Reading '95 Special, Vol. 14

Reading '95 Special, Vol. 14


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Release Date: 09/26/1995
Label: VOLUME.
UPC: 0017046922920
catalogNumber: 9229


Disc 1

  1. Festival of Sun Reading '95
  2. Coasting
  3. Has Been
  4. Back Down
  5. Sugar, Sugar
  6. Sister Pain
  7. Follow Me Down
  8. Half the Way You Were
  9. This One's for Me @@Carter USM
  10. All Hype
  11. Shag Wild
  12. Situation
  13. Biscuit Tin
  14. Sleep Freak
  15. Our Space
  16. Theme from Get Garter
  17. Daydreamer

Disc 2

  1. Out of the Rain and Cold
  2. Original Murder
  3. Electric Head, Pt. 2
  4. Dopes to Infinity
  5. Handsome and Gretel
  6. Morticiachair
  7. Sleep Well Tonight
  8. My Fidelity
  9. Imagining It
  10. Never Noticed
  11. Eyesore
  12. Natural Animal
  13. Delirious @@Peepshow
  14. False Identification
  15. Move to Limit Slabs
  16. Classic Adventure
  17. I Can Dream
  18. You Give Me the Creeps
  19. Snuff Movie

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Norman Blake   Guitar,Vocals
Babes in Toyland   Track Performer
Buffalo Tom   Track Performer
Mudhoney   Track Performer
Teenage Fanclub   Track Performer
Monster Magnet   Track Performer
White Zombie   Track Performer
Kim Fowley   Vocals,Track Performer
John Dean   Vocals
Stereolab   Track Performer
Heather Nova   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Guided by Voices   Track Performer
dEUS   Track Performer
Echobelly   Track Performer
Martin Abrahams   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Arm   Guitar,Vocals
Kat Bjelland   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Downing   Guitar
Tim Gane   Keyboards
Mary Hansen   Keyboards
Bill Janovitz   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Levesque   Drums
Matt Lukin   Bass Guitar
Tom Maginnis   Drums
Ian McCulloch   Vocals
Patrick Murray   Bass
Dan Peters   Marimbas,Trap Kit
Jeff Rose   Guitar
Laetitia Sadier   Keyboards
Will Sergeant   Guitar
Mark Thomas   Guitar
Steve Turner   Guitar
Simon White   Guitar
Powder   Track Performer
Gene   Track Performer
Electrafixion   Track Performer
Little Axe   Track Performer
Drugstore   Track Performer
Ash   Track Performer
Dave Wyndorf   Guitar,Vocals
Lori Barbero   Drums,Vocals
Duncan Brown   Keyboards
Chris Colbourn   Bass,Vocals
Maureen Herman   Bass
Tony McGuigan   Drums
Debbie Smith   Guitar
Tobin Sprout   Guitar,Vocals
John Tempesta   Drums
Sean Yseult   Bass
Rob Zombie   Vocals
Scarce   Track Performer
Cardigans   Track Performer
Delicatessen   Track Performer
Dub War   Track Performer
Prolapse   Track Performer
Skunk Anansie   Track Performer
These Animal Men   Track Performer
Cast   Track Performer
Menswear   Track Performer
Stuart Black   Bass
Matt Everett   Drums
Chris Gentry   Guitar
Andy Henderson   Drums
Glenn Johansson   Guitar
Alex Keyser   Bass
Sonya Aurora Madan   Vocals
Heavy Stereo   Track Performer
China Drum   Track Performer
Robert Pollard   Vocals
Matt James   Drums
Jon Kleiman   Drums
Kevin Miles   Bass
Ed Mundell   Guitar
Martin Rossiter   Vocals
Martin Williams   Drums
Robbie France   Drums
Longpigs   Track Performer
Nilon Bombers   Track Performer
Coast   Track Performer
Puressence   Track Performer
Smaller   Track Performer
Scarfo   Track Performer
Rudy Trouvé   Guitar,Vocals
Chick Graning   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Barman   Guitar,Vocals
Stef Kamil Carlens   Bass,Vocals
Joe Calandra   Bass
Paul Cavanagh   Guitar
Mike Chylinski   Drums
Stuart Dayman   Drums
Max Fidani   Drums
Paul Fyfe   Guitar,Vocals
Julian Hewings   Guitar
Paul Hollingsworth   Bass,Vocals
Klaas Janzoons   Violin
David Jeffereys   Guitar
Bengt Lagerberg   Drums
Rick "Rock" McMurray   Drums
Bill McQueen   Guitar
Tim McTighe   Bass
James Mudriczki   Vocals
Nick Prior   Bass,Background Vocals
Magnus Sveningsson   Bass
Anthony Szuminski   Drums
Neil Carlill   Organ,Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Joyce Raskin   Bass,Vocals
Simon Stafford   Bass
Linda Steelyard   Vocals
Tim Wheeler   Guitar,Vocals
Liam Tyson   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Wilkinson   Bass,Vocals
Daniel Young   Guitar,Vocals
Daron Robinson   Guitar
Crispin Hunt   Guitar,Vocals
Adam Lee   Drums,Vocals
Isabel Monteiro   Bass,Vocals
Nick Jones   Drums
Pearl Lowe   Vocals
Gareth Ballard   Guitar,Vocals
Neil McDonald   Guitar
Steve Miles   Guitar
Dee Boyle   Drums
Stevie Bray   Guitar,Vocals
Saunders   Drums,Background Vocals
Wez   Drums
Keith O'Neill   Drums
Ace   Guitar
Dave McQueen   Bass
Pat Marsden   Guitar
Tim Pattison   Drums
Mark Hamilton   Bass
John Power   Guitar,Vocals
Jason Riley   Bass
Steven Deary   Drums
Kim Dorman   Bass
Mick Harrison   Bass
Kevin Matthews   Bass
Gem Archer   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Mark Lawrence   Bass,Vocals

Technical Credits

Norman Blake   Producer,Engineer
Mudhoney   Producer
White Zombie   Producer
Kevin Gibbs   Contributor
John Burton   Producer,Engineer
Miti Adhikari   Producer
John Agnello   Producer
Andy Bradfield   Engineer
Tim Cronin   Visuals
Terry Date   Producer
Steve Harris   Engineer
Mark Hudson   Engineer
Paul Q. Kolderie   Producer
Skip McDonald   Producer
Clive Martin   Producer,Engineer
Ian McKay   Producer,Engineer
Bryan New   Producer,Engineer
Sean O'Hagan   Contributor
Simon Painter   Producer
Dan Peters   Contributor
Fred Purser   Engineer
Andy Ramsay   Contributor
Schroeder   Producer
Paul Schroeder   Producer,Engineer
Sean Slade   Producer
Mark "Spike" Stent   Producer
Phil Thomas   Engineer
Paul Tipler   Producer,Engineer
Cenzo Townshend   Engineer
Drugstore   Producer
Marc Waterman   Producer
Tobin Sprout   Producer,Engineer
Delicatessen   Producer
Skunk Anansie   Producer
J.B.   Producer,Engineer
Fred Kay   Engineer
Robert Pollard   Producer,Engineer
Simon Askew   Engineer
Robbie Adams   Engineer
Nilon Bombers   Producer
Scarfo   Producer
Dave Porter   Engineer
Rich Borge   Cover Design
Jonathan Quarmby   Producer
Chick Graning   Producer
James Birtwhistle   Producer
John Greatwood   Producer
Helena Zetterberg   Producer
Nick Terry   Engineer
Tore Johansson   Engineer
Saranella Bell   Contributor
John Smith   Engineer
Kevin Bacon   Producer
Staffan Schöier   Engineer
Kevin Matthews   Composer

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