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Read to Me Toddlers Bible

Read to Me Toddlers Bible

by B&H Editorial Staff (Editor)

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 The Read to Me Toddlers Bible is a padded hardcover board book with a plastic carrying handle. It features 20 well-known Bible stories that focus on God and His love and promises for us through Jesus. Simply told and beautifully illustrated, this will be a favorite among toddlers and young readers who will love to carry around their own Bible.

The stories here include: Creation, Noah’s Ark, A Tall Tower, Moses in the Basket, Out of Egypt, The Ten Commandments, The Walls of Jericho, Samson, David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions, Jonah and the Great Fish, Jesus Is Born, The Big Catch of Fish, Through the Roof to Jesus, Jesus Feeds the People, Jesus Stills the Storm, Lazarus Wake Up!, Jesus Is Crucified, Jesus Is Alive!, and Going Back to Heaven. Ages 0 - 4.

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ISBN-13: 9781433679247
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/15/2012
Pages: 42
Sales rank: 696,454
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 1 - 3 Years

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When God Made the World (Genesis 1–2)

In the beginning there was nothing but God. God said, "I wan to create a beautiful world!" The He made flowers, tress, the sun, the stars, and all the animals. Finally, God made a man named Adam and a woman named Eve. In just six days God created everything. He looked at it all and said, "It is very good!"

Noah's Ark Genesis 6–9)

God told a man named Noah to build a giant boat called an ark. God said, "Build the boat so big it can hold you, your family, and two of each kind of animal. I am going to send a flood," "I will tell you how to build it strong enough to keep you safe inside." Then the rain came down for forty days and forty nights. Even the tops of mountains were under water. But Noah, his family, and all the animals inside the ark were saved.

A Tall Tower (Genesis 11)

One day many people gathered in a city. At that time everyone spoke the same language. They said, "Let us build a tall building that will reach to heaven. Then we will always remembered as the greatest people who ever have lived." But God did not want them to build the tower. He stopped them by giving all the people new languages. Suddenly they did not understand what the other workers were saying. Everybody was very confused so they could not complete the tower.

Moses in the Basket (Exodus 2)

Pharaoh wanted to get rid of all God's people, the Israelites. He made a law that all Israelite baby boys must be killed. One Israelite mother loved God and her baby boy. To rescue her son from Pharaoh, the mother put the baby in a basket on the river Nile. God made Pharaoh's daughter find the basket with the baby in it. She liked the little boy and said, "I will keep this baby. I will call him Moses, and he will be my son." Moses was raised to be a prince in Egypt.

Out of Egypt (Exodus7–14)

God's people had been slaves in Egypt for many years. God used Moses to help the Israelites escape from Egypt. God was going to give them a land that would be their own. On the way out, the people had to cross a big sea. There was no way to cross it. When Moses prayed, God helped him by parting the waters. Now everyone could escape from Egypt. The Israelites took their animals and belongings and walked right through the sea.

The Ten Commandments (Exodus 19-32)

God knew His people needed rules to keep them good and safe. God told Moses, "My people should not make idols or worship other gods. You shouldn't use My name in a bad way. Always rest on the seventh day and honor your father and mother. Don't harm one another, and be good to your husbands and wives. Do not steal or lie or want the things that your friends have." He wrote this on stone tablets for His people. When Moses returned to them, the people had begun to worship other gods. Moses asked God for forgiveness. He always tried to teach the people God's rules.

The Walls of Jericho (Joshua 6)

The Israelites had to capture the city of Jericho before they could enter the Promised Land. The city was surrounded by thick and strong walls. But God gave Joshua a plan for the capture of the city. Joshua commanded his army to march around the city every day for the next six days. Then, on the seventh day, when God told them to blow their horns, the great walls fell down!

Samson Fights a Lion (Judges 13-14)

God said to Sampson's mother, "Do not cut his hair. He will rescue My people from their enemies." God made Samson stronger than any other man living on earth. Samson obeyed God and had very long hair and a flowing beard. Samson proved many times that he was super strong. Once, he fought a big lion that attacked him. Samson was so powerful that he easily killed the lion with his bare hands.


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