Raw Silk

Raw Silk

by Lisabet Sarai

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Raw Silk by Lisabet Sarai

In a foreign land, a woman discovers exotic new realms of the senses…

When software engineer Kate O’Neill leaves her lover David to take a job in Thailand, she becomes sexually involved with two very different men—a handsome and debauched member of the Thai aristocracy, and the charismatic proprietor of a sex bar.

Each touches her in a different way, each teaches her different things about her body and her heart.

Then David comes to Bangkok, and Kate realizes that, finally, she must choose one of the three men who all desire her.

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ISBN-13: 9781786510051
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 03/01/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 217
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

I became addicted to words at an early age. I began reading when I was four. I wrote my first story at five years old and my first poem at seven. Since then, I've written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and of course, lots of erotica and erotic romance.

In addition to writing, I also edit erotica and erotic romance. My editing credits include the ground breaking anthology Sacred Exchange, which explores the spiritual aspects of BDSM relationships, the massive collection Cream: The Best of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, the charity anthology Coming Together: In Vein, a collection of vampire tales that benefits Doctors Without Borders, and six volumes of the Coming Together: Presents series of single author charitable erotica books. You'll also find me writing the newsletter and occasional articles for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association (www.erotica-readers.com) and monthly reviews for Erotica Revealed (www.eroticarevealed.com).

My lifelong interests in sex and the written word became serendipitously entwined more than a decade ago when I read my first Black Lace book by Portia da Costa. Her work inspired me to take my fantasies out of the closet (and the private email files) and expose them to the world. The rest, as they say, is history (although granted, no more than a minor footnote!)

I've always loved traveling; my husband seduced me in a Burmese restaurant by telling me tales of his foreign adventures. Since then I have visited every continent except Australia, although I still have a long travel wish list. Currently I live with him and our two exceptional felines in Southeast Asia, where I pursue an alternative career that is completely unrelated to my creative writing.

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Copyright © Lisabet Sarai 2016. All Rights Reserved, Totally Entwined Group Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

Breathe… Moist, ripe, heavy, laced with the scents of jasmine, garlic, diesel fuel, the tropical air was strange but welcome after the stale atmosphere of the airplane cabin. Kate O’Neill stepped off the passenger bridge and filled her lungs gratefully. Even in business class, the twenty-hour flight had been grueling. Kate ran her fingers through her tangled auburn curls and tried to smooth the wrinkles from her practical cotton skirt as she joined the crowds queuing at Immigration.

She felt a bit dazed. Only a month ago, she had answered the advertisement in the Boston Globe, and now here she was, half a world away, surrounded by foreign faces, buoyed by the musical rise and fall of Thai and half adozen other Asian languages.

It was nearly midnight, noontime in Boston. David would be headed out to lunch soon, perhaps to their favorite falafel place in Harvard Square. She remembered telling him of her decision to take the job, as they sat there nursing their espressos. His stricken face, the tears welling in his brown eyes—it was painful to recall.

Why had she chosen this course, so sudden and so radical? She was happy in her work, a senior engineer at a relaxed, progressive software company. Her family, her friends, her Back Bay condo, her dance classes, her volunteer work—all tied her to New England. Then there was David, her lover of nearly three years, since they had met in graduate school. David was bright, funny, creative, gentle, strong. He shared her love of the outdoors, her interest in film, her enjoyment of exotic cuisines. David was her best friend as well as her partner in the bedroom.

A clear image of David came to her—lush, wavy brown hair, compact, wiry body, deft hands and eager manhood. On their last night, he had sunk to his knees before her, weeping, begging her to reconsider. Then, the next morning, he had taken her, unexpectedly, in the airport parking garage.

Partially hidden by the open trunk of the car, he’d begun by kissing her hard, backing her up against a concrete support pillar. As their tongues had entwined, he’d raised her skirt, pushed aside the fabric of her panties, and stroked her clitoris, lightly at first then with greater force. Even as she’d worried about their exposed position, she hadn’t been able to help but respond, rubbing against his hand as he inserted one, two, then three fingers into her, all the while continuing to stroke with his thumb. His whole hand had been inside her underwear, stretching the elastic, as she’d born down, trying to work him even deeper into her.

Then, without warning, he’d stopped. Turning her around to face the pillar, he’d pushed her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties down around her knees. Kate had been only too willing to spread her legs wide, holding on to the rough concrete with both hands. A car had driven past, seeking a parking spot, as David had eased his cock into her hungry depths.

“Next, please.”

She started, embarrassed, as a young man in uniform beckoned her forward to the counter. As he examined her passport for what seemed like hours, she wondered whether she had made a mistake leaving David and her home for this land of strangers. David, though always enthusiastic, was not usually so daring and inventive, but perhaps he was changing. Her vague dissatisfaction and the sharp pang of wanderlust that had seized her when she’d first spotted the advertisement—were these realistic justifications for committing herself to a year in a foreign culture?

Finally, the inspector stamped her passport, with great ceremony, half a dozen times. Then the serious youth surprised her by breaking into a brilliant smile. “Welcome to Thailand, miss. I hope you enjoy your stay here.”

Kate smiled back. “Thank you.” She suddenly knew that she had chosen well. However this year turned out, it would be an adventure, a welcome variation in her well-ordered life.

She followed the stream of people to the baggage carousel and retrieved her luggage without incident. Pushing the cart ahead of her, she emerged from the international arrival area, into the confusion of the general concourse.

The area outside the gates swarmed with noisy humanity, faces everywhere, waving hands, shouting voices. Here and there, signs on sticks bobbed above the crowd, with hotel logos or the names of individuals. Kate scanned the scene nervously. She located the placard inscribed ‘Katherine O’Neill’, just as its bearer, a balding Thai with a drooping black mustache, noticed her. He pushed his way to the front of the crowd.

“Miss Katherine?” The man grinned at her as she nodded, his lively black eyes taking her in at a glance—her petite frame, unruly curls, rumpled clothing. “Welcome to Bangkok —City of Angels!I am Chaiwat, Mr. Edward’s driver.” He clearly meant Edward Harrison, her new boss. “Mr. Edward sent his own car, to bring you to your house. Please, follow me.”

Without waiting for her reply, he took charge of the luggage cart and started through the crowd toward the exit. Kate struggled to keep up, watching his back recede, worried at having lost control of her bags, trying to make progress through the press of bodies without seeming impolite.

Chaiwat was waiting for her on the curb, still grinning. “Stay here, please. I go get the car.”He disappeared into the humid night.

Kate leaned wearily against her largest suitcase. She had never met Edward Harrison, the managing director of DigiThai, Ltd., although they had spoken several times by telephone. How considerate of him to offer her the services of his personal car and driver. Of course, he was an American—from Chicago, she recalled—and no doubt understood from personal experience how exhausted she would be after the trans-Pacific flight.

A sleek white Mercedes sedan slid up to the curb, and almost before it stopped, it seemed, energetic Chaiwat was loading her cases into the trunk. He held open the back door, and she sank down onto the leather-upholstered seat with a grateful sigh. She drifted in and out of a half-sleep as Chaiwat drove out of the airport and turned onto the highway toward the city.

From under heavy eyelids, she watched the roadside sights fly by. Garish neon signs, in English, Thai and Chinese, lit up the night with the names of multinational corporations. Gleaming, modern buildings two dozen stories high alternated with stunted blocks of grimy concrete, weak fluorescent light visible through their open windows. Every now and again, she would glimpse the peaked, layered roofs and delicate spires of a Buddhist temple, rising incongruously from the middle of a residential or industrial district.

The full moon rendered the scene even more alien. High above the horizon by now, it lent a silvery sheen to the buildings, while creating sharp black shadows between and behind them. Brighter than any manmade illumination, it reminded Kate of an old-fashioned flashbulb. Each tableau seemed frozen in meticulous detail, captured by the moon like a surrealistic snapshot.

The car was silent, seeming to float over the road. The slight hiss of the air conditioning soothed her. Kate tried to stay alert, to pay attention to her new surroundings, but drowsiness was irresistible.

She found her mind drawn back to David and the scene in the parking garage. The recollection, on the edge of sleep, was vivid, almost hallucinogenic.

She could feel his hands, grasping her hips, positioning her for his thrusts. Despite their exposure, he did not hurry. His cock stretched her deliciously as he slid in, practically in slow motion, as if he were savoring every centimeter. He was deep inside her, but only for a moment before he started to withdraw. It was as if he were trying to memorize her body, imprint it upon his senses. He lingered at each stage, focused on each motion, constriction, texture.

Her own body was afire, but her urgency did not seem to communicate itself to him. Her nipples, hard as little pebbles, brushed against the smooth cotton of her blouse, raising a little gasp that she tried to suppress. David made no sound, breathed deeply but smoothly, in rhythm with his strokes, while she found herself panting, smothering her moans. She writhed in his grip, rubbing her bottom against him. The rough curls of his pubic hair on her bare skin made her wild.

She reached behind her to grasp the base of his penis with one hand. The other hand found its way between her own legs, working its way among the slick folds to find her clitoris. She squeezed David and massaged herself, both hands moving together. David responded, drawn out of his reverie, catching fire from her. He began thrusting harder, faster, deeper, just as she craved. Now he was panting too. She had to stop her self-caresses in order to hold the concrete support in front of her with both hands. Otherwise, the force of his thrusts would have knocked her over.

David made an animal noise, deep in his throat. He dug his nails into her flesh, pulling the mounds of her buttocks apart to have better access to the juicy cleft of her sex. Kate arched her back, opening herself wider, aching for total penetration. Again and again David plunged into her, riding her with a ferocity he had never shown her before.

She loved this position, the feral quality of being taken from behind. She loved the danger too, the chance of being discovered with her panties down and her private parts glistening with moisture. The thought of this, of how they would look to some passerby, was the final stroke. That image, added to the furious friction of David’s cock, the tingling in her nipples, the brush of his pubic hair on her thighs, his fingernails marking her ass, finally pushed her to the edge and beyond.

David felt her spasms, and matched them. He collapsed forward onto her, both of them leaning against the pillar. As their breathing gradually slowed to normal, David fondled her breasts and left tiny, precise kisses at the back of her neck.

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Raw Silk 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Raw Silk is a well-crafted excursion into sensual exploration. The characters are vivid and the narrative moves steadily from adventure to adventure as Kate explores her desires and the mysteries of Thailand. There isn¿t a dull paragraph anywhere. Raw Silk kept me turning pages in search of the next layer of delicious steamy prose. Ms. Sarai keeps you on the edge of your chair and panting. This is a rewarding read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Though I¿ve been a writer of erotica for well over twenty years, I actually read very little of the stuff, preferring the pleasure of novels in the horror/ mystery/suspense genres. Occasionally, however, a beautifully written piece of erotica does come along that grabs my attention and makes me realize how far I still have to go in becoming a good writer. RAW SILK by Lisabet Sarai is just such a novel. This is the story of lovely software engineer, Katherine O¿Neil, who leaves her home and lover in Boston to take a job with DigiThai Ltd in Bangkok, Thailand. During Kate¿s first week of work there, she unexpectedly becomes sexually involved with one of the owners of the company, Somtow Rajchitraprasong, and with one of the company¿s clients, Gregory Marshall. Somtow is a married Thai prince who seems to be overly addicted to the delicious pleasures of the flesh and is more than willing to help Kate explore her own sexuality. Marshall, on the other hand, is the owner of a local sex club called the Grotto and has a raw animal magnetism that makes him alluring. Lucky Kate is instantly drawn to both men with a force that¿s almost overwhelming in the nature of its power. When Marshall introduces her to the world of S&M with the intention of making her a sexual slave, she finds herself giving in to hidden emotions that threaten to engulf her with their smoldering intensity. In time she will have to make a choice between the two gentlemen, not to mention her old lover, David, who suddenly arrives in Bangkok to win her back. As if Kate didn¿t have enough to worry about, there¿s also a conspiracy brewing within the upper echelons of DigiThai¿a conspiracy that may bring the company down to its knees with her as the scapegoat. There¿s no doubt in my mind that RAW SILK is one of the hottest novels I¿ve read in the past several years. Though it was written by a woman for a predominantly female audience, I found myself aroused in ways that surprised even me. There¿s definitely something for everyone in this novel: straight sex, bi-sex, male domination, female domination, threesomes, and the list goes on and on. But more than that, this book is exquisitely written. Ms. Sarai is a poet who knows the magic of words and how to make them come alive for the reader. She¿s able to capture the sheer beauty of Bangkok as well as its crowded streets, strange scents, constant noise, and the open friendliness and hospitality of its people toward outsiders. I felt at home there and experienced strong memories returning of when I lived in Bangkok during the late sixties. I also found all of the main characters in the book to be fully developed and rather intriguing, and even the information about computer software programming managed to capture my attention. I have to admit that it was a no-brainer as to whom Kate would pick to live her life with at the end. I can say that RAW SILK, like authentic Thai food, is a hot and spicy dish best suited for those readers in need of a little excitement in their otherwise dull and restless lives. It certainly spiced up my life, and I now intend to keep an eye out for more novels by Lisabet Sarai!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
momsince1996 More than 1 year ago
Raw Silk is an exceptional story. The characters are well written, the narrative moves along at a steady pace. Having been to Thailand, I enjoyed the scenery. I didn't want to stop reading, but it took me about half a day to finish it because the darn husband and kid demanded to be fed!