Reactions in Compartmentalized Liquids: Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung, Bielefeld/ FRG, September 11.-14, 1988

Reactions in Compartmentalized Liquids: Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung, Bielefeld/ FRG, September 11.-14, 1988

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989)

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At the annual meetings ofthe "Fast Reactions in Solution Discussion Group" of the Royal Society of Chemistry, an increasing number of contributions is concerned with reactions in complex liquids, where the solvents cannot be regarded as homogeneous media but where their microstructure has to be taken into account. In order to summarize the different aspects of those solvents, the 1988 meeting of the group has been held as a symposium devoted to "Compartmentalized Liquids". The contributions concerned different fields of science from mathematics, physics, and chemistry to food research and pharmacy. Thus it was appropriate to organize the meeting afthe Zentrum fUr interdiszipliniire Forschung at Bielefeld. Envisaging compartmentalized liquids on a scale descending size, we may order the systems described in this volume from colloidal solutions, gels, hydro col­ loids, membranes, vesicles, microemulsions, micellar solutions, macrocyclic complexes to "cages" involved in bimolecular encounter. In recent years many experimental and theoretical studies have been performed on those systems, and they are also of growing interest for technical applications. Two important reasons for the investigation of compartmentalized liquids as reaction media are: i) they are suited for performing reactions between water-soluble and oil-soluble reactants, ii) they provide large internal interfaces, where reactions may be catalyzed. Due to the large interfaces, the diffusion of molecules is restricted, and for the theoretical treatment of reaction rates in these systems the concept offractal geometry seems to be appropriate. Therefore contribu­ tions concerning fractals are included in this volume.

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Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989
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Table of Contents

Micellar Solutions and Microemulsions.- Microemulsions as Liquid Media for Chemical Reactions.- Lipases as Examples for Enzymes in Reverse Micelles.- Aerosol-OT and Igepal Water-in-Oil Microemulsions: Compartmentation and Properties of Methemoglobin.- Deprotonation and Alkylation of 1,3-Indandiones in a Water/n-Heptane/n-Octyl-Phenyl-Pentaoxyethylene Microemulsion.- Kinetics of Azide Binding to Chloroperoxidase in Water and Reversed Micelles of Sodium Dodecylsulphate, Hexanol and Water.- Water Droplet Coalescence Rates in Water-in-Oil Microemulsions.- Diffusion-Controlled Fluorescence Quenching in Micelles.- Micellar Effects on Xanthates Decomposition.- Evaluation of Keratin Cystine Reactivity in Microemulsion Media.- Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies Associated with the Partitioning of Alcohols in Micelles.- Further Compartmentalized Liquids.- Spectroscopic Studies of Rotational Diffusion and Protein-Protein Interactions in Biological Membranes.- Kinetics of Potential-Sensitive Fluorescent Dye Interaction with Lipid Vesicles and Application to the Measurement of Membrane Potential Transients Generated by the Na, K-Pump.- Dynamic Changes of Lipids and Bacteriorhodopsin in DMPC Bilayer Vesicles.- Holographic Investigations of Aqueous Suspensions of Purple Membranes.- The Study of Elementary Reactions at Interfaces Using Diffuse Reflectance Laser Flash Photolysis.- A Flash Photolysis Study of Colloidal Cadmium Sulphide.- Kinetics of Dye/?-Cyclodextrin Interactions.- Kinetics and Mechanism of Conformational Ordering of Food Biopolymers.- Fast Reactions in Pharmacy.- Theory of Fast Reactions in Compartmentalized Liquids.- Fractals and Reactions on Fractals.- Fractals in Diffusion-Controlled Kinetics.- Diffusion Control of Reactions with Supramolecular Aggregates.- Diffusion and Steric Effects in Very Fast Reactions.- Statistical Mechanics of Fast Reactive Processes.

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