by Sonia M Gonzales


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Randomness by Sonia M Gonzales

Life is about random encounters and thoughts. In Randomness: Short Stories & Poetry You'll Never Be Bored With, there are poems and stories of individuals in the brief, sometimes unpredictable, moments of their lives. Whether the answer is there to be discovered or not, it is impossible to ignore the impact of how a single experience can change everything and everyone who is involved. From the death of her father to her own drive to be the first to find a better future, the emotionally raw and powerful writing in Randomness will grab your heart.

The author began writing this collection when she was young and has continued adding to it until now. She selected the poems and stories that she felt most connected to and included them in this book. She wants to show the progression of her creative writing as it is the only form that she has not been able to share with others until now. Her readers have been urging her to go beyond what she has shared up to this point and to reveal her purest creative mind.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781440188275
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/29/2009
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.23(d)

About the Author

Sonia Gonzales has been published in poetry anthologies and newspapers.
This book, Randomness, illustrates her creative writing progression from childhood to adulthood. After years polishing her writing through workshops and fan fifi ction boards,
she is publishing her book due to the never-ending encouragement of family, friends, and fans.

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Short Stories & Poetry You'll Never Be Bored With
By Sonia Gonzales

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2009 Sonia M Gonzales
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4401-8827-5

Chapter One

Bonds For Life

Entitlement (2002)

B and I were good friends until the day he challenged my throne.

I was about six when it happened.

A large collection of the shorty population in the complex rounded up to play a game of hide and seek.

We were taking a break from the game and drinking kool-aid.

B felt it was his duty to finally break the news to me.

The news being that I was not a princess.

"Yes, I am."

"No you're not."

"Yes, I am."

"Prove it!"

"Fine!" I shouted before stomping up towards my apartment.

I led B and our friend towards my apartment, hurt my friend did not take me on my word.

I knocked on the door, figuring it would be less trouble than going up to Mom for confirmation.

"She's coming!" One of the kids said, watching my mom leaving the kitchen through our sliding glass door.

Mom's surprise was obvious as she opened the door to us.

All of us looked up at her with different appearances. Our friends were looking up at her with smiles and their hands behind their backs, playing the role of well behaved children. B stood there with a sigh,looking as though I was telling on him.

"Yes?" My mom said, unsure of why she had a parade of little people at her door.

B spoke up, "Tell her she's not a princess."

Mom smiled, letting out a small laugh, and shook her head, "But she is. She's her daddy's little princess."

"See, I told you!" I snapped, placing my hands on my hips and sticking my tongue out.

I let my ponytail give B my final 'hmph' before going into my apartment.

Needless to say, the princess sat proudly on her throne for the remainder of the day.

Girlfriend (A Memoir Tribute to Grade School Love)

"Sonia, why don't you go outside? Make some new friends." Daddy urged while sitting in his wheel chair and watching the television.

"Nah." I responded while continuing to write in my poetry book.

Mama and Daddy exchanged worried looks. We had just moved into the trailer park, and I rarely strayed out of the house. They had planned to move before the new school year in order for me and David to make some new friends. But it still bugged me. I had finally fit in with a group at my old school, and I had to start the fifth grade as one of the in crowd. Of course, my parents had to yank it away from me. My one chance to be someone special, and I would not have the chance to do it. Latasha, Cassandra, and all my other friends would be moving on without me. Great, on top of everything else I can tell everyone I lived in a trailer park.

There was one nice thing about the place. It was ours. The trailer was a little old and a bit of fixer upper, but it was ours. Finally, our own place.

Daddy sat there as long as he could, encouraging me to go outside and 'play', and Mama watched with patience. He sat as long as he could before retiring back to the bedroom. That's when it happened. I was in my room, listening sadly to my Mama encouraging my brother, "My friends are my friends, Mom. She can find her own."

Mama continued, "Ay, David, she could use some help. Just introduce her to a couple of friends then she can find her own."

"Why can't she just go hang out with that girl Samantha across the street?"

"No, that little witch is nothing but trouble. I'd rather Sonia lock herself in her room than hang out with that little gringa."

"So be it."

"David Eugene Rue, you better help your sister out or I'm going to make sure the only friends you have are the bucket of army men in your closet. Comprehende?"


How pathetic was I? I had to have my stupid little brother help me? If any of my girls found out about this, I would never hear the end of it. I grabbed my pen and journal. I had to get out of the room and out of the house before David dragged his buck toothed friends, to laugh at me.

I found a pretty nice tree on the corner of our street and sat beneath it. Once I started writing, I realized I was making a diary entry rather than writing another poem. I talked about missing the dark apartment we lived in, about missing my friends, and most of all missing the benefits of being known. I had to start all over again, and I didn't want to especially in the trailer park. I scribbled on the paper relentlessly until I was overcome by a shadow darker than the shade of the tree. I knew it was David, and I spotted the pair of sneakers beside him. I closed my eyes, afraid to see what I was about to be exposed to, as David's voice filled the air, "I've been looking for you."

"Yea, well, you found me." I huffed, opening my eyes only to look at my writing.

"I want you to meet my friend." David sighed, "Raymond this is my sister. Sonia, this is Raymond."

Finally, I looked up. He was not a complete nerd, but he was still a boy. This meant our immediate disliking of each other. The last guy I had tolerated was Frankie, and he irritated me easily. Raymond was about my height, dark, and he had little ears that stuck out slightly. I had to bow my head to keep from laughing, but I couldn't contain my smile.

David sensed the meeting was over, "Okay, I'm gonna go get that sandwich mom promised me. You coming?"

Raymond's voice filled the air for the first time, "I'll wait for you."

I heard David's voice get lower, "Sorry, man, I'll be quick."

He whispered causing me to angrily squint my eyes.

"He eats a lot, doesn't he?" Raymond asked.

"Pretty much." I simply told him. I wish David had took his dork of friend. I wanted to be alone. I didn't want to be alone with David's reject.

So what if he looked pretty normal? There had to be something wrong with him, if he was hanging out with my little brother. I was going to continue with my writing when Raymond knelt down and interrupted me, "So, what are you writing?"

"None of your business." I snapped.

"Whatever. Are you any good?"

I frowned, meeting his eyes with mine, "Any good?"

"At writing?"

"What do you care?"

Nothing came out of his mouth for a few seconds, and I started to feel self-conscience.

He sat, facing me, and examined me with his eyes. I hated this. I hated being stared at. When he finally spoke again, I was more than surprised by his comment, "You're mean."

"No, I'm not."

"Yea, you are." Raymond insisted, causing me to roll my eyes, "What's your problem?"

"Why is it your business?"

"Fine, forget I asked." He gave up, throwing his hands up in surrender.

A long silence fell between us, and all I could think was, Where the hell is David? Raymond was not going anywhere. He just sat there, staring at me. I felt the urge to continue our conversation, "I'm not mean."

"You are to me."

"You don't even know me."

He looked at me with a bit of an irritated look, "Whose fault's that?"

Unfortunately, he was right. I hated to admit it, and I didn't ... aloud. I closed my journal and decided to try, "What grade are you in?"

"I should tell you it's none of your business." Raymond snapped, making me regret my decision, "But I'm gonna be in fifth." He said and offered me a small smile. That was how we met, and it was probably the most eventful thing to happen to me all summer.

Raymond did make it easier to meet new people. I had made a pretty good circle of friends before we started fifth grade. This made it easier to make friends in school. But the more friends I made, the less time and the less effort I put into my friendship with Raymond. Besides, I was going out with somebody. This meant I circled yes on a piece of paper, and I was officially someone's girlfriend. Never mind that I barely talked to the guy.

Once David told me Raymond knew about my boyfriend, I began to notice Raymond wasn't talking to me much. It was weird, but I got over it. Then came the day when I was sick of James. When James was out of the picture, Raymond started hanging out again.

It was back to normal.

Until the day I started noticing some guys laughing at me. I paid no attention to it until my friend, Bonnie, came to me and explained what was going on, "James told everyone about you two."

I laughed, "What about us?"

"He told everybody you were ..." Bonnie was as cautious as possible, "Easy." How could I be easy? He kissed my cheek, and that was it. I accepted the laughs painfully and made it through the end of my day.

There I locked myself in my room. I wasn't even to Jr. High, and I was already easy. My dad, mom, and David made trips to my door, but I wanted to be alone. It was close to dinnertime when David knocked on my door. I told him to go away, but he told me, "Raymond wants to talk you."

After I wiped my eyes, I opened my door. I headed to the door and wondered if Raymond would tell me exactly what James said. I opened the door to find Raymond waiting. I closed the door and immediately looked anywhere but at Raymond's concerned eyes. I didn't have to wait long before he broke the silence, "What happened?"

"You didn't hear?" This surprised me. I had assumed all of fifth grade knew.

"No. David just said you were crying." Raymond shoved his hands into his pockets nervously, "Are you okay?"

"No." I snapped, feeling the tears refuel, "James told everyone I was easy."

Raymond couldn't help but laugh, "Easy? You?"

"It's not funny."

He quickly got serious again, "Sorry." Raymond remained silent for a minute before letting out a long breath, "Are you gonna kick his ass tomorrow?"

Raymond knew me way too well. I smiled, trying to find the humor in this, "I want to. But Bonnie says it only makes me look worse." I shook my head, wondering how I got myself into this, "I'm supposed to ignore it or laugh it off or something like that."

"Oh." Was all he could say. I was going to go back in when Raymond stopped me, "Do you want me to fix it?"

I turned to him confused, "What?"

"I could fix it. Tomorrow." Raymond insisted, "Do you want me to?"

I wasn't sure what he meant, "What are you going to do?"

"Just say yes or no." Raymond instructed, causing me to nod yes. He grinned, beginning to descend the stairs, telling me, "Stop crying. I'll fix it tomorrow."

The next day, I was a basket of nerves. Raymond, David, and I squeezed into a seat in the back of the bus. I looked past Raymond's stone expression to see David's goofy grin. It was suddenly so clear.

I punched Raymond's arm, "You told him, didn't you?"

"What's it matter?" He snapped, rubbing his arm.

"You haven't told me what's going on, but you told him?"

"Would you just chill?" He noticed my look, "He's got my back, that's it."

"Your back?" I questioned with disbelief, "I can take him in ten seconds."

Raymond ignored my last comment and stared straight once again. I knew what he was going to do. And it was instantaneous when we got off the bus. James was running late as usual and getting on the grounds right when we got there. Raymond took off in spite of my plea, "Raymond, don't."

Poor James, he never saw it coming. Raymond had tackled him to the ground and started throwing punches before James even saw his face. I ran to the circle of urging kids and shoved my way to the two. I felt a little sorry when I found Raymond on the ground, straddling James, and James' friends who laughed. I felt a little sorry, but I didn't stop it either.

Raymond stopped hitting him to grab his collar and shout in his face, "Take it back!"

James was confused, "What back?" What back? I couldn't believe he acted like he had done nothing to me.

"Take back what you said about my girlfriend." Raymond demanded, winding his fist back, clearly warning James to be quick.

James looked fearfully at Raymond's knuckles, "Okay! Okay! I lied!"

Just after the confession, the teacher appeared. Raymond was yanked off James by the collar of his coat. The teacher held him secure while James moved on the ground, "Who started this?"

"He did." Raymond snapped before his smile appeared, "I just finished it." The teacher sighed, shaking his head, "Let's go."

Raymond didn't have much of a chance to protest as he was carried by his collar to the principal's office, looking like a puppy dog being picked up by the roll of his neck.

The circle dissolved, and I was left to David, James, and the three cronies that thought James was a hero before this morning. James looked at me both angry and apologetic.

I had to get away, "Come on, Dave." I urged, tugging at David's bulky sleeve.

"Just a sec." David agreed before using all his might to kick James while he was on the ground, "Don't mess with my sister!"

It was true. Raymond had fixed everything with James. James tried to lie again all day, but who was going to believe him now? However, by fixing my problem, Raymond created another.

Now, in this episode of my fifth grade life, I had a bully boyfriend.

The whole situation was new to me. I had never been the damsel in distress, and I usually had no problem sticking up for myself. But I felt helpless this time, and a boy who was my close friend had to take care of it. I didn't know why, and I was dying to ask him. I hadn't seen him all day and the rumors ran rapid.

"I heard he made James cry."

"I heard he knocked out his tooth."

"I heard the principal spanked him."

"Yeah, right before he got kicked outta school."

It was hard to concentrate. I explained to Mama what happened, and she immediately volunteered to make my favorite dinner. So while me and David did homework in the kitchen, Mama was on the other side frying cheeseburgers and baking trench fries.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the front door.

David was quick to stand, but Mama's look sat him back down. She flipped the burgers and went to the door. I knew who it was when Mama grinned in amusement. She was loud when announcing him, "Sonia! Tyson's here."

I gave her the dirtiest look possible and headed for the door. Mama winked at me as we passed each other, and I wanted to scream. Raymond waited with a nervous smile. He didn't have a scratch on him, so he was fully aware I told Mama what happened.

"Hey" was all we could say to each other at first. We silently sat on the porch steps and tried to figure out how to start.

"Did you really get kicked out?" I asked cautiously, because I knew if it was true his mom was going to kill him.

"No, but my mom had to pick me up. The principal said I needed to," He temporarily impersonated our principal, "Cool off."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it. I wanted to do it." I frowned, "Why?"

Raymond shrugged, looking towards his feet, "I don't like seeing you cry." I could understand that. I probably wouldn't like seeing him cry either. It took a minute for me to get the courage to ask what I had been wondering all day, "Why did you say it?"

"Say what?"

"You know what?"

Raymond took his time to answer me, and I was reminded why boys irritated me. He looked over at me with a dismissive look, "You're a girl, right?" I nodded.

"And you're my friend?" I nodded.

"So you're my girlfriend." He concluded before looking away.

It took me a minute to process, "Don't pull that crap with me. I just wanna know why."

Raymond was annoyed, "Because you were my girlfriend before you met him. He just gave you a stupid note before me."

"But you didn't say anything." I responded, wondering when this was understood.

"I didn't think I had to."

"But I didn't know." I snapped causing him to huff angrily. I let him simmer in his anger while I crossed my arms.

Raymond interrupted our silence, "Well, you know you're my girlfriend now, right?"

I didn't know how to react. Raymond was my best friend, and I didn't want to be anyone's girlfriend anymore. But I owed him, and I did, kinda, like him, "Yeah, I know now."

"Good." Raymond said with one last huff.

(Continues ...)

Excerpted from Randomness by Sonia Gonzales Copyright © 2009 by Sonia M Gonzales. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Entitlement (2002)....................3
Girlfriend (A Memoir Tribute to Grade School Love)....................4
Our Angel, Analecia (2003)....................11
What I Can't Do (2002)....................12
Dads and Brothers (2002)....................14
Grandma Gonzales (2002)....................15
The Gift (A Memoir about Mama)....................16
Moments of Possibility (2002-2009)....................23
My Love (2001)....................27
Untamable Heart (2003)....................28
Every Little Thing....................29
Perfection (2003)....................38
Wanted (2003)....................39
My Forever Other....................40
Failed Wishes (2003)....................45
Our Future (2003)....................46
No Way Out, Just One Way In (1995)....................51
Yesterday (2003)....................53
Mommy Dearest (2009)....................54
Fucked Up Fairytale (2002)....................55
The Perv & His Serve (2006)....................59
My First Love (2008)....................60
Faith in the Faithless (2009)....................64
And the Beat Drops ....................66
Book Learning (2009)....................68
A True Hispanic Experience....................69
Scatterbrain (2003)....................71
Issues for Brando (2009)....................74
Another Day, Another Dollar....................75
My Own Knight (2001)....................83
The Terrible D's....................84
Nothing Worth Fighting For....................86
La NiñaPerdida....................90
Ladies of a New World....................96

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