Ramblings from the Shower: Integrity, Faith and other Simple yet Slippery Issues

Ramblings from the Shower: Integrity, Faith and other Simple yet Slippery Issues

by Faye Bryant


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What do you think about in the shower? And where do those thoughts take you? In "Ramblings from the Shower," author Faye Bryant shares some of the thoughts that have come her way during the mundane task of everyday hygiene, and how those thoughts have compelled her to ask, "What about this, God? What do You think?" Follow along as Faye shares through personal experience and revelation her conclusions on just what God does think.

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ISBN-13: 9781439240328
Publisher: BookSurge, LLC
Publication date: 12/08/2009
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Faye Bryant is an outspoken advocate for authentic Christianity, having lived as a mask-wearer for years. She has spoken before several groups on living real and loving raw. She has served on a church staff for over ten years. She is also a hobbyist photographer, a history buff and a menace at trivia games.

She has been a wife... then an ex-wife... and is a wife again. Mom... then step-mom. Then step-grandmom. She has been rejected... then accepted. Abused... then loved. And she has learned how to love in return. She was whole... then cancer. She has battled with fear... then was brought to a place of peace. Now she is facing the future with hope and confidence in God.

Meeting life right where it happens, through a variety of experiences, Faye has learned that life can hurt, but God's love is real, and God never expects us to go it alone, or be something other than what He has called us to be. Through her warm and witty sense of humor, Faye now shares her faith and love for God alongside her husband Jack, through their church in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Faye blogs at fayebryant.com and twitters at @rfbryant

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Ramblings from the Shower: Integrity, Faith and other Simple yet Slippery Issues 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Tratmg3 More than 1 year ago
RAMBLINGS from the SHOWER by author Faye Bryant is a book that will get you to think about your conversation with God and when we do most of the talking we need to be still to hear his voice. Faye did just that in this book while in the shower she heard from God. While reading through the Bible, she would ask questions then head off to the shower. She said that with all the thinking/praying time, that by the time she got out of the shower she would have the answer. The insight of some of the questions that were answered for her is ones that we most wonder about and these are the ones she shared. She not only lets you know what the questions were that she had asked, but she also puts the answered and the scripture verses that God had directed her too. Faye wrote this book about things we have all gone through in life integrity, abuse, grief, putting people on pedestals and other things that we all see in our everyday life; she is speaking to us as if we are sitting there next to her. I would recommend this book for anyone who is looking for some answers that you haven’t found, or if you just want a good book to read. Faye Bryant is not only an author, and Blogger but she is also Wife, Mother, Step-mother, and Grandmother. Faye was born in Florida and lived there until age 25 then she moved to Tennessee where she has been ever since. Faye serves at the Church of Cove in Townsend as the Ministry Assistant and Communications director; she also owns her own business as a scopist, where she loves to work from her home office. She says just ask and she’ll explain that one. I really enjoyed reading this book because it talked about her life and how she dealt with some challenges she has faced. It also gave some insight of some things I always wondered. There were so many eye opening things for me that I was surprised on some of them, for instance she states “That happiness dwells all around us. Sometimes we find it then lose it, because we don’t choose to hang onto it or we think it requires something or someone else. We choose our focus, and so many times, we choose poorly.” I have to agree on this one, I have not only experience this one but seen so many people including my own children experience this. I was so blessed by the words Faye spoke and I think you will too. To see other things she has spoken about in her book you have to read this book.
jenandmikeand6 More than 1 year ago
I really liked Faye's book. I love her chapter titles and subtitles. Since taking a shower is one of the few times I have in my day entirely to myself, I could see myself standing in the shower scrubbing my hair and crying out to God with very similar questions. Her chapter on judging and being judged starts with a subtitle question, "God, why are people so amazed by the way our church just accepts them? Why does a person care so much more about how he or she looks when coming to church, as opposed to going to the grocery store?" I've wondered that before. Faye tells the reader up front in a disclaimer that she" is not a theologian, nor a doctor of psychology, nor any expert in any field other than her own life". When read from this perspective it is much easier to grab a cup of tea and sit down with Faye and read as though she is talking right there with you. Faye uses colorful southern style writing to share her life and how she has overcome painful things in life to offer a refreshing perspective on issues that Christians struggle with. From living to please God and not running from God, to overcoming hurt, grief, what people look like, to integrity, abuse, to love, I think many will find this book worth the read!
HeatherReviews More than 1 year ago
Ramblings from the Shower sounds like a kind of flaky title that doesn’t really come close to giving Faye Bryant the full credit she deserves. So much more than “ramblings”, Faye’s wisdom and friendly dialogue make this a book you’ll be eager to share. It’s a comprehensive devotional collection that will touch the heart of the reader and motivate reflection and a closer walk with God. When I take a shower I usually catch myself humming something crazy like Singing in the Rain or Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Faye’s shower time goes so much deeper. The shower is her time to quietly muse about the things of God. The discussions she has with herself and the Lord during these times are profound and she is generous to share that private time in a very candid fashion with her readers. I love this book! I love her voice and the realism she conveys. Certain topics spoke louder to me than others, but I think this will be extremely personal for each reader as the holy spirit highlights the messages they need most. For me it was an early chapter that first gripped me. She writes about when she was thinking about pedestals. She quickly remembers an event with a pastor’s wife who was overwhelmed by the challenges and work of operating under the expectations of others as well as the crazy high standards she had in turn placed on herself. Faye spoke reason and peace into the pastor’s wife so desperate to please. She recognizes the fear and emotion of such high expectations and touches on a very needed splash of grace. As a former pastor’s wife I was deeply blessed to know that someone outside of that life could see the struggles these women face and reach out in love. There was so much insight packed in this simple little book that I could hardly put it down. You won’t find sudsy philosophy or washed up religion in the pages of Ramblings from the Shower. You’ll find honesty, truth and a clean picture of the one who can wash you whiter than snow. Pick up your copy today at At Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It’s shower time! I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.
amombychance More than 1 year ago
Ramblings from the Shower was written in a conversation style. While I believe most people use their daily shower to cleanse and renew their body, author Faye Bryant utilizes her shower time in a more spiritual way! While sudsing up, she has intimate conversations with Jesus, about slippery subjects such as grief , integrity , and surrender. Anyone who has ever struggled to understand issues such as grief, integrity, people pleasing and abusive relationships would benefit from reading Ramblings in the Shower. Although the book is not limited to only the above mentioned topics. Each chapter addressed a slippery topic, while maintaining the ability to keep my attention without making me want to drop the book. Pun intended!I loved the way each subject was written to not only entertain, but inform the reader about subjects, they may not have the courage to ask someone about. I was able to visualize myself talking to a dear friend throughout the entire book. My favorite part of the book was the chapter on grief. It ministered to my heart. Through its words, I was able to find comfort,despite the fact that my Grandmother is very critical in the hospital. There is a distinct possibility that I may lose her. The chapter taught me not to fear my emotions regarding grief. Each chapter is relevant to what we as Christians face during our lifetime. Another aspect of the book that resonated with me, was the ability to take slippery issues outside the normal spectrum and challenge me to think outside the box. My prayer is that each person who reads this book, is led into a deeper relationship with Jesus , while gaining wisdom about his character.
sunflower_faith More than 1 year ago
Reminding me of Erma Bombeck,"Ramblings from the Shower" is both an emotional and human look of how God reaches to us in our oddest moments, be it when we are completely unguarded in the shower, to when we are hurting at our most, that He reaches out to us and us to Him. There were moments I found myself smiling and nodding in agreement while others, just wiping away tears as I read of Faye Bryant's experiences and her love for the Lord as she reaches out to show how much we do matter to Him. "Ramblings from the Shower" is straight from the heart and encourages the reader to find strength that can be found in the Lord; Written in a way that everyone can find a connection to, in both good times and in bad times too. There is a very authentic voice and Faye speaks clearly about living with faith, an authentic faith and with integrity and talks plainly to all about how we have all been there and can get through at the same time. I personally like,"Pedestals and Potato Soup" which I think we have all encountered on both ends of the spectrum and just really illustrates how openly and honest, Faye writes in, "Ramblings from the Shower". After reading that particular chapter, it left me crying and smiling and going, yes, on both ends, how putting people on pedestals or being put on a pedestal with false expectations can be difficult. It was such a reminder of how we can often create a mental image of what we think a person is or expect a person to be and, she really helps the reader the repercussions to both parties. "Ramblings from the Shower" is more than just that one chapter and there are many more to be discovered, which makes this a book that is so well worth getting. You will laugh,cry and find yourself, comforted, knowing you're not the only one, as you read, "Ramblings from the Shower" and discovered a book that captures the spirit and truth of an authentic walk with God. Don't assume you know what this book is, by the title alone, for it will bring you to a much deeper journey with God, than you can expect. ***Disclaimer: Thank you to CWA Review Crew for the opportunity to read and review this book, in exchange for my personal opinion***
villageanne More than 1 year ago
“Ramblings from the shower” by “Faye Bryant” is a book that I could connect with. The author shared her own thoughts and feelings on how she struggled with trials and over-came them. I felt like I was chatting with a friend. I thought I was the only person who used common places like the shower or hiking in the woods, to think and talk to myself about by feelings and how to handle life's little ups and downs. It was comforting to read that there were others who do the same things that I do, who struggle and deal with trials in their own ways. Sometimes I feel like some religious groups want us all to be little cookie cutter cookies. I am not a cookie cutter cookie and don't like being treated like one. I am an individual and want to be treated as such. This book talks about integrity, faith and other simple yet slippery issues. These traits are very important in my own life and I am constantly working to be better at each of them. The author starts the book with a simple disclaimer stating that she is not a theologian, nor a doctor of psychology, nor an expert in any field other than her own life. That made me feel at ease with her book. She has the ability to write in simple language just like a friend. She does not preach her message or thoughts. Her stories come from the heart and I felt connected to her on a personal level. Her stories were real and emotional. They were compassionate and yet often humorous. I felt her pain as she discussed divorce and betrayal. I laughed out loud when she told a man who wanted to wear plaids with stripes. I felt my strength being renewed on a higher level. This book is just what I needed at this time in my life. The compassion she showed was amazing. The scriptures she used to reinforce her stories were perfect and added to the real life events and choices she made. I found strength in knowing that others shared trials just as I do. I felt comfort in the fact that the stories are just more proof that Heavenly Father never leaves our side, even when we think we are alone. My favorite chapter was “People Pedestals and Potato Soup”. I had not realized that I put certain people on pedestals. I often think those I love are perfect. When they do something that is not perfect, I find myself disappointed. I had not realized that it was I who put them on the pedestal. They never claimed to be perfect. I really related to this chapter and am trying to apply the knowledge in this chapter in my own life. I loved this book and rate it a 5 Star. I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with trials in their life or just wants to gain strength during a time of preparation for the next trial in their life. Disclaimer: I received this book free from the author through CWA. This has no impact on my review. I give honest reviews.
charread More than 1 year ago
Do you sing in the shower? I don’t because it would scare my dog who likes to lay on the floor and go to sleep to the sound of the water. It seems to relax him. Faye Bryant meditates and ponders in the shower(as I do) and it’s from her meditations that she was given the idea to write this book about various questions and subjects that Christians are confronted with everyday. As you read the book you almost feel as if you are sitting across the kitchen table from Faye with a cup of coffee as the two of you share the questions and concerns you have in your spiritual journey. She writes about some of the challenges she’s had in life and she explains them in an upfront honest way.It hasn’t always been a “June Cleaver” life for her. There is something in this book we can all admit to trying to either ignore or cover up. She talks about self-inflicted stress and letting others control our emotions and admitting our mistakes. Do we control the outcome or does God? She uses experience and wit and charm to put you at ease as you are confronted with things that you perhaps may be wearing a mask about. Hopefully by the end of the book you will be able to take the mask off some of these things in your life you have tried to gloss over and you will be a much more free and usable Christian. I recommend this book to any Christian no matter what their level of spirituality is. It contains straight, honest, gut-level conversations we all have with God. So put on your “God goggles” as she calls them and be revived and renewed. You can buy it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
MamaHickmanFive More than 1 year ago
Now raise your hand if you get some of your greatest thoughts or most heart felt prayers in the shower. *hand straight up* I know I am not the only one. Neither is Faye Bryant. Who is Faye Bryant? None other than the genius behind Ramblings from the Shower. Purchase Here This book was born in her bath. Yes, through the times that she spends talking to God - she admits she talks to God all the time, but it mostly started in the shower. We all do it. I know when I am "caught" talking to God - I am usually hearing Little Miss "Mama, who are you talking to?" There are some books where you must read cover to cover to follow the flow of the book. If you choose to read chapter 15 before you read chapter 3 you would be really lost. I love that you don't have to go front to back with this book. You can and by all means you do want to read all chapters, but you don't have to. By the time I hit page 37 of this book God had told me I was definitely in the right place. Page 37 is smack dab in the middle of the chapter "Lessons from a Little Dog ...excitement and surrender." Faye tells this story of Casey and how excited Casey gets when her husband gets home. Whimpering excitedly, quivering with anticipation and waiting to spend time with her husband. She asks us to imagine, what would happen if we did that for our Master, the Creator of the Universe? What would our "quiet time" look like? It's time to be more excited about God and all the great things He has in-store for us and our lives. A few chapters later she brings up the topic of worship and the question is there a right way and a wrong way to worship. This is a frequent topic of conversation here lately. I have admitted to Hubs that when I go to church by myself (we need to sometimes because of issues with the kids) I will raise my hands during worship. He gave me this wide eye crazy look. I then said, "See I know it would make you uncomfortable so that is why I only do it when I am there by myself" (or in the car singing - only one hand, or walking the track at the gym ... haha I wonder what people think of me then!) Just last week we actually sat on the floor and not in the balcony. Afterward he said to me, "Next week if we get there early enough I would like to sit closer. I had a much more intimate connection with the music this week sitting down here. It's what I am used to as a musician. - and you can even do your whole ... thing I won't mind." The point I am trying to make is that I could have read these chapters in reverse order and it not effect the flow of the book. I love that about this book. When I am needing something I can turn to that chapter and fill up. I like that Faye gives you scripture, but doesn't fill up the book with quoted scripture. She will put things like Romans 3:23 says we have all sinned. That is not the whole verse, but you get the point of the verse. If you want the whole verse you can go look it up if you want. She does this all over the place and I really like it. I am able to get the scriptural reference and go study it later. There are other times she gives the whole passage, but it is necessary for her point and there is a great balance between the two. There are few books that grace my nightstand as go to books. This one is being added to that short stack.
TheNoviceChristian More than 1 year ago
When I saw the title of this book, Ramblings from the Shower, I just knew I had to read it! I do a lot of my best thinking in the shower although those thoughts definitely don't run as deep as this. Faye Bryant talks about everything from grief to integrity to judgment to God's humor and many other topics. It is apparent that she is educated in her faith in God because she takes each chapter and shows us in The Bible how to deal with each issue. I don't want to give you too much because I really think you need to read it for yourself, but let's take the chapter on grief, for example. This one really touched me as I have dealt with a great grief in the loss of my father almost 3 years ago. She talks about how our society has changed to where we are expected and expect of ourselves to be done with our grief in the time it takes to plan and have the funeral. As she put it, "today we expect to have the funeral on Friday and be back at work on Monday." She talks about stages of grief, how we need to take time to grieve and to actually have emotions. We are not supposed to be stoic and unfeeling. Even Jesus grieved. Check out John 11:35. It contains only two words: "Jesus wept." Then, what if you are the friend of someone who is grieving? She explains how to be there for your friend. You can't fix his/her pain. You just have to be there. But, that is just a sampling of the subjects she talks about in her book. If you can't tell from the little synopsis I put together, I loved this book! She covered many questions that I've had in my short time as a Christian. What I liked the most is Faye Bryant's writing style. It's not stuffy and filled with a lot of terminology where I have to sit at the computer to look up terms as I'm reading the book. I felt like I was having a conversation with someone which I loved because I have a tendency to write that way too because it just makes sense to me.