The Rake and The Recluse (Lords of Time, #1)

The Rake and The Recluse (Lords of Time, #1)

by Jenn LeBlanc

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BN ID: 2940151713054
Publisher: Jenn LeBlanc
Publication date: 04/08/2015
Series: Lords of Time , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 117,374
File size: 3 MB

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Rake and the Recluse 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
booksavvybabe More than 1 year ago
In The Rake and the Recluse, Francine is somehow transported from present day to the late 1800's where she finds herself injured at the home of a reclusive Duke. Not understanding what happened to her, Francine rails against her "captors" and acts quite strange, making those around her fear for her sanity. As time passes, the Duke (Gideon) and his household realize that Francine is not crazy, but she is very odd and has no memories of her previous life. Gideon and Francine are strangely and powerfully drawn together and the Duke must find out who she is before he can claim her for himself. Gideon and Francine's relationship is threatened by Francine's vulgar former fiancé, who claims to "own" her. Gideon must find a solution for Francine, without permanently ruining their reputations. The Rake and the Recluse is an all-together beautiful book filled not only with an engaging time-travel historical romance story, but also with stunning photographs illustrating the story. When you hear that a book is different or unique, sometimes that is just words, and there really is not too much unique. With The Rake and the Recluse, historical romance fiction is completely re-vamped, illustrated with stunning photography throughout the novel. The story is very well developed and written, and both unexpected and captivating. I loved the characters, their development and their personalities. The Rake and the Recluse is not a one-track story. Gideon's brother plays a prominent role in the story as well as the reform-in-progress rake, and there is a side story romance between side characters giving the story more depth. What I really likes about The Rake and the Recluse is that after what could have been the climax of the book, the story did not just wrap up and end. There was not an instant "happy ever after" (the characters did not just get home and everything was alright again). The story continued, creating an extremely well rounded book. This is not to say that everything in the book was answered. I would still love to know what comes next for several of the characters, including the Duke's brother. That is a story line left open that I hope to learn more about in the future. The Rake and the Recluse is brilliant and beautiful, a historical romance novel that should not be missed. Historical Romance readers, I very highly recommend reading The Rake and the Recluse!
bestfriend72466 More than 1 year ago
Amazing the strength and courage of the main character, Francine. A must read!!!
Romancing_Rakes More than 1 year ago
I don't normally write reviews on B&N but this book got under my skin and I had to share with others. I spent a week (yes, A WEEK) on this book. It might be mostly due to the fact that I flipped through it 8 times just drooling over the pictures. Within those 8 flip throughs, I read the story. The concept is GENIUS! I mean, who hasn't wanted to know exactly what the author sees when she's writing her book? Who hasn't wondered what the hero REALLY looks like? Well, wonder no more. Ms. LeBlanc takes us into her vision, complete with pictures. This is the love story between a 21st century girl and her 19th century Duke. Girl is running through the woods, steps out in front of a fast moving curricle and horses, and Duke almost tramples her. Girl passes out, Duke takes her in, she wakes up and freaks out. Who, what, when, where? Girl realizes she's not in Denver anymore. Is this is some sort of sick cosmic joke? Cue in the brooding, green eyed hero. Instant connection! He doesn't know what to do with her, she doesn't understand all the rules of his society. They flirt, they spend time together, she teaches him sign language, she turns his life upside down and side ways. They begin to fall in love and then, twist! Enter the villain. He's here to take back his fiancee (Madeleine) per order of his crazy mother. Twist! Madeleine (Francine) and her 2 sisters are now wards of Perry since the Larrabees signed them over.That means Perry can void Hepplewort's claim on Madeleine(Francine). The Duke falls HARD for Francine, vice versa and that dear reader is where I will let you find out what happens next. Important Characters: Gideon Alrick Trumbull, the 10th Duke of Roxleigh is a delicious slice of 19th Century brooding, tortured, anti-social, perfectly sculpted (look at the pictures!) specimen of a romance hero. Francine Larrabee is an outspoken (even when she looses your voice after waking up in 19th century England), fiery, hardworking, independent 21st century girl. According the Francine's father's thesis journals, "certain people within the family were born at the wrong time, and the universe was endeavoring to return them...when they should have lived..should have lived with." Peregrine Trumbull, Viscount Roxleigh or Perry to all his nearest and dearest,is charming, funny and always knows what to say when things get tense. Lord Hepplewort is Madeleine's (Francine) betrothed, has been betrothed to her since she was like 10. Gross! He is a volatile mama's boy.You can't help but root for his comeuppance. Madeleine Adelais: Not much is said about Madeleine, although she opens the story. It is assumed she has taken Francine's place in 21st century Denver. Favorite Quote: "'You either need to find your way out of my bed, or I will find my way into you,' he growled." Overall: I would recommend this book to those who like to read time travel romances or romance in general. It's a fun, fast paced(unless you stop and stare at the pictures), sexy read. Well, Ms. LeBlanc, I've got to hand it to you. This is such an amazing concept for a book. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us with Perry's book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Would have given five stars but there were a couple of places in the book where several pages were duplicated. Loved it anyway!
TEST NOOKUSER More than 1 year ago
For the next book. What a great idea for such a wonderful story! The characters eere smart and strang and the images were simply beautiful. Must read. Must experience!
Guest NOOKUSER More than 1 year ago
Guest NOOKUSER More than 1 year ago
Well done for a new author.
Guest NOOKUSER More than 1 year ago
Impressive what a great concept. Can't wait for the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not a keeper! Started with a hint of "time travel" which I enjoy reading - about characters struggling to cope with the different "mindset, technology, what we take for granted, ... (21st century vs past)," but this book was lacking in this genre. Then, the story goes awry, I didn't connect with the characters or storyline.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyable stories about the two brothers and the women they love. Hoping that the time travel aspect is covered in more depth in the next book(s).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read but large sections were repeated within chapters in this nook version
FergieMO More than 1 year ago
Excellent 500 page read. Author gives you the entire story of 2 brothers in 1 book rather than leave a cliffhangar and have you buy a 2nd book. I love that it's a standalone book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun dialogue and arresting characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW. Nice long read over 500 pages. Great characters, awesome passion, unusual time travel bit not really addressed. I was drawn in and could hardly put it down. The main story was also "interrupted" for quite a bit to tell another story which was just ok. Overall I liked it would have like an epilogue on the main couple though.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I so enjoyed this nice long read, which kept my attention from beginning to end. The storyline was good, characters were great, and the action was on going! The author did a great job!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed the story of the "recluse" but the storyline of the "rake" was almost too silly for this fairy tale.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Grabbed my attention and kept me wanting more the entire time. Loved it!
Bookworm5025 More than 1 year ago
I've always liked back to the past stories, but this one was different from the usual once I've read in that the body doesn't go to the past, the mind does. I enjoyed the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book keeps you on your toes all the way to the end. I highly recommend it!
michealep91 More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyable, easy read...well written, the author did a great job telling 2 different stories and winding them together. This was my first book by Jenn, but it will not be my last
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
desertsyl More than 1 year ago
Totally enjoyed watching Gideon melt and join the human race. I look forward to reading Book #2.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago