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Rally: Communal Prayers for Lovers of Jesus and Justice

Rally: Communal Prayers for Lovers of Jesus and Justice

by Britney Winn Lee (Compiler)


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Both a cry for action and a comfort for our anxious souls, Rally addresses issues of social justice through lament and celebration. Using a call-and-response format, the litanies in this resource were created to unite us in prayer and common mission. Rally provides words for concerned. Christians who yearn to lift their voices to God with their community to comfort injustice in its many forms: racial and gender inequality, economic dispurity, White privilege, abuse of power violence, mistreatment of migrants and refugees, people pushed to the margins of society The selections in this resource evoke hope and connection, guiding us as we sift through the headlines, lament the destruction of the earth, and ask for the grace to love alike though we don't think alike. God commands us to love one another in a way that values each member of the human family. Without exception. Let's rally together and rejoice in the hope of what can be … if we revolutionize how we live out our faith. If we embrace the marginalized instead of ignoring them. If we stop judging and start loving.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781935205319
Publisher: Upper Room Books
Publication date: 07/01/2020
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Britney Winn Lee, author of Deconstructed Do-Gooder: A Memoir About Learning Mercy the Hard Way and The Boy with Big, Big Feelings, is director of a community arts program in Shreveport, Louisiana. Lee is driven by a passion to build community and connect the church to the world. Follow along of and @brittanywinnlee.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9

Foreword 11

Introduction 13

1 Sound the Alarm: A Call to Draw Near During Troubling Times 17

2 One Small Step: A Litany for Not Knowing Where to Start Regarding Issues of Justice 20

3 A Prayer for Perpetrators 22

4 On Peacemaking: A Litany for Lamenting Every Act of Violence 25

5 The Dangerous Journey: A Litany About Migration 28

6 Falling in Love with Bodies: A Spiritual Practice 31

7 Here Lies Love: A Litany for a Community Encircling the Grave of Someone Whose Life Was Tragically Lost 34

8 All Saints' Day: A Litany on Behalf of the Great Cloud of Witnesses 37

9 Ears to Hear: A Litany for Listening One to the Other 41

10 Frustrated Activism: A Litany for Those Whose Bodies and Minds Limit Them 44

11 Hope: A Litany Claiming That Another World Is Possible and On Its Way 48

12 Gaining One's Soul: A Litany for Selling Possessions, Giving to the Poor, and Sharing Our Lives 50

13 God Who Knocks: A Litany for Making a Home with and for Refugees and Migrants 54

14 Kind and Brave: A Litany for Parenting with Love and Courage Amid Chaos 57

15 Gospel Reconstruction: A Lament for Slaveholder Religion and the Ongoing Racism That Infects Us 60

16 We Call Your Name: A Prayer for Replenishing the Soul of the Activist 62

17 Stewards of Our Home: A Litany for Our interdependent Relationship with All of Creation 65

18 When Holy Days Are Hurting Days: Christmas Litany Amid Wars and Rumors of War & Easter Litany for Long Nights of the Soul 67

19 Once Again into Our Doors: Litanies for Creating Community, Celebrating Community, and Lamenting a Community's End 70

20 On Parables: A Litany for Telling Stories to Bridge Divides and Build Empathy 75

21 We Need You: A Litany for Embracing the Divinity of God in the LGBTQIA+ Community 78

22 Rhythm and Balance: A Litany for Anchoring and Energizing Justice Work with Sabbath, Contemplation, and Community 82

23 When You've Lost Everything: A Litany for Dark Times 87

24 Perfect Love Drives Out Fear: A Litany for Sifting Through the News and Social Media Headlines 89

25 Where Others Have Not Understood: A Litany of Resilience Among the Abuse of Power and Privilege 92

26 Take and Make the Space You Need: A Litany for Loving Those Who Are Angry at the Church, Have Been Hurt by the Church, and/or Who Feel as if They Have Outgrown the Church 96

27 God of the Process: A Litany for When the World Feels Like It's Burning 99

28 Never Again: A Litany for Rebuking Mass Shootings 102

29 Planting Seeds: A Prayer for Our Gardens 106

30 Children of Abraham and Sarah: A Litany to Celebrate Those Whose Names Have Changed 109

31 No One Alone: A Prayer for the Lonely and Isolated 112

32 Shared Creator: A Litany for More Grace in Interreligious Contexts 114

33 As You Love Yourself: A Litany for Forgiving the Theology and Actions of Our Pasts 116

34 Mirror: A Litany for Re-Humanizing the "Other" by Acknowledging Our Own Capacities for Good and Evil (and Our Own Need for Mercy) 119

35 God of Many Names: A Litany for Loving Well Though We Do Not Think Alike 122

36 Not Abandoned: A Litany of Friendship and Investment in Neighborhoods and Overlooked Schools 124

37 Will the Darkness Win?: A Maundy Thursday Peace and Justice Litany 128

38 One Body and One Spirit: A Litany for Celebrating a Spectrum of Abilities 132

39 Justice in the Ordinary: A Litany for the Small and Large Decisions of Our Day-to-Day 135

40 We Will Laugh, We Will Cry: A Litany for Looking Longer at Pain and Committing to Celebration 138

41 Looking Inward and Forward: Advent and Lenten Litanies for Peacemakers 141

42 Racial Reconciliation and Repair: A Litany Toward Just Relationships 146

43 The Truth Will Set Us Free: A Litany of Remembrance 149

44 When the Unthinkable Happens: A Litany for When We Gather and Weep 152

45 Renewal: A Repentant, Hopeful Litany for a Changing Church 155

46 The Squeaky Wheel: A Litany for Being Close in Proximity to and Advocating on Behalf of One's Neighbor 158

47 A Lament for an Unrelenting Earth 161

48 Sacred Vessels of the Holy: A Litany for Honoring the Bodies (Minds, Hearts, and Souls) of Women 163

49 As It Is in Heaven: A Protest Litany for When We March, Sing, Make Art, Prepare for Nonviolent Civil Disobedience, and Pray on Behalf of a Backward Kingdom 166

50 Repentance for Head-Patters: A Litany for Confessing and Grieving Paternalism in Christian Ministry and Missions 169

51 Kind and Compassionate Masculinity: A Litany for Dismantling a Toxic Patriarchy 173

52 Hurts That Hurt: A Litany for Surviving Trauma and Finding Help for Healing 176

53 All Shall Be Well: A Closing Prayer for Making It Through Together 178

A Benediction from the Editor 181

Contributors 183

Notes 191

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