Reading and Writing for Academic Success / Edition 1

Reading and Writing for Academic Success / Edition 1

by Mary Kaye Jordan, Lia Plakans
Pub. Date:
University of Michigan Press


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Reading and Writing for Academic Success / Edition 1

Reading & Writing for Academic Success was designed to present high-level academic content-based instruction to students who are preparing to participate in the academic community. The material is appropriate for classes where critiquing and integrating authentic text to reflect, react, write, and revise is stressed.
This text reinforces some study skills -- annotation as a bridge to summary writing, an understanding of various genres, presentation skills, and techniques for reading for fluency. Reading & Writing for Academic Success teaches reading and writing as inter-related for academic purposes the need for quality supporting information and credibility of evidence, both in reading and writing critical-thinking skills the need for a relevant coherent theme to develop interest and expertise.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780472088966
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Publication date: 03/11/2003
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.The 21st Century, an Introduction
Preparation: The Art of Journaling1
Touring the Text: Building the Basics2
Reading: "A Preview of the 21st Century"4
Comprehension Questions8
Considering the Issues8
Writing Assignment9
Understanding Vocabulary in Context9
Writing for the Reader: Academic Writing and Charting12
Chapter 2.Education Issues for the 21st Century--the Schools
Touring the Text21
Reading: "Full-Service Schools Respond to Families' Needs"24
Comprehension Questions31
Considering the Issues31
Summary Writing32
Memo Writing40
Understanding Vocabulary in Context42
Learning Vocabulary44
Writing for the Reader: Coherence46
Revising for Coherence47
Chapter 3.Education Issues for the 21st Century--the Students
Touring the Text52
Reading: "Success for Kids Accustomed to Failure"54
Comprehension Questions58
Considering the Issues58
Learning Vocabulary: Idioms59
Summary Writing62
Writing for the Reader: Adding an Introduction and a Conclusion62
Writing the Conclusion66
Memo Writing66
Writing Assignment67
Chapter 4.Education Issues for the 21st Century--the Curriculum
Touring the Text70
Reading 1"Japan Rethinks Its Approach to Moral Education"72
Comprehension Questions75
Considering the Issues75
Writing for the Academic Reader75
Reading 2"Great Expectations"79
Comprehension Questions87
Making Inferences87
Understanding Vocabulary in Context90
The Comparative Summary93
Writing Assignment98
Chapter 5.Population Issues for the 21st Century
Touring the Text101
Prereading Vocabulary102
Reading 1"What They Missed in Cairo: Defusing the Population Bomb"104
Comprehension Questions114
Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion115
Mapping an Argument122
The Critical Summary122
Prereading Vocabulary126
Synthesized Annotation127
Reading 2"The Numbers Game: Playing by Whose Rules?"127
Comprehension Questions138
Making Inferences139
Considering the Issues: Participating in a Debate140
The Comparative Summary142
Learning Vocabulary: Recognizing Word Parts145
Learning Vocabulary: Recognizing Word Forms148
The Essay Exam150
Reading 3"Saving the Environment, One (Fewer) Child at a Time"155
Considering the Issues159
Take-Home Essay Exams159
Chapter 6.Research Project
Identifying a Research Topic162
Reading for Research: Finding Credible Sources163
Analyzing the Quality of Sources164
Locating Sources in the Library166
The Critical Summary168
Locating Sources on the Internet169
Memo Writing172
Narrowing the Research Question and Developing a Preliminary Outline173
Semantic Mapping175
Beginning a Bibliography179
Making Research Note Cards182
Learning Vocabulary184
Writing Assignment: The Annotated Bibliography184
Sorting Research Note Cards185
Chapter 7.Developing Countries in the 21st Century
Touring the Text190
Prereading Vocabulary191
Reading 1Excerpt from "Food Security for a Growing World Population: 200 Years after Malthus, Still an Unsolved Problem"193
Integrating Citations214
Comprehension Questions and Semantic Mapping216
Identifying Inferences218
Considering the Issues219
Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion220
Writing for the Reader: Clarity in Academic Writing222
Reading and Writing from Charts, Graphs, and Tables227
The Thesaurus230
The Review Essay233
Reading 2"The Road from Serfdom: Amartya Sen Argues That Growth Is Not Enough"234
Beginning to Write the Research Paper: Using Your Research Material242
Memo Writing243
Preparing for an Appointment with an Instructor243
Chapter 8.Revising and Reviewing for Academic Success
Learning Vocabulary246
Comprehension Questions246
Considering the Issues246
The Comparative Summary247
Explaining Charts, Graphs, and Tables247
Citing Sources250
The Introduction252
Revising the Body of the Research Paper254
Reducing Relative Clauses for Clarity254
Revising for Cohesion257
The Conclusion258
The Final Reference List259
The Abstract259
Submitting the Research Project260
Presenting a Paper261

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