friends and Sex and the City. When she’s not binge-watching, she’s usually soaking in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a cup of coffee and a book.

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