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Read and Respond by Janet Swinton, William Agopsowicz

The Fourth Edition of this popular combination text/anthology integrates reading and writing skills. The approach of Read and Respond is unique: students are assessed for comprehension through summary-writing rather than objective testing. After summarizing an article, students write a personal response. Because the summary and personal response are written in the students' own words, the instructor gains valuable insight into their vocabulary and writing ability. As a result, students develop proficiency in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

The new edition retains the best features of the previous editions. It integrates reading and writing, offers step-by-step progression, includes models, exercises, and activities in each chapter, and provides additional readings for practice.

New features include the following:

* A new, improved two-color format, plus overview maps of each chapter.
* A new introductory chapter discussing the reading process and main types of reading tasks.
* A new chapter offering a wide variety of methods to improve both general and specialized vocabulary.
* The addition of content area readings and/or excerpts from a college textbook in every chapter.
* New articles for student reading practice in a new chapter entitled "Additional Readings."
* An increased emphasis and clarification of student goals, outcomes, and benefits.
* The addition of self-check review questions at the end of each chapter to help students review key concepts and consider personal applications of those concepts.
The Fourth Edition is complemented by a revised Instructor's Manual, which provides an answer key for all activities, proposed syllabi for a quarter and for a semester, as well as teaching suggestions and strategies.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780935732351
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 01/28/1992
Edition description: REVISED
Pages: 344

About the Author

Spokane Falls Community College

San Joaquin Delta College

Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Reading Process
How We Learn Language Reading Two Types of Writing Narrative Writing Visualization Story Analysis Non-Narrative Writing Self-Check Review
Chapter Two: Learning New Vocabulary
Paying Attention to Words You Do Not Know Using the Context Looking up Words in a Dictionary Studying Vocabulary Self-Check Review
Chapter Three: Finding the Topic and the Main Idea
Discovering the Topic Previewing to Locate the Topic Locating the Main Idea How to Find the Main Idea Self-Check Review
Chapter Four: Locating Major Details
How to Locate Major Details Signal Words Key Sentences Strategies for Understanding Longer Articles Self-Check Review
Chapter Five: Writing a Summary
Start With a Summary Outline Turn Your Summary Outline Into a Summary Writing the Opening Sentence After the Opening Sentence Self-Check Review
Chapter Six: Writing a Response
Record Your First Impressions The Value of Questioning The Process of Listing The Technique of Mapping Write Your Response Self-Check Review
Chapter Seven: Reading Textbooks
Becoming Familiar With Your Textbook Studying a Textbook Chapter Before You Read Preview Step One: Warm up Your Thinking Step Two: Anticipate the Chapter Contents Step Three: Make a Survey Map What Is a Survey Map?
How To Make a Survey Map Step Four: Ask Questions As You Read After You Read Other Strategies for Studying the Chapter Review Self-Check Review Sample Chapter From a Sociology Textbook
Chapter Eight: Additional Readings
Narrative Essays They Live the Dream Me and My Shadow AIDS in Africa Academic Subjects We View Juvenile Delinquents Differently Than Adult Criminals Bacteria: Enough to Give You an Ulcer The Boss Feels Your Pain The Chemical Foundation of Life History of Communication Communicating Nonverbally Improving Intercultural Communication Raising Daughters and Sons: Different Challenges I Want My Son to Be Proud In Defense of the Real American Family This Is Your Brain on TV

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