Reading Comprehension and Text Organization

Reading Comprehension and Text Organization

by Alastair Sharp



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ISBN-13: 9780773470101
Publisher: Mellen, Edwin Press, The
Publication date: 02/01/2003
Series: Mellen Studies in Education
Pages: 336

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1Hong Kong: bilingualism and biliteracy7
Languages in Hong Kong and the bilingual education system
Reading in English in schools
Chapter 2Reading and text difficulty29
A definition of reading
Features associated with difficult text
Research studies into the effects of rhetorical organization on reading comprehension
Concluding comment
Chapter 3Cultural differences in rhetorical preferences71
The relevance of contrastive rhetoric
Methodology issues
Reading and contrastive rhetoric
Contrastive rhetoric and pedagogy
Chapter 4Is there a Chinese learning style?89
Confucian values and educational development
Surface and Deep Learning: Memorization and Understanding
Reading Styles and Memorization
Chinese - Western Comparisons of Academic Achievement and Intelligence
Chapter 5Studying reading behaviour113
Testing reading behaviour: introductory comments
Reading behaviour: a survey of methods
Methods selected for research into the comprehension of rhetorical structures
Chapter 6Methodology: the preparation of the texts and tests149
Text Preparation
Test preparation and scoring criteria
Experimental Procedure and Test Administration
Chapter 7Results of the reading tests in three Hong Kong schools201
Data Analysis
Summary of results and responses to research hypotheses
Chapter 8Discussion of experimental results: factors which influence rhetorical structure as a feature of comprehension239
Results of comparable studies and the effect of variable experimental Design
Chinese-English differences and possible influences on reading comprehension
The effects of culture and schooling
Chapter 9Conclusion267

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