Rare Books Beloved by Ramana Maharshi

Rare Books Beloved by Ramana Maharshi

by Roy Melvyn
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Rare Books Beloved by Ramana Maharshi by Roy Melvyn

Although many devotees were quite satisfied to sit in the Old Hall and bask in the Maharshi’s presence, others felt the need for further study to advance their understanding. To these individuals, Ramana suggested two books:
Lamp of Non Dual Knowledge and The Mystery Beyond the Trinity.
These texts are not to be picked up, read through quickly and put away. The verses are full of nectar which will quench the thirst of any earnest seeker who repeatedly reflects on their meaning and in right earnest attempts to implement the teachings. Through fascinating stories and analogies the entire spectrum of spiritual pursuit and attainment is laid out in clear terms.
These two rare gems are a valuable addition to anyone’s Non Duality library.

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