by D.A. Roach


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ISBN-13: 9781680581720
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: 06/05/2015
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

I have always had tales to tell and one day someone encouraged me to put one of my stories in book form. Since then I've enjoyed weaving together characters and plot points to create new stories.

When I'm not writing, I'm busy loving on my 3 kids and husband, gardening, or painting. My life in the suburban Midwest is never dull, because I seem to always be surrounded by colorful characters that influence my writing.

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Rarity 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
icecat413 More than 1 year ago
Rarity is a love story but with a twist. It deals with the all too real situation of someone who has to overcome a disorder. In my opinion, this type of story is much more enjoyable than the generic romance books that have become common in today's society. People are not perfect, and many of them have to deal with situations such as those that are presented in this novel. It is refreshing to come across a story that highlights that fact rather than pushes it away from the spotlight. I gave Rarity a 5 star rating, not only due to the topics presented in the novel, but also because of D.A. Roach's excellent writing style. I look forward to seeing what she has to offer in her future novels.
tifmich6 More than 1 year ago
D.A. Roach gives us a sweet, yet sad YA love story. While I'm not usually a YA reader, this book interested me from the blurb and kept my interest peaked until the very end. Brogen is an empath (the first thing I learned from this book) and she feels for others deeply. For a young girl, that is a lot to handle along with normal teenage stuff. Luckily for Brogen, her mom has the same issue and helps her get through the tough times. Starting her junior year, Brogen hangs with her bestie Meg and belongs to no crowd really. Her and Meg pretty much connect with everybody, choosing to steer clear of the snotty girls by choice. Jay is new to the neighborhood and school this year. After he saves Brogen from a freak incident, he realizes he wants to get to know her better. Unfortunately for Jay, the new snobby girl at school also has eyes for him and once she catches wind of Brogen liking him, she makes Brogen's life hell. Jay is pretty good at standing up for Brogen until the point where he is diagnosed with a rare disease (the second thing I learned). Once diagnosed, Jay turns into something Brogen doesn't like and she knows it isn't the real him. Once all the cards are on the table, Jay and Brogen figure out they can do this together and a sweet relationship blossoms. I am reviewing a bit vague as to not spoil any of the storylines. The book is told from Brogen's point of view with Jay getting a say towards the end. I absolutely loved the epilogue D.A. Roach gives us, leaving me wanting more from this cute couple, however understand if this is it. Reveiwed for Renee Entress's Blog
KVanderbloom More than 1 year ago
A touching coming to age story with a twist. I enjoyed this book immensely. I started it and didn't want to stop. I actually read it in one day. The writing was superb and the characters were complexed and believable. There is a message in this book which made me aware of an illness I knew nothing about. I tend to bury my head in the sand when comes to tough issues especially ones I have yet to deal with. This story made me lift my head up and want to become more aware of what vEDs is and what I can do to help the cause. I loved how informative it was without realizing it. After reading it and I could actually describe it to my husband without having to look it up again. I closed the book being a little bit more aware and entertained at the same time. I love the character of Jay and how strong he was throughout the novel. I loved the raw emotions Brogen. She was intense and relatable. This is the first work I have read from this author but it won't be last. I will be interested in what they write next.
LiveLaughandLoveBooks More than 1 year ago
This book didn’t really pan out for me, I thought that the topic was very serious but the characters were very immature and some things didn’t make sense to me. Like, The heroine’s mother is the hero’s doctor and I thought that Doctors weren’t allowed to tell anyone who their patients are? And a few other details that just bothered me…but mainly just the fact that everything felt rushed and forced and they were just really immature. Also, I thought this book was going to be paranormal because of how the heroine goes on and on about her empathy, so I just assumed that there was going to be more on that but there wasn’t. *I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*