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Reader for the Orthodox Jewish Psychotherapist: Issues, Case Studies and Contemporary Responsa by Seymour Hoffman

This book contains a selection of interesting and informative articles authored by orthodox rabbis and psychotherapists that are highly relevant and pertinent to religious psychotherapists, veterans and novices alike. The highly significant topics and issues discussed include the relationship between clergy and clinician, special considerations in treating the haredi patient, attitude towards and treatment of homosexuals, and responsa by prominent contemporary rabbis regarding the issue of halachic constraints and treatment options, among others. The latter contains anecdotal examples of conflicts and dilemmas that religious therapists encountered in their work that were presented by the editor to various rabbis for their halachic (religious law) rulings. Among the questions raised are: Is the therapist obligated to rebuke a patient when the latter is transgressing serious religious commandments?; Is the therapist permitted to encourage a patient to express his negative feelings towards his/her parents?; Can a therapist continue doing marital therapy after learning that the husband is a Cohen and his wife is a divorcee?; Is cross-gender therapy permissible?, amongst others. --- Religious therapists, rabbis and laymen will find the book stimulating, informative and a worth-while read. --- Seymour Hoffman, Ph. D., works as a supervising psychologist in a Community Mental Health Clinic in Bnei Brak, Israel. He authored "Two Are Better than One: Case Studies of Brief Effective Therapy" and "Mental Health, Psychotherapy and Judaism" (Golden Sky Books, 2011).

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