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Ramona Forever
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Ramona Forever

4.4 130
by Beverly Cleary, Jacqueline Rogers (Illustrator)

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Life can move pretty fast—especially when you're in the third grade, your teenage sister's moods drive you crazy, and your mom has a suspicious secret she just won't share. Plus, Mr. Quimby's new job offer could have the entire family relocating. It's a lot to handle for Ramona. But whatever trial comes her way, Ramona can count on one thing for


Life can move pretty fast—especially when you're in the third grade, your teenage sister's moods drive you crazy, and your mom has a suspicious secret she just won't share. Plus, Mr. Quimby's new job offer could have the entire family relocating. It's a lot to handle for Ramona. But whatever trial comes her way, Ramona can count on one thing for sure—she'll always be Ramona…forever!

Newbery Medal winner Beverly Cleary continues to amuse readers with her wonderful, blunderful Ramona Quimby!

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Editorial Reviews

“Happy days, Ramona is back! Cleary provides laugh-out-loud scenes, memorable characters, and keen perceptions. When it comes to writing books kids love, nobody does it better.”
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In Newbery Medalist Cleary's seventh book about the Quimbys, eight-year-old Ramona and the whole family are caught up in momentous events. Beezus and Ramona share sorrows and help each other instead of tiffing when their dear cat dies. They worry about the consequences if their aunt marries a man they're not sure they like, about Mr. Quimby's new job taking them to a distant town. Most of all, Ramona wonders about her status when Mrs. Quimby has a new baby. PW correctly predicted that the ``gently humorous story, with Tiegreen's drawings emphasizing the main happenings,'' would be another of the author's bestsellers. (812)

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HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Ramona Series , #7
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Product dimensions:
5.14(w) x 7.76(h) x 0.47(d)
810L (what's this?)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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Chapter One

The Rich Uncle

"Guess what?" Ramona Quimby asked one Friday evening when her Aunt Beatrice dropped by to show off her new ski clothes and to stay for supper. Ramona's mother, father, and big sister Beezus, whose real name was Beatrice, paid no attention and went on eating. Picky-picky, the cat, meowed through the basement door, asking to share the meal.

Aunt Beatrice, who taught third grade, knew how to behave toward her third-grade niece.

"What?" she asked, laying down her fork as if she expected to be astounded by Ramona's news.

Ramona took a deep breath and announced, "Howie Kemp's rich uncle is coming to visit," Except for Aunt Bea, her family was not as curious as Ramona had hoped. She plunged on anyway because she was happy for her friend. "Howie's grandmother is really excited, and so are Howie and Willa Jean." And so, to be truthful, was Ramona, who disliked having to go to the Kemps' house after school, where Howie's grandmother looked after her grandchildren and Ramona while the two mothers were at work. A rich uncle, even someone else's rich uncle, should make those long after-school hours more interesting.

"I didn't know Howie had a rich uncle," said Mrs. Quimby.

"He's Howie'sfather's little brother, only now he's big," explained Ramona.

"Why, that must be Hobart Kemp," said Aunt Beatrice. "He was in my class in high school."

"Oh, yes. I remember. That boy with the blond curly hair who played baseball." Mrs. Quimby motioned to her daughters to clear away the plates. "All the girls said he was cute."

"That's the one," said Aunt Bea. "He used to chew licorice and spit on thegrass to make the principal think be was chewing tobacco like a professional baseball player, which was what he wanted to be."

"Where's this cute licorice-chewing uncle coming from, and how did he get so rich?" asked Ramona's father, beginning to be interested. "Playing baseball?"

"He's coming from—" Ramona frowned. "I can't remember the name, but it sounds like a fairy tale and has camels." Narnia? Never-never-land? No, those names weren't right.

"Saudi Arabia," said Beezus, who also went to the Kemps' after school. Being in junior high school, she could take her time getting there.

"Yes, that's it!" Ramona wished she had remembered first. "Howie says he's bringing thewhole family Presents." She imagined bags ofgold like those in The Arabian Nights, whichBeezus had read to her. Of course, nobody carried around bags of gold today, but she enjoyedimagining them.

" What's Howie's uncle doing in Saudi Arabia?" asked Mr. Quimby. "Besides spitting in the sand?"

"Daddy, don't besilly," said Ramona. "I don't know exactly." Now that she was the center of attention, she wished she had more information. "Something about oil. Drills or rigs or something. Howie understands all about it. His uncle earned a lot of money." The Quimbys were a family who had to worry about money.

"Oh, that kind of rich," said Mr. Quimby thought maybe a long-lost uncle had died and left him a castle full of servants, jewels, and rare old wines."

"Daddy, that's so old-fashioned," said Ramona. "That's only in books."

The conversation drifted off, leaving Ramona behind. Her father, who would earn his teaching credential in June, said he was inquiring around for schools that needed an art teacher, and he also told about the problems of the men who worked in the same frozen-food warehouse where he worked on weekends at below-freezing temperatures. Mrs. Quimby told about two people who got into an argument over a parking space at the doctor's office where she worked. Aunt Bea talked about a man named Michael who had invited her to go skiing and was the reason she had bought new ski clothes. Beezus wondered aloud if Michael would ask Aunt Bea to marry him. Aunt Bea laughed at that, saying she had known him only two weeks, but since this was January, there were several months of skiing left and there was no telling what might happen.

No more was said about Howie's uncle that evening. Days went by. Uncle Hobart didn't come and didn't come. Every evening Mr. Quimby asked, "Has Old Moneybags arrived?" And Ramona had to say no.

Finally one morning, as Ramona and Howie were waiting for the school bus, Ramona said, I don't think you have a rich uncle at all. I think you made him up."

Howie said he did too have a rich uncle. Even little Willa Jean, when Ramona went to the Kemps' after school, talked about Uncle Hobart and the presents he was bringing. Ramona informed Howie and Willa Jean rather crossly that her mother said it wasn't nice to talk about other people's money. They paid no attention—after all, he was their very own uncle, not Ramona's—and went right on talking about Uncle Hobart this and Uncle Hobart that. Uncle Hobart had landed in New York. He had actually telephoned, live and in person. Uncle Hobart was driving across the country. Uncle Hobart was delayed by a storm in the Rockies. Ramona wished she had never heard of Uncle Hobart.

Then, one day after school, Ramona and Howie saw a muddy van parked on the Kemps' driveway.

"It' Uncle Hobart!" Howie shouted, and began to run.Ramona took her time.

Meet the Author

Beverly Cleary is one of America's most beloved authors. As a child, she struggled with reading and writing. But by third grade, after spending much time in her public library in Portland, Oregon, she found her skills had greatly improved. Before long, her school librarian was saying that she should write children's books when she grew up.

Instead she became a librarian. When a young boy asked her, "Where are the books about kids like us?" she remembered her teacher's encouragement and was inspired to write the books she'd longed to read but couldn't find when she was younger. She based her funny stories on her own neighborhood experiences and the sort of children she knew. And so, the Klickitat Street gang was born!

Mrs. Cleary's books have earned her many prestigious awards, including the American Library Association's Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, presented to her in recognition of her lasting contribution to children's literature. Dear Mr. Henshaw won the Newbery Medal, and Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and Ramona and Her Father have been named Newbery Honor Books. Her characters, including Beezus and Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, and Ralph, the motorcycle-riding mouse, have delighted children for generations.

Jaqueline Rogers has been a professional children's book illustrator for more than twenty years and has worked on nearly one hundred children's books.

Brief Biography

Carmel, California
Date of Birth:
April 12, 1916
Place of Birth:
McMinnville, Oregon
B.A., University of California-Berkeley, 1938; B.A. in librarianship, University of Washington (Seattle), 1939

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Ramona Forever 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 130 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Maybe I like this book because it has serious sentimental value to me. It was the first 'chapter book' I got as a 5 year old, and my dad read it to me every night for a week. This book made me love reading, and introduced me to the character of Ramona. Simply put, this book is beyond mere words like 'funny' 'good' or 'awesome.' This book is still a favorite of mine, even though I'm now in college. Do yourself or your kids a favor and read it.
Taylor160 More than 1 year ago
The book Ramona Forever was written by Beverly Cleary. This book is about a little girl who goes through a lot with her family. In my opinion the book was great! Very interesting and kept me interested. In Ramona forever Ramona and her best friend Howie go to his grand mothers after school everyday. When Howie's uncle and Ramona's aunt drops in things start to change. Ramona no longer wants to stay at Howie's grandmothers after school so Beezus, Ramona's sister comes home after school every day to watch her. Everything changes when there are a few members added to the family. In this story the main characters are Ramona, Beezus, Howie, Mr. and Mrs. Quimby, Hobart, Raberta and Willa jean. The Conflict in the story is all the different events and Ramona trying to fix all the problems The protagonist would have to be Ramona she does some bad things but she also does good things. She saves the day lots of times. Ramona is very important to this book because she helps with everything she can. She helps Willa jean with her present from Uncle Hobart; she helps her mother when she's pregnant. Her and Beezus have a funeral for their cat all by them self. She is just very important. This story reminds me of Junie b. Jones. Junie B. is just like Ramona. She wants to help with anything and everything. Junie B's Mom and Ramona's mom has a baby. All the characters resemble the other in all different kinds of ways. When I think of Ramona I also think of Junie B. My opinion of this book was great very interesting. I enjoyed reading this because I used to love Junie B Jones and this reminds me so much of it, but there were parts I did not like. I didn't like how it ended just kind of ended at a random part. Which I think the author should have did differently. I would most definitely recommend this to book to others because it is so unique in all kinds of ways like telling a story of peoples like in an all new way! I enjoyed it very much!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
there are no words that express the whay i feel about this book. it was happy then sad then happy then sad. but in the end you could see that all the sad things that happened the story was for the good of the Quimblys. i thought that i was wonderful that Ramona Quimbly's mother is going to have a baby. and that Ramona's aunt Breatrice is getting married to Howlie's Uncle, Uncle Herbert.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like funny stories, then read Ramona Forever! This book is tottally awesome!!!! I truely recommmendit!!!!!!!
James Popp More than 1 year ago
It was such a great book! I like it so much better than the movie! Ramona meets a girl named daisy and funny things happen. Totally worth the price!
Andrea Miller-Chan More than 1 year ago
I like all of the bevery cleary books. I like Ramona forever because ms.quimby has a baby. I also like this book because aunt bea was geting married to ramonas friend howies uncle. I also like that howies uncle becomes ramonas uncle too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love it, it is as cool as Rainbow dash (from my little pony!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kiss the back of your hand three times repost this on three diffrent books and look under your pillow
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book series and im 12,it is my favorite childrens book series its just so easy to relate to Ramona,i have a big sister sister just like Bezus and i think beverly cleary realy captured the feelings and opinions of real kids Ramonas age. Pleas read the book series,my 2 favorite are Ramona Forever and Ramonas World.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish I could get it for free because it is a good and entertaining book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love all the Beverly Cleary books!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love ramona and i want all the books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have loved the "Ramona" books forever. Ramona is like me, funny , anoying , and has a widimage
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great for children graduating from Junie B. Jones books( Parks) and after you read this you should read the Winnie Years( Myracle). So easy to relate to and there is no inapropiate content that parents may be against. Look for the movie starring Selena Gomez. Cleary also writes book for older children and has some autobiographies.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You will love this book it is funny and cute I love the part when They go to the weding!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I read this book,I wanted it to NEVER END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you could rate100,0000000000 stars, I would rate all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you read this,$100
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
$$$$$your ass im an adult
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HoBaRt HoBaRt H obARt
Anonymous More than 1 year ago