Reading Between the Lines: Advanced College Reading (with MyReadingLab)

Reading Between the Lines: Advanced College Reading (with MyReadingLab)

by JoAnn Yaworski

Paperback(New Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780321473714
Publisher: Longman
Publication date: 07/12/2006
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents


Introduction: Achieving College Success.

Recognizing Reading Habits.

Organizing and Managing a Schedule.

Attitude and Confidence.

Preparation for the College Life.

Recognizing Your Learning Style.

Working with Your Instructors' Teaching Styles.

Instructor/Student Relationship.

1. Becoming an Active Reader.

Recognizing Organizational Patterns.

Clues to Meaning.

A Reading in Educational Psychology "The War of the Ghosts.”

A Reading in Short Story “The Getaway," John Savage

The Importance of Being Active Readers.

2. Vocabulary Development.

Vocabulary Basics and Context Clues.

Word History of Origins.

Using the Dictionary.

Beyond Dictionaries.

Word Puzzles.

Commonly Confused Words.


Transitional Words.

Ten Practice Exercises.

A Reading in Physical Science “Asbestos: Friend and Foe.”

3. Topic, Main Idea, and Supporting Details.

Common Problems in Reading.


Main Idea.

Supporting Details.

A Reading in Biology “AIDS Leaves the Body Defenseless.”

A Reading in Communications “Small Group Stages.”

Main Ideas with Supporting Details.

A Reading in Political Science “Candy Lightner.”

A Reading in Communications “Seating Arrangements.”

A Reading in Sociology “Components of Culture.”

4. Implied Main Ideas and Central Point.

Main Idea Patterns.

The Implied Main Idea.

A Reading in Communications “Claiming Personal Territory.”

A Reading in Biology “What's Missing from a Vegetarian Diet.”

A Reading in Biology “How DoChimpanzees Think?”

A Reading in Sociology “What Planet Are You from Anyway?”

A Reading in Short Story “Tain't So,” Langston Hughes

Central Point.

A Reading in Biology “The Effects of Smoking.”

A Reading in Health Sciences “The Effects of Alcohol.”

5. Text Patterns–Simple Paragraphs.

Patterns of Organization.

Mixed Patterns.

A Reading in Psychology “Children of War.”

A Reading in Interpersonal Communications “Creating Positive Self Esteem.”

6. Text Patterns–Complex Paragraphs.


A Reading in Literature Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket.



Drawing Conclusions.



A Reading in Sociology What Causes the Gap Between the Rich and the Poor?

A Reading in Human Anatomy and Physiology Obesity: Magical Solution Wanted.


7. Inference.

Making Inferences.

Types of Inferences.

Situations that Require Inference.

A Reading in Literature Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket.

Drawing Conclusions.

A Reading in Sociology Wired China.

A Reading in Human Communication Artifactual Communication.

8. Purpose and Tone.

Author's Purpose.

Author's Tone.

A Reading in Memoirs Becoming a Student.

A Reading in Human Interest Lawn Chair Pilot Says One Flight Is Enough.

9. Critical Thinking.

Preparing to Think Critically.

A Reading in Autobiography Excerpt from The Life of Frederick Douglass.

Identifying the Issue.

Finding Evidence to Support Opinions.

A Reading in Education One Child.

A Reading in Current Controversy Should Metal Detectors Be Installed in Schools?

A Reading in Debate Television.

Understanding Propaganda.

A Reading in Propaganda Researcher Says Teacher Shortage Is “Misdiagnosed.”

A Reading in Propaganda Got rBGH?

10. Argument.

Support for Good Arguments.

A Reading in Psychology Television and Aggression.

Fallacies in Poor Arguments.

A Reading in Education How Should We Grade Our Students?

A Reading in World Politics Slave Redemption in Sudan.

RBL Box 10.3: Understanding fallacies: Slave Redemption in Sudan.

A Reading in American History The Kent State Massacre.


11. Reading and Studying Textbooks.

Reading, Daydreaming, and Sleeping.

Thinking About What You Read.

The PQ4R.

A Reading in Health Science The Anatomy of a Drink II.

A Reading in Psychology What We Now Know about Memory.

A Reading in Sociology Self in Marriage.

A Reading in Ecology Deserts-Human Impact.

A Reading in Computer Science What Is a Protocol?

12. Ensuring College Success.

Listening Between the Lines.


Taking Effective Notes.

Taking Notes from Lectures.

Key Words and Concepts for Notes.

Taking Notes for Exam Preparation.

A Reading in Political Science The Print Media.

A Reading in Developmental Psychology Styles of Love.

A Reading in Economics The History of Money.

13. Improving Your Reading Speed.

Speed Reading.

A Reading in Interpersonal Communication Compliance-Resisting Strategies.

Reading Rate.

A Reading in World Cultures The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

A Reading in Psychology Does Money Buy Happiness?

Increasing Reading Speed.

A Reading in Developmental Psychology Types of Love.

A Reading in Developmental Psychology Love.

A Reading in Developmental Psychology The Components of Love.

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