Raising Amazing Chicks: The First Seven Day

Raising Amazing Chicks: The First Seven Day

by Scott Gillingham




Raising Amazing Chicks, the first seven days is the first in a series of "Raising Amazing" playbooks for Backyard Farmers and Small Commercial Farmers alike. The first seven days are critical in establishing a healthy base for the rest of your flock's lives and taking this into account became the focus of the first book in this series.

The Chick’s First Seven Days Playbook is designed to give you the tools you need to meet your goals. I’ve developed checklists, charts and trackers, stuffed it full of diagrams, insights and tips that you’re going to be able to actively use.

Acronyms and expressions help us remember important information quickly. If I told you to pay attention to the food, lighting, air, water, space, safety, and sanitation of your chicks you'd be overwhelmed trying to recall each aspect. If however, I teach you that FLAWS™ means Food, Lighting, Air, Water and Space you now have a tool to help you quickly recall the most important elements of Raising Amazing Chicks. In this playbook we'll walk through the importance of each letter in our FLAWS™ acronym in great detail.

Whether you’ve raised a dozen small flocks of poultry or you’re just getting started with your first, you will yield far better results when you fully understand the importance of the first seven days of a chick’s life.

These first seven days are a critical neonate stage when the smallest mistake can have catastrophic results. This is the reason for the focus of the first book in a series of Raising Amazing poultry books by Dr. Scott Gillingham.

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ISBN-13: 9781775160113
Publisher: 2243530 Ontario Inc.
Publication date: 02/20/2020
Pages: 140
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About the Author

Dr. Scott Gillingham has traveled the globe teaching farmers and corporations how to solve the biggest challenges of the world's fastest growing source of protein. He and his beautiful wife Amy are homesteaders raising poultry to feed their family and friends. Dr. Scott created iChicken to bring his vast experience of both commercial farming and personal farm to fork living to Backyard Farmers everywhere.

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