Ravaged (The Hunger #3)

Ravaged (The Hunger #3)

by Jason Brant

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Welcome to the mountains of Pennsylvania, one of the last vestiges of the human race.

Lance York, a self-described loser in another life, has rediscovered himself in the midst of the apocalypse. Along with a cadre of other survivors, including the hardened, sexy Cass, Lance has taken refuge in a compound, struggling to survive the onslaught of monstrosities descending upon them each night.

The horrors that have devoured mankind are changing, their minds rebooting like a computer. Intelligence, the lone advantage of the humans, is returning to the infected. They ravage the compound with calculated, precise strikes, chiseling away at the defenses Lance and his friends have erected.

With the help of new ally, Major Frank Colt, the flickering flame of the old world must fight to stave off the extinguishing tidal wave of the new one.

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BN ID: 2940149389919
Publisher: Jason Brant
Publication date: 03/02/2014
Series: The Hunger , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 346
Sales rank: 544,629
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About the Author

Jason Brant is the author of thrillers and horror novels. His works include Devoured, The Gate, The Dark, the West of Hell series, and multiple novellas and short stories.

A job led him from the mountains of western Pennsylvania to the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland. For a little over half a decade, he held the position of Digital Forensics Analyst for the Department of Defense. He escaped that post to write novels, watch movies, and drink microbrews.

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Ravaged (The Hunger #3) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Rosemary_Montgomery More than 1 year ago
It has been 173 days since I read Consumed (yes I counted the days) and was surprised, as it felt like just the other day, and yet, on the other hand it felt like forever as I was anxious and nervous to find out what happened to our motley crew. Ravaged, I am happy to say, was worth every second of the wait. I wish I could tell you about everything that happened in this book as there was a lot of really, really good stuff happening all the time – I obviously can’t – but what I can tell you, is that you will not be disappointed.  It was brilliant, it was mind-blowing, and it was also downright scary 99.9% of the time and I loved every nail biting minute of it.   There has been a noticeable change in each of the main characters, specifically Lance, Cass, Doc and Eifort.  Some of the changes are subtle, but they are there and they add to the believability of the story while also adding depth to the characters which is so important when reading a series. Their story has changed them – and that, is life.  I did wonder how Jason Brant would maintain the momentum from Consumed (which I loved), but he has done a great job.  It is well written, with great style and the characters are all well developed and compliment a storyline that is truly unique. This was a great read.  I loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This aeries of books has really caught and held my interest. From well rounded charaters and heart stoppping moments of terror; I could not put them down. Keep up the good work Mister Brant!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
pawjr1 More than 1 year ago
Love the series!! Keep them coming!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jason Byant is a genius! Best series I have read in a long time.I would love to see this series as a graphic novel. After reading the 1st book in this series, which I got free, I am hooked. Not the average end of the world plot, this is original, fast paced, at times very scary, nail biting, on the edge of your seat fun. Cass and Lance are smart and funny, the way they interact is hilarious. Their role reversal makes Lance all the more adorable. Cass is his savior, his white knight who protects Lance from the horrors of the post world collapse and he takes it in stride. No grandstanding with these two, they are brutally honest with each other and embrace each others faults without judgement. The only problem with this series is Brant's left wing view that anyone who is a veteran, active duty military, pro 2nd. amendment, pro constitution, a hunter, goes to gun shows, and a prepper is evil and crazy. His derogatory, insulting and offensive use of the historical names for our hero ancestors who freed our country during the American Revolution, such as the minutemen and militia, and his hinting that our military and veterans are crazy blood thirsty killers is typical of left wingnuts and is all too pervasive in books today. Being a veteran of the Gulf War myself, I am offended by this attitude.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Necroscope84 More than 1 year ago
I just now finished reading Ravaged and I was simply blown away. I could not put this book down today. I was on the edge of my seat through most of the book and the suspense was just killing me. I've said this on every single book review I've done of Jason Brant's books but it's always true. This author doesn't mess around. His stories don't beat around the bush, they just start out with one big bang and the explosions never stop. You just ride the shock-waves all the way until the very end. It just doesn't get any better than this. Ravaged had more than enough suspense, action and well rounded characters that you grow to love more and more with each passing book plus the pacing was beyond perfect. This series from start to finish was just a pleasure to read and one I have no doubt I'll be rereading many times in the future. I am so sad to see this series end. I've really grown attached to all of the characters especially Lance and Cass. I enjoyed watching Lance's evolution as he went from a depressed, self-loathing loser who couldn't hold down a job nor keep his marriage together to the hero he eventually became. All of the bad things in his life began to change the second he met Cass and he quickly became someone I liked and admired. Cass also had a very nice evolution even though it was a little more subtle than Lance's. Slowly she started becoming softer and started showing her emotions. Yeah she was still bad but Lance helped her to see that not all men are jerks and helped to slowly peel away those layers of the shell that she had built around herself. Together the two of them were awesome and one heck of a team. They were perfect for each other. I just cannot recommend this book or author enough. He's quickly become one of my favorite authors He along with another author who's books I love are the only two that I will completely drop whatever I'm doing to read. If I'm in the middle of another book then I'll just push it to the side to read one of theirs. They're just that good. I love how his books have so much action yet still have characters that you just absolutely love, characters that you can't stand the thought of losing and every time something bad happens you find yourself flipping ahead to make sure they're okay. Plus I totally love this cover. Cass looks freaking awesome with the Anarchy symbol and mohawk. Alas I've had to abandon all hope that she'd leave Lance for me. Lance is just way to awesome and I admire him too much. She's just way out of my league besides after all this time they now feel like family to me. I'd love to tell you about the end but I can't so instead I'll just say if you love a great zombie book then do yourself a favor and get this book and series. You have no idea what you're missing out on if you don't. Ravaged and the whole The Hunger series has all the classic makings of a legendary piece of zombie fiction. If they were made into movies today they would seriously be right up there with Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead, maybe even a bit better. They're just that good!
Terri_Kinckner More than 1 year ago
I was lucky enough to be chosen to beta read this book by the author.  This is the third book in The Hunger series, and I didn’t think he could top book two.  Book two was a fast-paced Hell ride through an apocalyptic nightmare.  I was wrong.  Book three blew me away and had me thinking of the book when I had to put it down and walk away and deal with real life.  I desperately wanted to lock myself away from everyone and read this book in one sitting. The “Vladdies” as they’re referred to in the book are changing yet again.  They’re becoming more than just killing and eating machines, they’re thinking and communicating with each other.   Lance, Cass, Eifort, Doc Brown and the rest of the bunch found safety in the second book, but their safe haven became more of a trap once the Vladdies started planning ways to breach the security measures.  A rouge but small band of “military” also moves in to complicate things.  Making matters even worse, Cass is pregnant, making Lance’s need to protect her even stronger. This book had non stop action, from beginning to end.  I barely had time to catch my breath before being dragged into the next crisis.  This is definitely a book for those who hate filler fluff, as there is absolutely none in this entire series.  I held my breath one minute, and laughed the next.  I was terrified to read the next page, and even cried a little at the end. My fiance, who doesn’t read at all, paid rapt attention to my narration of this entire series as I’ve read it so far and insists that Jason needs to find a way to make these books into a movie.  I usually balk at those comments, but I tend to agree with him on this one.  I’d love to watch this and the last two books as movies… as long as: 1. Jason writes, directs, produces and casts said movie 2.  It’s a huge epic movie leaving absolutely NOTHING out.