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Raised Bed Revolution: Build It, Fill It, Plant It ... Garden Anywhere!

Raised Bed Revolution: Build It, Fill It, Plant It ... Garden Anywhere!

by Tara Nolan


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Raised bed gardening is the fastest-growing garden strategy today, and Raised Bed Revolution is the definitive guidebook to mastering this consistently proven and effective gardening method.

Raised Bed Revolution provides you with information on size requirements for constructing raised beds, height suggestions, types of materials you can use, and creative tips for fitting the maximum garden capacity into small spaces—including vertical gardening.

Enhanced with gorgeous photography, this book covers subjects such as growing-medium options, rooftop gardening, cost-effective gardening solutions, planting tips, watering strategies (automatic water drip systems and hand watering), and more. The process of creating and building raised beds is a cinch, too, thanks to the extensive gallery of design ideas and step-by-step projects.

This gardening strategy is taking serious root. Why? Several reasons:

  • Raised beds allow gardeners to practice space efficiency as well as accessibility (the beds can be customized to be any height).
  • Raised beds permit gardeners to use their own soil, and they can be designed with wheels for easy portability if partial sunlight is a problem.
  • Water conservation is easier for gardeners who use raised beds.
  • Pest control is assisted because most garden pests can’t make the leap up into the raised bed. For yards that struggle with drainage, raised bed gardening offers a no-brainer solution. Raised beds simply create a more interesting yard!

Find out more about why everyone is joining the raised bed revolution, roll up your sleeves and join in!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781591866503
Publisher: Cool Springs Press
Publication date: 05/01/2016
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 202,923
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Tara Nolan, author of Raised Bed Revolution, is a garden writer and editor with a diverse background in publishing. Her work has appeared in the Toronto Star, as well as in magazines, including Reader’s Digest and Canadian Living, and on websites, like Design*Sponge. Tara is a co-founder, with three other garden writers, of Savvy Gardening ( and was the award-winning web editor of Canadian Gardening magazine’s website ( for six years. Tara does work for the Toronto Botanical Garden and the Canadian Garden Council, and volunteers for the Royal Botanical Garden. She is also a member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators. Tara is from the Toronto, Canada, area.

Table of Contents

Introduction: What Is the Raised Bed Revolution? 9

Chapter 1 Gallery of Raised Beds 27

Chapter 2 Raised Bed Basics 51

Benefits of Raised Beds 51

Choosing a Size 60

Choosing Raised Bed Materials 61

Soil for Raised Beds 66

Location and Site Maintenance 69

Consider Drip Irrigation 79

Chapter 3 Raised Beds for Big Spaces 87

The Essential Raised Bed 88

Accessorize Your Raised Bed 96

Raised Bed with Upcycled Wood 100

Raised Bed with Benches 106

Utility Raised Bed 114

Raised Bed with a Pond 118

Other Ways to Build Raised Beds 122

Chapter 4 Raised Beds for Small Spaces 133

Vertical Herb (or Lettuce) Planter 138

Elevated Planter Box 144

Galvanized Steel and Wood Container 152

Upcycled Suitcase Planter with Gas Pipe Legs 160

Create a Mini Bog Garden in a Stock Tank 166

A Quick Vertical Gardening Project 167

Washbasin on Sawhorse Legs 169

Tips for Adding Raised Beds to a Balcony or Rooftop Patio 172

Chapter 5 Raised Beds with Purpose 179

Repurposed Lettuce Table 182

Making a Lettuce Table from Scratch 186

Versailles-Inspired Planter 194

Potato Growing Box 202

Cold Frame Using an Old Window 208

Greenhouse Cover for Raised Bed 216

Protected Strawberry Planter 224

Chapter 6 Not handy? No problem 233

Turn a Stock Tank into a Garden 238

Make a Raised Bed Using Corners 242

Why Garden in Fabric Pots? 245

Burlap-Wrapped Plastic Pails 246

More Easy Raised Bed Ideas 248

Chapter 7 Support Your Plants 251

Plant Support Inspiration 254

A Simple Lashing Technique 257

A Classic Garden Obelisk 258

Sandwich Board Trellis 262

Resources and Contributors 267

Index 268

Meet Tara Nolan 272

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